INTimate weddings are the new must have! It would be an understatement to say life has been very strange over the last few months. Weddings and wedding ceremonies have changed drastically, couples have had to adapt and rearrange. They have changed their expectations of what their wedding day will look like. Many couples have chosen to elope or dramatically downsize their celebrations so they can still begin married life together despite restrictions.

City intimate Wedding Hideaways

In our blog today, we are taking you around the world to some of our favourite hideaways where you can enjoy an intimate wedding celebration or you can honeymoon in style. In true Urban Wedding Company tradition, we are not taking you off to remote islands or country house hideaways. Oh no, that is just not our style is it?! We’re taking you to 3 of the coolest cities where you will find some of the best street style, people watching and you will get some of the best urban street photography on your wedding day or honeymoon.

These are still definitely hideaways as we are not taking you to the obvious parts of the city but to those little stylish areas away from the main tourist streets.

Let’s hope you love these places as much as we do. We can’t wait to be able to visit them again soon.

marrakesh hideaway wedding

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intimate wedding hideaways

The Vibrancy of Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a vibrant city full of sounds, colours and smells. From delicious street food, vibrant spice markets and souks to the serene beautiful mosques. We absolutely love it. Our advice is don’t be tempted by the big 5 star hotels but check into a beautiful Riad within the Medina instead. This will be like your own little oasis. From the outside, the Riads look like any other industrial door within a wall. the perfect location for an intimate wedding.

Your own oasis

Open the door and you enter a mini paradise. Most Riads will offer breakfast usually on a terrace or rooftop for a delicious & romantic start to the day. Many also have plunge pools so you can cool off after a long day of sightseeing.

The photographic opportunities here are endless, there are so many mind-blowing things to see. You can even buy some new dentures! For the ultimate Moroccan experience book yourself into a spa for a Hammam and massage. This is a day you will never forget.

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marrakesh hideaway wedding

Image – Zaz events

city wedding hideaway

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The Cool streets of Reykjavik

Second, on our list is über cool Reykavik with its awesome street art scene and café culture it’s the perfect hideaway wedding or honeymoon destination. There is plenty to do without leaving the city. Many visitors get tempted to do the Golden Circle trips but we say stay in the city there is so much more fun to be had there.

For the best views of the city head to the Hallgrímskirkja Church, the church is visible from almost everywhere in the city so you’ll easily find it. It is a 74.5-meter expressionist style building with amazing 360-degree views across the city from the top of its tower. Also, It is still a functioning church so is closed on Sundays when it has a weekly service.

Colourful City

Reykjavík has showcased amazing street art since the ‘90s and you will not be disappointed if this is your kind of art. The city feels vibrant and colourful wherever your turn. Some of the most colourful and cool murals decorate many of the buildings around Old Harbour and Grandi. Because of collaborations between the art scene and music scene, there are several pieces of street art entitled “Wall Poetry” that are inspired by songs. There are many other commissioned pieces by famous street artists around the city. You’ll certainly have the perfect backdrop for your city intimate wedding or honeymoon.

As well as the street art at Grandi, which is also known as the ‘fish packing district’, the old boat repair sheds and fishing warehouses have been turned into cafés, restaurants and breweries making this an area definitely worth a visit.

​Cool bars & restaurants

The historical city of Lisbon

Finally, we are taking you to Lisbon. This city has a rich history of more than 1000 years. It was one of the first truly global cities in the world and today it is one of Europe’s most vibrant and youthful capital cities. Lisbon has the perfect balance of the old and the new. It feels cool with its modern go to the atmosphere and would make the perfect setting for a hideaway intimate wedding or honeymoon.

Lisbon may be a contemporary European capital but it definitely has the feel of a small village in places. With its diverse and distinctive quarters, it has a welcoming sophistication that is perfect for your special hideaway city. It has beautiful hidden corners where you can enjoy intimate meals and special times with your soulmate, with the melancholic fado music you’ll hear around the city as the background soundtrack.

If you are a foodie then you will not be disappointed if you choose Lisbon for your hideaway, it has become an increasing city destination for fine food and wine experiences.

city hideaway wedding

Explore the city

When you are done wining and dining there are lots of other things to do; exploring the winding streets of Alfama or the cool downtown Santos neighbourhood. There are trams, castles, cathedrals and always great vistas from one of the many Miradouras overlooking the Tejo and beyond with rooftop bars, tranquil park kiosks and quirky stores you will certainly not be bored here.

Within a short train, bus, or taxi ride you can visit the great surfing beaches of Carcavelos and Guincho, the historic seaside port town of Cascais and the majestic Sintra palaces up in the hills. History, culture, city grunge, natural beauty, great locals and ideal weather. Lisbon has it all!

We hope we have given you a few ideas for an intimate wedding hideaway? Have fun, enjoy your adventure and don’t forget to send us some photos.

city hideaway weddings

We hope we have given you a few ideas for a wedding hideaway? Have fun, enjoy your adventure and don’t forget to send us some photos.

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