It’s no secret there are some fab warehouse buildings in the city for that amazing wedding ceremony and reception. Let’s face it when planning your wedding, chances are the first big ticket item on the list for you to find is your venue. This is an important choice to make, to be honest it’s actually one of the most important decisions to make. It affects pretty much everything else about your wedding day and the kind of style and vibe your wedding will be.

A warehouse or industrial venue might not be top of your list of options. But as Manchester’s only city wedding blog, specialising in urban weddings that just ooze cool, we’d urge you to consider them.

Here are just a few reasons why holding your wedding in a warehouse rocks.

city warehouse wedding lighting
city warehouse wedding
city warehouse wedding venue

Warehouse Size

Capacity woes begone! Warehouses are MASSIVE and can cater for hundreds and sometimes up to a 1000 guests. If you’re struggling with your guest list and hate the idea of having to pick and choose between your loved ones for the sake of venue size. Then voila, a warehouse venue space could be the perfect solution.

If your wedding party is more along the small and select lines, then don’t be put off. Many industrial warehouse-style spaces boast several rooms. Meaning they’re suitable for any wedding size, whether your guest-list comes in at 60 people or 600!

city warehouse wedding couple

Let There be Light

Warehouse venues are many things, but flooded with natural light they aren’t. This can work in your favour, as you have the chance to build some real atmosphere. Will you choose twinkling fairy-lights, evocative Edison bulbs, coloured up-lighters or something totally out of the box?

We love this setup by Peter Lockwood lighting. Fairy-light pillars and clusters of Edisons give one of our favourite venues Victoria Warehouse, some romantic flair.

city warehouse wedding lighting
warehouse ceremony couple
warehouse wedding lighting

Things to consider

If you’re thinking that a warehouse venue might be right for you and your wedding, then here are some helpful pointers to help you get started with your planning, and tracking down the perfect space.

Hit the search engines, and get researching for potential spaces in your area. Use search terms like ‘warehouse wedding venue’, ‘old mill wedding venue’ or ‘industrial wedding venue’ for starters.

A venue visit goes without saying, you can’t get a true impression of any venue without visiting it in person, but this is particularly true of warehouses. Keep your eyes peeled for open days as these are the perfect chance to get a feel for the space and an idea of what’s possible inside.

If you like what you see, book yourself a consultation with the venue coordinator to discuss the details of your wedding day and to make sure that it can work for you and your needs.

Once you have your venue booked its Wedding Planning time!! Start your Pinterest engines, and get creative, now is the time to plan and work out how to shape that simple, urban space so it reflects your personality.

As you unleash your inner designer, just make sure to check in with your chosen venue about any restrictions they have in place. Pay particular attention to their rulings around candles and hanging installations.

warehouse wedding cake area
warehouse wedding cake area
warehouse wedding cake area

Other Warehouse Wedding things to think about

Accommodation: remember that some warehouses can be off the beaten track and out of the way. So make sure there is adequate accommodation for you and your guests nearby.

Licensing: If you want to have your ceremony and your reception all in the same place, the venue will need to have a wedding licence.  If the warehouse you’ve set your heart on doesn’t offer the option of a legal ceremony, remember that you can look into the possibility of having a celebrant perform a blessing for you. You will, however, need to have a separate legal ceremony either before or after the wedding.

I hope this has helped to show you how wonderful a warehouse venue can be. To keep up with the latest in urban wedding trends and to see what we’ve been up to, make sure you follow us over on Facebook and Instagram.

warehouse wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony lighting
wedding ceremony lighting


Images by Steve Grogan

Images by Kerry Lu

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