DJ Coast to Coast

Manchester Wedding DJ
Manchester Wedding DJ

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Northwest, UK


Historically from the Manchester club scene mastering my art with crowds of all sizes and music genres. I’m Nkosi and I’m a Manchester Wedding DJ with a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to bring & build the party on your wedding day!

Having travelled the world DJ’ing, I adapt and remain current whilst mixing in those classic anthems. I’m now making waves in the event and wedding movement.

DJ Coast2Coast is bringing a fresh, personable and modern approach to a fundamental part of the wedding experience. Even though i’m a Manchester Wedding DJ I am most definitely not just a plug in and play, we go on a journey together, I get to know you and we create the ultimate wedding party, you want that dance floor to rock the night don’t you?

I offer a bespoke service to ensure that you get the party that you want, I use high quality DJ equipment, lighting and sound. I mix live, read the audience and build momentum…taking you on a journey through the night of the ultimate party.
If partying is your priority, I’m the right DJ for you,

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