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We’ve come to the letter L and we couldn’t be more excited because we love the cool modern lighting that is avaible now! Lighting and its termonolgy can be a mindfield. It is not just about which ones look best. Which lights will add drama to your stylish wedding. lighting is so important to the overall deisgn of any event.

But hey, that’s why we at the Urban Wedding company are here to clear the confusion and give you some creative wedding lighting ideas. to level up your contemporary wedding aesthetic with the help of the latest trends!

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Beginners guide to lighting terms

Let’s first clear the terminology:

Type 1: Uplighting These lights are situated on the floor and would illuminate upward, usually a wall and pillars/columns.

Type 2: Gobo & Texture lighting – With Gobo, you put an object in front of the light in order to create some personalized sign or a monogram that will shine through and show let’s say on a wall. When it is a certain texture placed in front of the light source, like the celestial sky; then it is called Texture lighting.

Type 3: Spotlight & Pinspot – When you illuminate only a specific spot or area with a light beam. In the case of Pinspot, it is a lesser source of light aimed to also illuminate a certain centrepiece or another small area.

Type 4: String lights – You are probably familiar with these since many couples use them to create an ambience. Some call them fairy lights or bistro, and they are a great way to up your game with a limited budget!

Type 5: Pendant lights – This is the modern wedding lighting you see with suspended lights or installations hanging from the ceiling.

Type 6: LED – Colour-wise, these are a long-life lighting option that gives off a more quirky vibrant colour than your typical bulbs!

Type 7: Colour wash – Chosen colour that will be used in the whole area, not highlighting a certain piece but the whole room.

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Costs and Consulting


Naturally, this depends on the company. Usually based on the size of the area uplighting is the most costly and ranges from £500 up to £2500. Gobo can range up to £500, others can vary on the areas you wish to highlight, for example, string lights cost about £3 per meter and the final cost will be shaped by what you have in mind.

Before planning any option it is best to see which ones you prefer and consult with your planner and lighting vendor. When you have a rough idea, communicate with the venue about your options then ultimately decide what works for you best.

Essential questions to ask the lighting company are about the installation and power requirements.

when it comes to the venue – ask how much power can the outlets of the venue provide. Don’t forget to inquire about any restrictions, because if you want lots candles, unfortunately, that can be prohibited in certain places!

Stick to your Wedding Theme


Whichever wedding lighting ideas you may have, make sure that they are aligned with your wedding style!

Take all things into consideration, if it is an outdoor wedding, which lights would perfectly portray your styling? If your style navigates towards an industrial urban wedding, which lights would bring this vision to perfection?

Consider your options and see what stylish lighting gives flair or drama to the existing aesthetic of the venue. Working with your venue is improtant when choosing any decor! 

things to consider for a winter wedding

Modern Wedding Lighting Ideas


Fairy lights

Fairy lights are great to highlight the aisle, or maybe another part like the cake area! Curtain String fairy Lights are perfect in front of a brick wall. They are amazing both for indoor and outdoor weddings.

If your venue allows they look incredible installed above, a fairy light canopy, like sitting under the stars. They give a nice warm romantic twinkling glow. 

Edison & festoon  lighting

Festoon lights have been around a while in the wedding world. They have had a modern refresh though with some pretty stunning bulb options. 

We love the use of vintage style Edison bulbs to complement industrial spaces! When it comes to placing festoon lights again they look great in front of an industrial wall. They are great to frame your aisle or as a backdrop for saying your vows.

Hang them above your cake or welcome area! If going with LED Edison bulbs you can have them outside for a warm glow for an outdoor evening garden party!

Neon wedding signs 

If you are going for ultra-modern, how about using neons? They make the perfect aisle backdrop and other places like the DJ booth, entrance, exit, or even bar space.

We are honestly loving the neon signs. If you are having a wedding in a club or a loft, these are the must-haves! Nothing makes a statement than a personalized sign or small quote that tells your story.


There are some gorgeous modern chandeliers you can hire for your wedding day. These work in any venue modern or old. If you are looking for a contrast an industrial space with a ceiling full of chandeliers is the perfect mix!

We love juxtaposition and even a derelict building can have high-end luxury styling! 


Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

String lights would be one of our first choices here as well especially when it comes to highlighting borders, paths, especially the aisle.

As for the overall ambience, suspended or hanging lights will create magic. One of the ways to achieve that is by using Rain Shower Lights, fairy lights or festoon lighting ! If you wish to add a bit of stylish elegance to your outdoor wedding, these are a perfect choice. But you are not limited to only outdoor choices, you can use them for indoor celebrations as well, for example, set a party vibe on the dancefloor with these lights! They will look cool in an industrial area or when you aim for that modern feel! 

if you are leaning more towards eco-friendly choices, the outdoor lights can be solar-powered. Have in mind that if you are having an outdoor wedding you will need more lighting sources so get creative with your options!

Vintage & Retro Lighting

With these retro yet always trendy lights you will be able to elevate your styling completely! We are talking about the Geometric Pendant lights which can be installed hanging from the ceiling like a modern art piece; Edison Bulbs to create a modern romantic atmosphere; Limb Lanterns that are just incredible to create a warm evening feel for your outdoor reception and the always popular Vintage Glass Lamps that can adorn your arbour or complement your floral installations perfectly!

wedding lighting ideas

We hope we have given you fresh wedding lighting ideas, and for more stylish decor tips, make sure to hit our A-Z wedding planning blog!

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