micro and small wedding ideas

small wedding ideas are in high demand! So, nobody expected a global pandemic did they? That was certainly a bolt out of the blue! Then, nobody expected a law to enforce all weddings for the next six months to be ‘micro weddings’. What on earth is a ‘micro wedding’ anyway?

We had certainly never heard this term before until the dreaded C19 virus hit us like a wrecking ball. FYI, a ‘micro wedding’ is classed as a wedding with less than 20 guests. 

However, instead of looking at this as a challenge or a negative thing, let’s look at some Mirco and Small Wedding Ideas to make your wedding day special.


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Mirco and Small Wedding Ideas

Many of us have large extended families, this includes relatives that we hardly ever see and hardly know. Often the expectation is that we invite them ALL to our weddings. When our numbers are dramatically reduced to 15 or even 30, then these extended relatives don’t expect an invitation to the wedding, the expectations are just not there anymore.

It may be that you’re close to Great Aunt Fanny, but do you really want her taking up a precious seat at your wedding table and does she really want to spend the night dancing to pumping tunes? Mmm maybe not? She’s probably as relieved she doesn’t have to come (as she’ll miss Strictly) as you are.

So let’s flip it around and instead of thinking micro weddings are a negative thing, let’s embrace them and celebrate all of the positive aspects they bring.

Small Wedding!

Firstly, a small wedding is super intimate. A small or micro wedding is an intimate celebration of your journey together. Just you, your soul mate, and your very closest family and friends.

less stress!

Hosting a small gathering is so much less stressful than having a large gathering. there is a lot less to organise as there are fewer logistics to think about. like where guests are travelling from or where they will stay. Therefore, a small wedding is less stressful to co-ordinate.

However, we would definitely recommend you consider hiring an ‘on the day planner or co-ordinator as you do not want to be the point of call if things go wrong. Fewer guests mean fewer people for hotel or reception staff to contact should there be any last-minute hitches.



A small wedding or micro wedding may also cost you a lot less than a large traditional wedding if you just decide to downscale your original plans. However, we will suggest some cool ways to blow your budget to make it a unique wedding that your exclusive guests will remember forever. Here are our five favourite unique wedding ideas;

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Say Yes to The Dress 

Of course you can still Say yes to the dress, suit, shoes, cape or crown. You don’t have to pay for a large number of guests to eat, drink and be merry. so why not splash out and buy the dream outfit you thought you’d never afford. This is your special day and you should feel amazing. If you want the Louboutins then buy them. If you want that Bespoke Cashmere Suit. go and get measured up. Buy the crown, wear the cape, it’s your day be frivolous and feel magnificent!

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Emma Boyle Photography

Food Glorious Food

We all know how much wedding breakfasts can cost per head. so there is another benefit to a micro or small wedding. when it comes to food! If you have a favourite restaurant why not hire it out exclusively for your wedding breakfast. You’ll have the full attention of the Chef and you can choose the menu down to the finest details. You could even hire a Sommelier to serve the perfect wine with each course. to keep those glasses flowing.

Blow out the top table. sit around a large round table big enough for the whole wedding party. you can keep your distance and still be really sociable with all of your guests.

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Shake It Up Baby

Now is the time you can think outside the box and really shake things up and throw your personality into every detail!

Instead of pre-dinner drinks why not have signature cocktails. With a small number of guests you can find out their all-time favourite cocktail. hire a couple of mixologists to come and shake their thing and serve everyone their cocktail of choice.

Or go with something that resonates with you two. did you have a cocktail on your first date? Or You could even dream up your own wedding cocktail and drink it every anniversary.

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Have A Sleepover

If you are going to be worried about where your guests will stay then you can exclusively hire out a small city boutique hotel, a big country house or even a castle.

Even if you don’t have your wedding reception there, you can then continue the ‘after party’ into the small hours with no worry about end times or last orders, no transport worries to get home and it’s great to relive your amazing day the following morning over breakfast or brunch with your favourite people.

Come Fly With Me

Hire a helicopter to fly in to your ceremony. Imagine What an entrance and wow factor that will create! If you’re not that brave or your budget doesn’t stretch that far (because you bought the Louboutins) think of some other funky transport to fit your style. Ride in on a Harley Davidson, a horse or a cool VW campervan.

You might want to transport your guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception. How about and old double decker bus or if you’re by a river consider hiring a jet boat.

remember You can do this because you have small numbers.

Final thoughts on small and micro wedding ideas

So as you can see, there are lots of positives that go hand in hand with a small wedding. But, If you really want more friends and family involved then see if you can broadcast the ceremony via Zoom. Everyone can then watch and feel part of the service and then when restrictions are over throw a huge party, or invite everyone to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

A few more positives of a small or micro wedding

Your photographer is going to be able to spend much more time with you and your partner, and you’re going to have great candid shots of all the guests because there aren’t as many people to photograph.

The cake.

Never forget the wedding cake. You can really splash out on something amazing, or go for a whole dessert table that caters for everyone’s tastes. Your guests can graze on it all evening and you’re not going to be worried that people don’t like the flavours, because there will be plenty for everyone.


You’re not going to need as many florals so why not go for an amazing installation, have a fabulous ceremony backdrop and a floral cloud hanging over your table setup at the reception. Why not go for a bouquet that you could keep forever, or have two bouquets! One fresh and an alternative one that you can keep forever. There are lots of alternative bouquets that that can be packed full of things that are poignant to you and your partner.

So we hope this has cheered you up and give you some Mirco and Small Wedding Ideas. If you are currently feeling a little down that you’ve had to downsize your wedding. Love is love and no pandemic can crush that, and with our help we know you will make that small or micro wedding amazing! 

Marry the love of your life, have a wonderful small celebration and party like you’ve never partied before when this is all over.


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