Q is for wedding quotes.

Personalized weddings have become a favourite amongst couples! We at the Urban Wedding Company are all about bringing your own stylish factor into your celebration, so we constantly seek modern ways that you can include to personalize your big day.

Today, we are bringing the subject of Quotes and how you can incorporate them into your theme. Of course, we are not talking about those cliche quotes that you see everywhere, that’s simply not our style!

In fact, we are bringing you the coolest modern wedding quotes that will surely leave a statement with all the fun creative ways to use them.

Finding your own style

If you are already thinking of joining this trend that has been going strong for years, you need to know what you are going to express. Below you will find a list of unique wedding quote ideas but first, you need to try to map out your style.

Begin by thinking about the words you express yourself and make them your statement.

Second, you will need to decide on what you want them inscribed and for what exactly.

We are seeing modern couples quoting personally sourced love words or sayings, favourite movie citations, media-inspired phrases, even song lyrics! It all comes down to you and how you wish to display your signature style.

How to include them

Contemporary couples just love shifting the limits of the traditional and we are here for it! Nowadays, modern wedding quotes can be seen anywhere from being inscribed onto clear acrylic signs, to absolutely stunning neons that are bringing that fun party vibe to the wedding day.

Furthermore, you can have them printed on banners, written on long flowy fabrics, made into laser cut designs, printed on a retro cinematic poster, lounge scrolls, having made into a band logo design, as props to modernize your wedding photography or designed on basically whatever you desire that will be aligned with your theme.

Where to include them




Starting from welcoming your guests to the ceremony aisle, you can use modern wedding quotes to spice up your aesthetic. For your urban wedding use contemporary sleek fonts for welcome signs or simply neon signs above the entry to show your quirky character. Unique wedding quote ideas include also signs above the entry that has your favourite short saying!

For the ceremony decor, you can use long flowy fabrics inscribed with love phrases as a backdrop for a modern space. Tapestries with lettering and clean minimal decor have been also a popular choice, as well as geometric boards with quotes as backgrounds for the aisle space!

Entryway signs can be added as stylish banners citing your favourite phrase or use these banners as additional decor for your aisle setting. 


The reception space is the place where you can get very creative with your modern wedding quotes. Generally, signs have been the most popular places to include them but there are so many stylish ways you can use them! For example:

  • Walkway signs that slowly introduce the guests to your story. You can pull this off with regular small boards or also banners. The quote can be spread through the signs, serving as direction as well!

  • Welcome signs – indeed they are pretty common, but letterboards can be done in so many creative and fun ways that you only need to let your imagination free. Neons can be quite striking in this case which can be either fun and bold or monochromatic and elegant. Want to go big? Opt for a custom billboard-style that will certainly leave a statement. Headliner quotes are superb when highlighting the venue entrance.

  • Newlywed Table Backdrop – The newlyweds’ table doesn’t have to be tacky nor classic! Instead of the typical decor, include a modern art piece as a backdrop and hanging laser-cut letters in front of it and you will get a stylish showcasing of your personal style! Do you have a favourite band? Then include a quote in the band’s logo style.

  • Custom Photo Booth – use various props to customize your photo booth space with quotes! If you are thinking about neons, make sure they are a bit muted with a gentle glow, It can be a colour of choice or monochromatic depending on the background.

  • Drink Display Fun – Your whole cocktail stand can be highlighted with a fun quote, but also your bar space! Highlight the bar with stylish quotes to boost the party mode.

  • Cake Stands & Toppers – A cake topper that has been laser-cut can add personality to the whole cake no matter how minimalist it is. If you wish to highlight the whole place, go for a quote sign above the cake space! We are seeing hanging signs but also neons and regular tables that can look amazingly chic for accenting the whole cake table.#

  • Dessert Table Backdrop Quotes – Here is an opportunity to include a fun flair by mixing and matching sayings and words! Banners, fabrics or table signs can be displayed, right along with the stylish bold neons. If you desire to be more descriptive, include a quote and below fun creative names for the dessert treats. This can also work for cocktails and bars! 

  • #Quotes – Use a short quote with a hashtag + your initials to give a more modern feel but also use it for your wedding photos on your social media! #crazyinlove

  • Lounge area – Use scrolls and banners or laser cut signs in the lounge areas against a wall. As always soft glow neons will go amazingly with that calm vibe!

  • DJ space – Neons are the best way to level up the party mode. Choose colours that make a good contrast to the surrounding. They work best with industrial lofts or minimalistic modern aesthetics.

10 unique wedding quote ideas:


“Love should feel secure but wild” – r.h.Sin

“Life is good when you spend it with people who make your heart happy” – Reception style

“I just need you and some sunsets “  – Atticus

“Crazy in love” – Beyonce – song quotes

“‘Till Death” – short striking quotes

“Better Together”

“It was always you”

“You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild”

“Love is intoxicating” – Bar/Cocktail

“All you need is love and cupcakes” – dessert table

Wedding quotes 

We hope you enjoyed these creative ideas on modern wedding quotes! If you need more fun ideas on how to make your urban celebration unique, don’t forget to browse through our other A-Z planning blogs!

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