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I do love an autumn wedding! The rich, moodier colours are starting to show in nature. You can get away with most colour palettes and styles in autumn. It definitely does lend itself to have a boho, rustic rich wedding style though.

Autumn wedding dresses and outfits can be full of texture, you can get away with richer and thicker fabrics. It is also the perfect time of year to be bold and have a coloured wedding dress.

Autumn wedding dresses and outfits

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HIgh neck autumn wedding dress

High neck wedding dresses are perfect for autumn weddings. With the weather getting a little cooler you can get away with thicker fabrics and higher necklines.

Long sleeve bridal outfits

I love a long sleeve wedding dress, I am not sure why I just love the look. With the option to get detachable sleeves now, it is a great option for an autumn wedding. You can remove them for two looks and to cool down if needed.

coloured wedding dresses

Autumn is the perfect time to wear a coloured wedding dress. You can get away with pretty much any colour. You can go light and fresh still in early autumn. In late autumn you can go moody.

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