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Everyone has a little black dress, right?

I personally think it is a great, stylish and timeless option for a wedding guest. Especially as an evening guest or at a more formal affair.

Consider the season and style of the wedding as to what style you will wear. Summer, outdoor weddings I would go for a softer black or floral print. A maxi or midi for a more formal wedding or autumn, or winter event.

3 guests in black dresses celebrating


Yes, of course, you can! For most weddings anyway. Always check the dress code of the wedding, this will help you make a judgment call.

Also, probably the most important thing to consider the religion and culture of the wedding. Black can have meanings for some religions so make sure you wouldn’t offend if a traditional religious day.

From my years of experience, I have never known it to be an issue for couples. I also worked mainly with pretty relaxed Western couples who were having a nonreligious wedding.

How to wear Black as a wedding guest

Wear a floral or patterned outfit

If you are unsure about wearing black to a wedding but black is just your colour! Then wearing a floral or patterned outfit is the best choice.

A floral black dress is the perfect choice for a spring or summer wedding. Try and keep it simple or too bold and bright if the wedding doesn’t suit that or you’re not sure.

Pick out a lighter colour in the pattern and accessories with this colour or nudes to soften the look even further.

Black and white wedding guest dresses

Just to add to the controversy of wearing black why not add the forbidden white in here also? Only joking!

They say two wrongs don’t make a right but I think this time it does. Wearing black and white can look super stylish and the perfect wedding guest outfit choice.

You can do this with patterns. It works well with blocking also, top white and black bottom. Just having a bit of white can soften the black enough to not feel like a funeral dress.

You could also add a white cover up like a shawl or jacket or even a belt to just break up the black a little.

Go with softer fabrics

Softer fabrics like tulle, silk and chiffon soften the overall look. Sheer fabrics are great for the light breaking through and really lighten the fabric look.

Layered up soft fabrics also give an outfit a romantic feel, perfect for a wedding.

Silk and satin also work great as they have a little shine to bounce light. These need careful styling to give them a wedding vibe. Think about your accessories, maybe add a hat and keep them soft and stylish.

Go for textured fabrics

Go for textured fabrics lace or sequins to add some dimension and interest to the fabric.

Plain fabrics can work also but having some texture can help elvate the overall look. Making it easier to style up the dress for a formal wedding feel.


The best style of black dress for a wedding really depends on the type of wedding you are attending. If it is a more formal affair, then a black gown or cocktail dress would be appropriate.

If the wedding is more casual, then a black sundress or even a little black dress would be fine.


Accessorizing a black dress for a wedding is really no different than accessorizing any other type of dress.

The key is to keep it simple and elegant. A black dress is already a statement piece, so you don’t want to go overboard with the accessories.

I think it is best to go with softer or neutral colours to lighten the overall look. Depending on the wedding I wouldn’t go all black as you wouldn’t to look like you are attending a funeral.

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