You have your outfit decided, your hair and make up booked! But have you thought about what you will wear while getting ready?

The photographers will be there snapping away this special time. Getting ready in the morning can be one of the most memorable moments for mothers and all others involved.

I think it is important to plan your outfit to get ready. You want to look photo ready but you also want to feel comfortable. You want to consider the season and the venue you are getting ready in. Will it be cold, will you need to leave to bridal suite in this outfit to run errands?

Speak to the bride, they may already have some fun or matching outfits planned. Or maybe you are the bride looking for something for your mother to wear. A personalised outfit can be a nice present and keepsake.

These ideas are perfect for the mother of the groom also, if getting ready with the bridal party. Or even with groom, whatever your getting ready timetable looks like this add a special touch.

mother of the bride and bride

Mother of the bride getting ready outfits

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wear a robe with your title

Matching robes have become a huge trend, and for good reason—they create some of the most heart warming getting-ready moments.

Slipping into a “Mother of the Bride” robe. It’s a subtle yet oh-so-lovely way to showcase your honoured role.

Consider snagging robes for the whole crew—it’s not just about capturing Instagram-worthy images; it’s also a thoughtful thank-you gesture for their support on this special occasion.

Trust me, those pre-wedding snapshots will be cherished memories for years to come.

Wear a floral or pretty robe

If you are not into the personalised robe trend then finding a pretty floral or plain robe is a great option.

Choosing a floral robe not only adds a charming aesthetic to your ensemble but also enhances the overall ambiance of the morning. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns or colours to suit your personal style. Consider the wedding colours also.

And remember, lightweight fabrics are key to staying comfortable throughout the morning festivities.

Wear some nice pyjamas

These again can be personised to show of your proud title. Opting for a set of chic pyjamas is the perfect way to strike that balance as you assist your daughter on her special day.

Picture this: you, cosy and relaxed in luxurious silk or satin pyjamas, surrounded by the excitement and anticipation of the morning.

Coordinating your pyjamas with the wedding colours or theme adds a thoughtful touch to your ensemble while ensuring you look put-together in those pre-wedding photos.

Comfort is key, so be sure to choose pyjamas that fit well and allow you to move freely.

And don’t forget those personal touches—whether it’s a monogram or custom embroidery, adding a unique flair to your pyjamas will make them feel extra special.

Mother of the bride shirt

Showcasing your role as the mother of the bride has never been easier—or more stylish—than with a custom shirt.

Whether it’s a classic tee or a trendy button-up, sporting a “Mother of the Bride” shirt is the perfect way to make a statement on the big day.

A shirt is a great option if you have lots of things to sort in the morning and need to be fully dresses.

Pair it with your favourite jeans or leggings for a relaxed yet put-together look, or dress it up with a skirt for a touch of sophistication.

Coordinating shirts with the rest of the bridal party adds a sense of unity and camaraderie to the morning festivities. Plus, it’s a fun way to bond with the other members of the wedding party as you prepare for the celebrations ahead. So go ahead, wear your title with pride—it’s your special day too!

Mother of the bride jumper

Donning a “Mother of the Bride” jumper or hoodie is not only a stylish choice but also practical, especially for winter or outdoor weddings.

If you’re lending a hand with setup or outdoor preparations, these cosy options offer warmth and comfort while still allowing you to move freely.

Pair it with jeans or leggings for a casual yet chic look that’s perfect for tackling wedding day tasks. Plus, it’s an easy way to proudly display your role in the celebrations.

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