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Embracing the esteemed title of the mother of the bride comes with a blend of excitement and responsibility. But what exactly does this role entail, and how can you best fulfil these duties without overshadowing the bride’s vision?

Many mothers of the bride eagerly anticipate contributing to their daughter’s momentous occasion, yet finding the right balance between involvement and oversight can be challenging. Fear not, as we’re here to guide you through this journey. While we typically veer away from tradition, it can be helpful to look at the responsibilities typically associated with this role.

Our advice? Initiate a heartfelt conversation with your daughter. Understand her expectations, learn about the decisions she wishes to handle personally and discover how you can be a pillar of support, making the wedding planning process smoother and more enjoyable for both of you.

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Roles and responsibilities of the mother of the bride


Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, stressful and hard! the mother of the bride should be there to support the bride, cheer them on and cheer them up when needed. Be a shoulder to cry on, give support or whatever they need throughout the process. 


The fun one right? Traditionally the mother of the bride, and the rest of the bridal party,  support the wedding outfit shopping process. Helping the bride find the perfect ‘one’ is a great honour and usually lots of fun. Giving honest feedback, and choosing the right style and fit so the bride feels comfortable and confident on her big day. 


So for us, we say if a tradition doesn’t suit you don’t do it! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow any though. If they are the right fit for you as a couple then embrace them!  The mother of the bride can help to research or pass down family traditions. They are usually the ones who give you something old or blue. Having an heirloom or even just something from your mother’s or gran mothers wedding at yours can make the day special and meaningful. 


Traditionally your invitations come from your parents. If opting for this tradition then having the mother bride’s input can be useful and as her name will be in print she really should be consulted. If not then the mother of the bride might still be a great help with wording. They can also help with the guest list. They may have their own people they wish to invite but having their support when choosing family members to include at times can be invaluable.  


This depends on if you have a planner or how much you want to take on yourself. But, the mother of the bride can be a huge support. They can be the go-to contact for suppliers and or family members. They are the second pair of hands or a new point of view when you both can’t agree. Don’t underestimate the stress that can be saved by having the support of the mother of the bride or someone else’s. 

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Helping to get the bride and the bridal party ready on time can be a big task. The mother of the bride traditionally is there to support the bride in her dress and keep everything on schedule, as best they can. Making the morning as special as can be and keeping those nerves under control for the bride! 


Traditionally as mentioned it is the parents inviting the guests to celebrate. Having a receiving line is not really the done thing anymore! Especially if the invites came from the parents the mother of the bride should make all guests feel welcome. Make an effort to speak to all and thank them for coming to celebrate. knowing the mother of the bride is looking after the guest is a huge burden taken from the couple.


This may be walking the bride down the aisle, possibly giving a speech or just being a support throughout the day. Being clear on the help and support needed and making sure you fulfil those roles on the day is a big part and a huge help on the day. Also, be prepared for no roles or duties, being happy with that as that is their wish and it’s their day. 


If possible the biggest support can sometimes be facial. Weddings are expensive, and having extra cash injected into the budget can mean they can have the wedding they dream of. Also, it could just be helping manage the budget. Keeping on top of the budget is an important part of wedding planning and saving here and there can really add up overall. 

10. Coordinate with Other Family Members

Ensuring that family dynamics are smoothly managed, especially during family photos or important ceremonies, is a key responsibility. The mother of the bride can act as a liaison between the bride and extended family members to maintain harmony.

11. Be the Emotional Anchor

The mother of the bride often serves as the emotional backbone for the bride, offering reassurance and a calming presence amidst the whirlwind of emotions that a wedding can bring.

12. Handle Unexpected Situations

Being prepared to tackle any unforeseen issues on the wedding day, whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or a last-minute change in plans, is an invaluable role of the mother of the bride.

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13. Preserve Memories

Assisting in the selection of a photographer or videographer, and perhaps organizing a special mother-daughter photo session, can ensure that these precious moments are captured beautifully.

14. Plan or Host Pre-Wedding Events

This can include organizing or hosting events like the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, ensuring these pre-wedding celebrations are as special and stress-free as the big day itself.


yes, it is their day! but more than likely you have thought about this day yourself more than once! enjoy the process of planning and the day itself. maybe more than your own as you don’t have the nerves and added stress involved in your day. weddings are a celebration, always make fun a priority! 

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE ROLES and responsibilities

We hope you found this Mother of the Bride blog useful. Check out the rest of our mother blog posts below. If you think we missed an important role or would like to share your experience let us know in the comments below! We would also love some real weddings showing off great mother of the bride or groom styling.

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