Let’s talk nails! Has anyone else got all dressed up and still not felt confident as you forgot to paint your nails?

Nails just finish an overall look. You can go big a bold and have them stand out or simple and stylish.

You want your nails to tie in and enhance the overall feel of your mother of the bride or groom outfits. Once you have your full outfit decided then you can choose your nails. we have gathered some of our favourite mother of the bride’s nails to inspire you hopefully.

Mother of the bride and groom nail ideas

mother with French tip nails

1. french tip

French tip nails are the perfect classic look for your nails. They compliment any outfit and will have your hands looking stylish. A classic but elegant choice for the mother of the bride or groom.

2. nude mother of the bride nails

Going nude is a great choice if you are looking for a simple stylish feel. They work well with any outfit so can’t go wrong with nude nails.

glazed nails, shiny nails

3. glazed

Glazed are for the trendy mother of the bride’s nails. Well, they are definitely trending in the nail world right now. If you like a shine but don’t want to go glittery or over the top glazed nails are for you.

green nails on a mothers hand with gold rings

4. bold colour

Go for a bold colour that matches your outfit or maybe the wedding colours. I love a deep rich nail colour.

5. neutral

A neutral colour always looks clean and stylish. It is great if you want a simple but stylish look. You can add a little detail like the white design on these nails.

pink nails with on on each hand painted glitter silver

6. Add some sparkle

Full on glitter nails is probably not the look you want for your child’s wedding day. But on one nail is enough to add some sparkle while still being elegant. Or a thin layer of sparkle over a nude nail works well too.

7. ombre nude

Ombre nails are a nice alternative to a French tip. The can gradually go into white, or any colour. It gives you that tip feel but softer.

textured patterned nails

8. textured mother of the bride nails

Patterned textured nails are a great way to add some detail to the nails why not be over the top? I do love some texture though!

floral mother of the bride nails

9. Floral nails

The perfect extra special touch for summer and spring mother of the bride’s nails.

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