Your outfit is chosen and all your accessories are picked. Now all you need to sort is your hairstyle.

Short mother of the bride hairstyles can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though.

Yes, there may be fewer options if not adding extensions but there are lots of elegant choices to go for.

You want your hair to look amazing and extra special of course. But you also want to look like you. So think about how you would normally wear your hair and if you can upgrade that style.

Are you wearing a hat? Remember you will want to take this off at some point, consider this with your hairstyle choice and make sure it suits you with and without the hat.

Short mother of the bride hairstyles

1. For modern mothers

This is a modern way to curl short hair.

It gives a modern edgy look that is still elegant.

2. Twist bun mother of the bride’s hair

The perfect short hairstyle for mothers wearing a fascinator.

You can add extensions or use a bun to bulk it out.

3. For an edge mother

I love this style!

She has a bun but I’ve seen it done with shorter hair just pinned back on the sides.

4. short mother of the bride’s hair with a hat

This is the perfect side updo to wear with a hat.

You can then remove the hat later and have a stunning updo.

5. PLait short hair for the mother of the bride

This hairstyle is so romantic.

I think it is a lovely young looking style that will suit any age.

6. Loose pinned short hairstyle

This is a lovely relaxed but elegant hairstyle.

Perfect for giving short hair some volume and structure.

7. Tight bun with hair accessory

A tight bun looks stylish and neat.

The perfect short mother of the bride hairstyle for adding a pretty hair accessory.

8. Let the hat do the talking!

If you have a stunning hat you can’t wait to show off then keep your hair simple.

A straight bob like this doesn’t overshadow the hat.

9. Use some exstentions

Using hair extensions when having an updo is a great way to add extra hair to work with.

You can create a fuller bun like this and no one will ever know.

10. loose romantic waves

A loose wavy look is a romantic way to wear your hair down for any event.

11. Some up and some down

A stylish classic. Use a pretty clip, and some nice curls and your perfect.

12. Wear your hair down

You don’t have to go with an updo or anything fancy.

A nice blow dry and your hair down works so well.

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