Have you heard of silicone rings? Well, we are hooked!

We hear you, a rubber wedding band! But really these are the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding ring but also we feel they make a great second ring for everyday life.

I don’t know about you but as much as I love my engagement ring it is not the most practical piece of jewelry!

I have left it in the hotel safe more times than I would like to admit and if I had a pound for every time I caught or banged it I may just be a millionaire now!

Silicone rings are made for everyday life! They are breathable and durable and we think they look super stylish!

If you are an active couple or just looking for a non-traditional wedding ring then a silicone ring may just be for you!

We have done the hard work and are sharing our top silicone rings below. We have also answered all and any questions you may possibly have about silicone rings as a wedding band, or even just a gift!


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Top silicone wedding rings

1. Urban Editor Top pick

Enso Rings

These ones are top picks for their unique designs! 

They have sleek minimal options but they also have lots of unique alternative designs.

They are also strong and durable and perfect for an active lifestyle. 

More From Enso

2. well made and durable

Bothhms silicone rings

This one came top in testing and research. Botthms silicone rings are the perfect all-purpose solution.

They have a minimal selection for men and women.

They are perfect for the active couple or as a second everyday wedding ring. 

3. Best blue silicone ring

Qalo Rings

Qalo does a lovely range of sustainable minimal silicone rings. 

They also have lots of choices like military rings, and stackable and engraved rings. 


4. Best floral band

Halo Rings

I just love the floral pattern on these rings! It can be hard to find such unique designs and patterns like this. 

5. Best white ring

Pearl Silicone Ring

White is a great choice to show it is a wedding ring.

We love the pearl effect on this ring giving that added extra luxury but still being durable and for active use. 

6. Best for brides

Women’s Le Corone 925 triple Intrigo ring rhodium plated with a central band.

This one gives you the strength of a silicone ring with the sparkle of a wedding ring.

With a selection of choices adding gemstones to your silicone ring is easy and stylish.

We loved this option and feels not just secure and comfortable it still gave us the luxury feel of a wedding ring. 

7. Best for active grooms

Men’s Silicone Ring Dark Silver 

This is the perfect ring for an active groom. This one is thicker giving a comfortable fit that is durable.

It will keep up with any active lifestyle. 

8. Best for COLORED Gems 

This is a gorgeous choice for those looking for some colored sparkle.

We love the emerald green silicone ring. with the black band, it is the perfect modern sparkle. 

9. Best for the adventure lovers 

This ring has some amazing nature-inspired engravings.

It is a great choice for those looking for something modern, durable but with an added personalized touch.

10. Something blue silicone ring

Grab your something blue at the same time as wedding band shopping. Who doesn’t love a sapphire?

These rings are a great choice if you are looking for that extra added sparkle while still wanting the durability of a silicone ring. 


11. Best PERSONALIZED rings

If you are looking for that extra added bit of personality then this ring is for you. I just love the way the date is engraved on the ring.

It looks modern and stylish while being able to handle all conditions.

12. Vine shaped silicone ring

How cute are these? I think they might be my new favorite. They have all the benefits of a silicone ring while being super pretty and unique. 

13. Best for Same Sex Couples

A pride rainbow flag ring. I love this ring as a way to show how proud you are of the love you have! 


Silicone wedding ring guide & FAQ

Why choose a silicone ring?

  • Durability – I think this has to be the number one reason. They are made to be put to the test. Even with an active lifestyle, your ring will be lasting you years to come. Interestingly, a silicone ring will break though! In a good way, if needed to save your finger from any damage the ring will snap. Perfect for extremely active people or jobs that don’t allow ring wearing. Even better, places like Qalo will replace your ring if this happens!


  • Budget-friendly – Even as a second ring for everyday or activity use, silicone rings are so affordable. We think they are stylish enough as your main wedding band though and if choosing it for that then the price is great value.


  •  Comfort – Silicone band fit so well that their comfort really is second to none. All our testers said the fit and comfort was way above their metal rings.


  • Verity – As seen above there are so many choices with silicone wedding bands. It is why we believe they are the perfect alternative wedding ring.

Are silicone rings hypoallergenic? 

While they are made from medical grade silicone (like pacemakers and implants) most brands recommend checking with your doctor that ring is suitable for you.

These same brands claim that the medical-grade silicone makes them 100% hypoallergenic.

I guess if you have extremely sensitive skin or are allergic to silicone it is more of a risk. They are definitely safe if you have sensitive areas though. I personally have had no issues with any skin reaction.


How do silicone rings feel? 

Silicone rings come in many different styles and sizes which makes the fit and feel completely comfortable for everyone.

You can also find ones that rise up or hug your finger tightly. This makes them non-slip, which I love but also means that they can take a little while to get used to.

Practically speaking I found the swirl bands (with the letters) were most comfortable as they fit far better under gloves or in hot weather when sweating.

If you are considering hypoallergenic silicone rings, then you want to be sure to select one that is smooth and rounded for comfort sake.


Are Silicone Rings Safe? 

As said above the FDA cleared silicone rings are hypoallergenic.

Also, they have no pinch points to scratch or cut your finger as you get with other metal rings.

With being made from medical grade material we feel really confident in them as an everyday ring choice!


Can I get silicone rings wet?

Yes! They are waterproof. The only thing to be careful of is that you don’t use any cleaning products on them or near your ring (remove first).

Check out the Qalo article about how not to damage your ring, including cleaning advice


Are silicone rings expensive? 

Not at all! As you can see from the article, most of the brands are in the under £50 range. Even if this is your main wedding band, it will be affordable!


What size should I get? 

Silicone rings come in many styles, and therefore a range of sizes.

When choosing your size you need to know that they are all not designed to be resized. So if you get the wrong size it will mean getting a new ring! Most brands offer free exchanges though so be sure to check before ordering.

Also, those that are sized like a normal ring may not be the most comfortable until you get used to them. So really do check out the sizing charts and ensure you know what size you are getting.


What brand is best? 

This is something we could never answer as it will depend on your personal preference.

Our testers all had different styles and preferences. Personally, we feel that all the brands offer great value for money, they are good quality and also have different styles so there is a lot of choices out there!


Will silicone rings scratch? 

Silicone rings will not scratch or damage, they are designed to be durable and wear-resistant.

So rest assured you can wear your silicone wedding ring all the time and it will not damage your other rings or the silicone.


What if I am allergic to silicone? 

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Silicone is a hypoallergenic material. So this means that if you suffer from very sensitive skin, it should be safe for you to wear.

Even if you can’t wear metal rings, silicone is a good alternative. Always consult your doctor though so that they can make the final decision as to whether it is suitable for you.

Alternative wedding rings 

Silicone rings are the perfect alternative wedding ring. But we understand that making the decision to go against the norm can be a hard one!

We polled you, our audience, to find out what questions you have when it comes to alternative wedding rings.

We are working on a complete guide but for now, here are the most frequently asked questions. 

Alternative wedding rings FAQ

What’s the difference between a traditional wedding ring and an alternative?

A traditional wedding ring is usually made from gold or platinum, although can also be silver.

It may be the only piece of jewellery you ever wear again, as it symbolizes your marriage.

Whereas alternative rings are much more modern in style and design. They can be made from alternative materials or simply look different.

They are usually ‘fashion’ rings, which you will wear in addition to your traditional wedding band.


Why should I choose an alternative wedding ring?

There are many different reasons people choose alternative rings, here are the most common.

They want something that suits their personality. Alternative wedding rings come in so many styles and designs you’re sure to find one that fits your style perfectly!

Alternative rings can be very affordable. You will be surprised at just how much more affordable an alternative ring can be compared to a traditional ring.

And there’s no reason you should have to overspend on your wedding ring if you don’t want to!

The more unique, the better! We say that you should always go for something different when it comes to your wedding. These rings are the ultimate ‘different’ item and make a bold statement.


How much should I spend on an alternative wedding ring?

A wide range of prices! There is no right or wrong answer here.

It all comes down to how important the style and quality is with the ring. It is a fashion piece, so it also comes down to your personal preference.


Can you wear alternative rings with traditional rings?

Of course! I mean if you are going to marry someone why wouldn’t you want to wear their traditional wedding band alongside your own alternative ring?!

So long as the ring fits (e.g. rubber rings need to be large enough to fit over the traditional or you will lose some of the beauty of a clean set) then there is no problem at all!

In fact, we think it looks wonderful!

Silicone wedding rings 

We hoped this jam-packed article has answered all your silicone ring questions. If you have anyone ask in the comments below. 

We just love alternative wedding rings and silicone rings definitely win top for everyday use for us! 

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