Summer lovin! Everyone always seems to want a hot summer wedding. The thing with a hot sunny day is it can be hard to find a cool and comfy summer wedding dress or outfit.

You definitely can find the perfect bridal outfit for a summer wedding day. Just consider the venue and environment, the fabric of the dress and the sleeves. I think it is best to layer or have detachable elements so you can remove them and add them throughout the day to feel comfy.

Top tips for finding the perfect summer bridal outfit

The hottest summer wedding dresses and outfits

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Summer bridal separates

Bridal separates are great for a summer wedding. You can have fun with crop tops with pants or a skirt. You can layer up for a colder night or ceremony. They really are a great modern summer bridal look.

Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder or strapless with detachable sleeves is the perfect summer bridal style. Having your shoulders and arms on show can help with keeping cooler if a hot day.

Shorter or detachable sleeves would be a better option so you can remove and not get too hot.

strapless summer bridal dresses

Strapless is the perfect choice for brides having a summer wedding. Your arms and top half are free so easier to keep cool and not feel stuffy.

You could layer up with a detachable top for the ceremony or for the evening. You can get lovely lace or tulle ones so still cool but add that extra special touch.

Summer bridal jumpsuits

If you don’t typically wear dresses or skirts then wearing a jumpsuit is a great alternative bridal outfit.

Bridal jumpsuits are fun, modern and super stylish. You can even get detachable skirts for two looks in one.

Short bridal dress for a summer wedding

Short wedding dresses are everywhere right now, especially a bridal mini. Summer is the perfect time to wear a short wedding dress. You can go longer with a midi, tea-length or knee length wedding dress.

Summer wedding dress fabrics

  • Silk: Silk is a great breathable fabric choice for a summer wedding dress. You can go a little thicker and it holds well to give the perfect structured dress.
  • Satin: A satin slip is the perfect beach wedding dress. It is soft and romantic and modern.
  • Lace: Lace is perfect for layering and adding more coverage for a summer wedding dress.
  • Chiffon: Soft light fabric so perfect for a full skirt dress that it is still cool to wear.
  • Tulle: Same with chiffon, it is soft and light. You can build the layers for a full skirt look.

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