author Bio: Zoey Louise – Editor and Chief

Zoey Louise is a renowned authority in the world of weddings and wedding planning and design, with a track record spanning seven years of unparalleled success.

As the visionary founder and driving force behind Zoey Louise Design, her expertise in curating unforgettable, one-of-a-kind weddings for couples has earned her a distinguished reputation in the industry.

Her City: Manchester, UK

Expertise: Wedding Planning / Wedding design / Bridal Fashion


Zoey boasts seven years of experience at the helm of Zoey Louise Design, a thriving wedding planning and design business.

Her extensive career has empowered her with hands-on knowledge from orchestrating countless weddings for couples.

Zoey’s journey extends beyond her wedding design business. She has actively contributed to the industry by organizing wedding fairs, hosting networking events, and coordinating styled wedding and brand shoots. As part of The Urban Wedding Company brand.

Her multifaceted involvement demonstrates her commitment to offering a holistic perspective on weddings. She has reviewed, researched and written on many aspects of wedding planning and fashion.

A relentless learner, Zoey has invested in her professional development, enrolling in courses and participating in wedding planning retreats to stay attuned to emerging trends and practices.

Her portfolio showcases hundreds of successful weddings, and her monthly networking with industry experts ensures she remains well-informed about the latest wedding services.

Hobbies and passions

Zoey loves all things design. From interior, graphic and fashion design, she immerses herself in them all. Her second love is travel, immersing herself in other cultures, and the beauty of new surroundings.

Zoey love for fashion and design shines through in her work. She immerses herself in the bridal fashion industry, perpetually absorbing knowledge and attending prestigious events.

Her dedication to staying ahead in bridal fashion allows her to infuse the latest trends and styles into her wedding designs.

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