Black wedding cake ideas

We have said it before but black is the new white with weddings! We are so here for it all, black wedding dresses, black bridesmaids, black tie style dining!

Black is so sophisticated, and stylish and adds some drama to your wedding day!

A great way to add some black is with a wedding cake! A black wedding cake, whether all black or black detailing is a modern, bold choice and your guest will be wowed!

If you are worried about your cake being too dark or moody, try adding some gold or white details to lighten it up!

Love a black cake? You may love our gothic wedding cake even more!

Check out our black wedding cake inspiration below!

black gothic cake

1. Luxury Black Wedding Cake

Tortik Annushka

This cake is the ultimate black wedding cake. Simple but full of texture and interest at the same time. 


luxury black and white cake

2. High-end black and white cake 


If you don’t want and all black cake then black and is a perfect choice. 

Like with this cake keep the white a little warm in colour. If too bright it can be a little harsh. 


black wedding cake

3. Beauty and beast vibes

Urban Cakehouse

This cake is a great example of how to take theme like beauty and the beast and give it a modern twist. 


black floral gothic wedding cake

3. Floral drama


Adding some floral to your black wedding cake can soften the overall look. You can keep it simple or go full drama like this cake. 


blue black celestial cake

4. Blue black CELESTIAL cake 

Little Button Bakery 

Celestial heaven! Going dark blue nearly black adds some extra dimension to the cake.  


black and purple gothic cake

5. Moody Romance

Just Iced Custom Cakes

I love the texture of this cake. It is then finished perfectly with the simple purple flowers. 


black and white textured cake

6. Black, white and grey textured cake

Bunston Bakes

The texture paint effect on this cake is modern and stylish. Perfect for a city or industrial wedding. 


textured gothic black cake

7. All black with texture

 Jenny Wenny Cakes

I could get lost for hours staring at the detail on this cake. 


a piece of art wedding cake

8. Piece of Art black wedding cake

Glass Slipper Gourmet

I am not sure I could cut this black wedding cake! The detail and work that has gone into it. It is definity more art than cake. 


geo black wedding cake

9. Geo black wedding cake

Sweet Cheeks By Renee

Okay, I know the geo cakes are an older trend now. This black one could never go out of style! 

The dark green and black is a perfect wedding colour combo.  


modern separate set of 3 cakes

10. Modern Separate trio of cakes


Why have one when you can have three? Also, can we agree these concrete cake stands are stunning? 


ombre butter cream black and white cake

11. Buttercream ombre cake

The Frostery

Now this is how to do ombre! I do love texture and this cake has all the texture! 


gold and black wedding cake

12. Black and gold


Black and gold, classic colour combo that always works.

This cake would make the perfect new years eve black wedding cake. 

halloween gothic wedding cake

13. Boho black cake


This is how you do moody boho. Texture, drama and a skull to finish it off! 


gold and black gothic halloween cake

4. Skull Halloween cake

Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

 A black wedding cake doesn’t have to be gothic or halloween vibes.

It certainly can though! I love how stylish this cake is with a hint of halloween. 


goth gold wedding cake

15. Vintage Goth

Sweetlake Cakes

This cake in white would have such different vibe all together. The vintage vibes and black give it a gothic feel.


till death black and gold cake

16. Til death do we part

Paige Elizabeth

Til death is always a fun modern saying to use at a wedding. A quirky take on an old saying. 


square black wedding cake

17. Square black wedding cake


This cake sums up a minimal wedding style all in one. Simple but stylish. 

black wedding cake with printed floral design

18. Printed floral black cake


This cake is super unique! I love the printed florals. They give the cake an arty feel. 


black texured wave like scuplted cake

19. Sculpted heaven


This is art not cake! This stunning stunning structured cake is full of texture and detail. 


set of 3 black and white wedding cakes

20. A trio of Black and White


This is how to do monochrome wedding cakes. The simple designs of the cake allow for the harsher colour clash of black and white. 


black and gold cake with soft gold flowers

21. Show stopping Black wedding cake


If you looking for a high end show stopping black wedding cake this is perfect. The minimal gold leafing just adds that touch of luxury.


black cake with handpainted and real floral design

22. 3D Style painted floral cake


Oh wow! I love the handpainted design that then turns into real flowers. What a stunning take on a floral black wedding cake.


black wedding cake with pretty icing flowers and chiffon bow

23. Pretty Black Wedding cake


When you think of black wedding cakes, pretty is not always the first word you think of. This cake shows you

black cake with pressed flowers all over

24. Black Pressed Flower Wedding Cake


Pressed flower wedding cakes have been a huge trend. This is the first black one I’ve seen and I am loving it! The drama created with a black cake over white. 


black and pink wedding with hand painted detail and greenery

25. Pink and Black Wedding Cake


Pressed flower wedding cakes have been a huge trend.

This is the first black one I’ve seen and I am loving it! The drama created with a black cake over white. 



What are black wedding cakes?

Black wedding cakes are cakes that are either all black or have black detailing. They are a modern and bold choice for a wedding cake!

What do black wedding cakes symbolize?

Black is a sophisticated and stylish color, so a black wedding cake can symbolize sophistication and style!

How do I choose a black wedding cake?

When choosing a black wedding cake, consider the overall theme and feel of your wedding. If you want a more modern wedding, then a black wedding cake would be a great choice! If you are looking for something more traditional, then you may want to consider a white cake with black detailing.

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