Gothic wedding cake ideas 

Gothic weddings are becoming a popular theme, even way before Kourtney K decided to host one!

We are not talking tacky Halloween vibes here! Gothic elegance is about a moody, decadent take on design.

Think dark moody colors with lots of drama and romance. The designs are edgy and have a hint of gothic elements but nothing tacky or too Halloweeny.

We have pulled together some of the best cake designers to show you how to have a gothic wedding cake that is super stylish and modern no matter the season.

black wedding cake

Cake: Urban Cakehouse

Gothic wedding cakes


Black wedding cakes

The most obvious choice and probably the easiest to make look super sleek and stylish is to have an all-black wedding cake.

The key to making this look modern and not tacky is all in the details. Look for cakes with simple designs and classic shapes. Then adorn them with sugar flowers or other delicate details.

You can keep it all black, and add in some lighter black shades heading into grey for some dimension. Or add some colour to your black cake, monochrome works well for a simple stylish feel.

If adding colours though work with darker richer colors so as not to contrast with the black too much and give a tacky feel.

White gothic wedding cakes

Some couples think they have to go dark to have a gothic wedding cake.

You really don’t, with the right design, details, and textures added you could have a full white gothic wedding cake.

Adding in other colors with flowers or other elements is another great way to add a little gothic touch to a white wedding cake.

Red wedding cakes

Another popular gothic wedding cake color is red.

Again, like with black cakes, you don’t want this to look tacky so choose a classic design and then accent with some gothic details.

A simple red velvet cake with black frosting would be a perfect starting point. Then add some sugar flowers or other similar decorations to give it that gothic flair.

red gothic wedding cake

Image: Cakes Elevated

ombre red gothic cake

Gold wedding cakes

Gold is a popular color in gothic weddings as it adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

When paired with black it can look quite regal and glamorous. If you want to add a gold wedding cake to your gothic wedding, look for designs with elegant details like ruffles or lace.

Then add some gold leaf or edible gold paint to really make it shine.

gold and black wedding cake

Cake: cakeit_nsk 

Purple wedding cakes

Purple is another popular color for gothic weddings as it represents royalty and wealth.

It’s also a great color to use if you want to add a pop of color to your gothic wedding cake without going too over-the-top.

For a purple gothic wedding cake, look for designs with lots of texture and detail.

Til death do us part

One popular gothic wedding cake design is the “til death do us part” cake. This cake is typically all black with two skeletons on top. The skeletons can be embracing or standing next to each other.

This cake is perfect for couples who want to add a little bit of humor to their gothic wedding cake.

You can keep it simpler with a simple cake and this writing stenciled on, or maybe as a cake topper to give after the big day!

till death black wedding cake
till death skull cake

Floral Gothic cakes

The key to floral wedding cakes is to work with a highly skilled cake designer. Sugar flowers can look incredible and so realistic.

Floral gothic wedding cakes done right are modern, luxurious and so stylish!

Halloween themed cakes

This blog is more about the gothic elegance trend and Halloween cakes are not really the point. Bit if you are looking for a gothic Halloween cake then that is stylish then all the above applies!

We do have our spooky lovers covered though, head to our Halloween wedding cake blog for lots of spooktacular ideas! (okay, a little corny!)

Gothic wedding cake toppers

If a full gothic cake is just not your vibe then maybe adding a gothic cake topper is for you! This way you add a little gothic edge with our freaking the parents out with a full black cake!

till death cake topper
gothic couples cake toppers

Gothic wedding cake ideas

So there you have it, a few ideas for gothic wedding cakes! Whether you want an all-black cake with some simple gothic details or a white cake with some purple accents, we have got you covered.

And if none of those designs quite fit your style, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options out there. Head to our gothic wedding interest board for lots more inspo!

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