No one wants to be forced into a boring or embarrassing game. The awkwardly forced party games that just kill the mood straight away, no thanks!

So we asked you all, what games do you actually want to play at a hen party? Here are the top answers.

hen party

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Hen party games guests want to play

hen party mr and mrs game
Blue Sky Creation

1. Mr. & Mrs. Quiz

Or Mrs and Mrs, whichever suits the couple. Prepare a series of questions about the bride and groom and have the bride answer them beforehand. During the party, ask the same questions to the groom and see how well their answers match. It can be amusing and entertaining.

truth or dare
All Tied Up UK

2. Truth or Dare

A classic game where participants take turns asking each other to either answer a truth question or perform a dare. The questions and dares can be customized to be light-hearted and entertaining.

3. Bridal Pictionary

Divide the group into teams and have them take turns drawing wedding-related items or scenarios while the other team members guess what is being drawn within a time limit.

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of fun and creative photo challenges for the attendees to complete. Assign points for each challenge, and the team or individual with the highest score wins.

5. Balloon Pop

Write different challenges or dares on small slips of paper, insert them into balloons, and blow them up. Each guest takes turns popping a balloon and must perform the challenge or dare inside.

6. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Divide the group into teams and provide each team with rolls of toilet paper. The teams have a designated time to create a wedding dress using only toilet paper. The bride can then judge and select the best dress.

7. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Create a quiz about the bride, including questions about her preferences, habits, and memorable moments. Have the guests answer the questions, and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

8. Kiss the Miss Goodbye

Hang a poster or picture of the bride and provide lipstick or colourful markers. Blindfold each guest, spin them around, and have them attempt to kiss or leave a lip print on the poster. The one closest to the bride’s lips wins.

9. Wedding Charades

Write down wedding-related words or phrases on separate cards and have participants act them out without speaking. The other guests try to guess what is being acted out within a specified time limit.

hen do prosecco pong
Super Sweet Party

10. Prosecco pong

Everyone loves a drinking game, right? Prosecco pong is so much fun and an easy DIY game to set up.

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