Looking for a nontraditional wedding venue?

Gosh, when I think about the options available now for unique wedding venues compared to when I first started working in the wedding industry. You guys have got so many choices!

Yes, choice is good but sometimes it can definitely cause overwhelm. We are pretty confident here at Urban though that with our venue guide, venue booking can be made a breeze.

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How to find an unusual wedding venue

You have to be open to looking outside the normal wedding scene if you want something truly unique. As mentioned though there are so many amazing unique wedding venues in the UK and worldwide.

If you are looking for an urban wedding venue then we have you covered.

Here are five tips to help you discover a one-of-a-kind location:

  • Think Outside the Box: Explore unconventional options beyond traditional wedding venues. Consider museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, historic libraries, or even a cosy bed and breakfast. Look for spaces that hold personal significance or have a distinct atmosphere that resonates with you and your partner.

  • Local Gems and Hidden Gems: Research local businesses, parks, or lesser-known venues that might not be widely advertised as wedding venues. Small boutique hotels, rooftop bars, or private estates can offer a unique and intimate setting. Additionally, community spaces like old theatres, warehouses, or renovated barns can provide a distinctive backdrop.

  • Embrace Nature: If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, consider natural settings like beaches, forests, mountains, or vineyards. Outdoor spaces can create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Check if there are any permits or regulations you need to be aware of and plan accordingly.

  • DIY and Customization: Transform a nontraditional space into your dream venue through creative decorations and personal touches. Industrial spaces, lofts, or blank canvas venues can be customized to reflect your unique style. This allows you to have more control over the ambience and overall aesthetic of your wedding.

  • Cultural and Historical Venues: Look into cultural or historical sites that may allow weddings. Consider venues like castles, historic homes, or landmarks that have a story to tell. Many of these places are open to hosting events, providing a rich and distinctive backdrop for your celebration.

Nontraditional wedding venues you will have never thought of

1. Airbnb or Vacation Rental

Renting a large and aesthetically pleasing Airbnb or vacation home can provide an intimate and personalized setting for your wedding. This allows you to have a more residential and homey atmosphere.

2. Conservatory

Greenhouses or botanical conservatories offer a lush and vibrant backdrop. The surrounding plants and flowers can create a magical and tropical atmosphere, making for stunning photos.

3. Art Studio or Gallery

If you and your partner are art enthusiasts, consider hosting your wedding in an art studio or gallery. The unique surroundings can add a creative and contemporary touch to your celebration.

4. Aquarium or Zoo

Some aquariums and zoos offer event spaces for weddings. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by marine life or exotic animals, creating a memorable and distinctive experience.

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5. Historical Library or Museum

Choose a library or museum with historical significance for a sophisticated and cultured wedding. Many of these spaces have unique architecture and can provide an elegant backdrop for your ceremony and reception.

6. Warehouse or Industrial Space

Transform an industrial space or warehouse into a chic and trendy wedding venue. The raw and open layouts can be customized to reflect your style, and the high ceilings create a spacious and modern feel.

Head to our urban wedding venues post for lots more ideas.

7. Cruise or Yacht Wedding

If you love the water, consider hosting your wedding on a cruise ship or yacht. This option provides a scenic backdrop and a unique experience for you and your guests.

8. Old Theatres or Cinemas

Theatres and cinemas with vintage charm can be a dramatic and cinematic choice for a wedding venue. The stage or screen can serve as a focal point for your ceremony, and the ambience is often rich with history.

9. National Park or Natural Reserve

If you appreciate the beauty of nature, consider getting married in a national park or natural reserve. Many parks allow for outdoor ceremonies amidst breathtaking landscapes.

10. Vineyard or Winery

Exchange vows in a wine cave within a vineyard or winery for a romantic and intimate setting.

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11. Farm or Barn

Choose a working farm or ranch for a rustic and down-to-earth wedding with a charming countryside feel.

12. Lighthouse

For a coastal wedding, consider a lighthouse venue with panoramic views of the sea.

13. Hangar

If you have a love for aviation, consider hosting your wedding in an airplane hangar for an industrial and high-flying celebration.

14. Science Museum or Planetarium

Embrace a celestial theme by having your wedding in a science museum or planetarium for a cosmic atmosphere.

14. Yoga Retreat Center

Opt for a wellness-focused wedding in a yoga retreat centre, surrounded by nature and tranquillity.

15. Cave or Cavern

Explore the unique atmosphere of a cave or cavern for a mysterious and enchanting wedding.

16. Circus Tent

Create a magical and vibrant atmosphere by hosting your wedding in a circus tent, complete with colourful décor and entertainment.

17. Brewery or Distillery

Opt for an urban and industrial wedding in a brewery or distillery with a laid-back and crafty vibe.

18. Nightclub

Host a vibrant and energetic wedding in a nightclub with a dance floor, DJ booth, and atmospheric lighting for an unforgettable party atmosphere.

19. Coworking Space

Transform a coworking space into a modern and sleek wedding venue, combining contemporary design with a professional touch.

20. Restaurant

Choose a restaurant with a distinctive theme, unique cuisine, or a private dining area for an intimate and culinary-focused celebration.

21. Hotel Suites

Opt for an upscale and luxurious wedding in a hotel suite with panoramic city views, providing an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

22. Studio

Whether it’s an art studio, photography studio, or even a recording studio, these spaces can offer an industrial and creative backdrop for your wedding.

23. Boutique Store

Host your wedding in a boutique store with stylish decor, trendy merchandise, and a chic ambience for a fashion-forward celebration. They may or may not have a licence to host events. Look for ones that already host their own. It would be a celebrant wedding or just used for your after party.

24. Coffee Shop or Cafe

Embrace a cosy and casual atmosphere by having your wedding in a coffee shop or cafe, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee adding to the ambience.

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