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We love coloured wedding dresses here at Urban! Pink wedding dresses are a stunning choice.

You can go softer with blush or light pink or bold and bright with hot pink.

Luckily it is not as hard to find a pink wedding dress these days with so many modern bridal designers.

We have done all the hard work for you though and find the best pink wedding dresses the wedding world has to offer!

The Best Modern Pink Wedding Dresses

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1. For texture lovers – Needle & Thread

This dress is full of texture. It is super high quality and well made.

So a bargain for the price of a wedding dress!

Sizes: 4 – 18 | Fabric: Tulle

2. For the minimal brides – Kate Halfpenny

Pink doesn’t have to just be for the princess bride style!

This satin halter neck dress is the perfect modern minimal take on a pink wedding dress.

Sizes: 6 – 14 | Fabric: Satin

3. Best puff sleeve – Stylish Bride Accs

Puff sleeves are a huge trend right now in the wedding world.

This dress is a modern take on the full fairytale style wedding dress.

Sizes: Custom | Fabric: Tulle

4. Etherial pink wedding dress – My Wony Bridal

This blush wedding dress is stunning. The design and detail are a dream.

I love the sleeve detail. It fits beautifully and feels amazing.

Sizes: 4 – 16 | Fabric: Silk

5. Best hot pink wedding dress – Solace London

If you are wanting a bold pink wedding dress this is the one for you!

The fabric is stiff so holds its shape really well, giving that full look all day.

Sizes: 4 – 16 | Fabric: Silk

6. Best embellished pink wedding dress – Maudi Ka Bride

How pretty are the embellished flowers on this dress?

The dress silhouette is simple and really works to let the embellishments shine.

Sizes: Custom | Fabric: Embellished

7. Best ombre pink wedding dress – Needle & Thread

This is one of my favourite dresses. I love the soft ombre, it is not over the top but adds that wow.

Sizes: 4 – 18 | Fabric: Sequin

8. Best Pink floral wedding dress –  MARCHESA

How could you not put this dress on and feel amazing?

This dress is so stunning, well made and just full of so many unique little design details.

Check out our fave floral wedding dresses.

Sizes:| Fabric: Silk

9. Best with Cape – NEEDLE & THREAD

You know us, we can’t help but throw in a wedding cape dress!

The capelet is perfect to cover your shoulders and top arms for the ceremony.

Sizes: 6 – 14 | Fabric: Tulle

10. Best pink and white wedding dress – Our Stories Bridal

The white floral leaf detailing on this dress is stunning.

The full tulle skirts adds all the extra drama.

Sizes: Custom | Fabric: Tulle

11. Best with sleeves – Needle & Thread

Sometimes you just want a short sleeve to cover the tops of your arms. Well, I do anyway!

Sizes: 4 – 20 | Fabric: Tulle

12. For the bold bride – Pamella Roland

This dress has a bit of everything, sequins, feathers, long sleeves and a full skirt.

I love that even though it is packed full it is still not over the top. It is definitely bold but also beautiful.

Sizes:| Fabric: Feathers

13. For a romantic wedding theme – Micado Studio

The layering and pleating of the tulle on this dress give a romantic feel.

The white leaf detailing around the waist finishes the dress beautifully.

Sizes: Small – xLarge | Fabric: Tulle

14. Best sequin pink wedding dress – Jenny Packham

The sequin detail on the dress is done beautifully. It is subtle and does a great job of giving extra shape to the dress silhouette.

Sizes: 8 – 14 | Fabric: Sequin

15. For a sexy look – House of CB

This dress is perfect for giving you curves in all the right places.

Be warned, the other half might be drooling no crying when you walk the aisle!

Sizes: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Woven

How to style a pink wedding dress

When choosing a pink wedding dress for your special day, there are several tips to keep in mind to ensure you look and feel your best. Here are some top tips for considering a pink dress for your wedding:

  • Choose the Right Shade of Pink: Pink comes in many shades, from soft blushes to bold fuchsias. Consider your skin tone and the overall wedding colour theme to find the perfect shade that complements you and your setting. Soft pinks work well for romantic, traditional weddings, while brighter pinks can be great for more modern or whimsical themes.

  • Consider the Fabric: The fabric of your dress can affect how the colour looks and feels. Light, airy fabrics like tulle or chiffon can give a soft, ethereal feel, perfect for fairy-tale weddings. Satin or silk can offer a more structured look, suitable for elegant, formal weddings.

  • Accessorize Wisely: Accessories can either enhance or overpower your pink wedding dress. Choose accessories that complement the dress without overwhelming it. Metallics like gold and silver can work beautifully with pink, as can pearls and clear crystals. Consider the colour of your bouquet, too; ensure it complements your dress without clashing.

  • Makeup and Hair Considerations: Your makeup and hair should complement your dress and overall look. Soft, romantic hairstyles and makeup can enhance the fairy-tale feel of a pink dress. Be mindful of your lipstick and blush shades; you want to avoid clashing with the colour of your dress. A professional makeup artist can help you achieve a harmonious look.

  • Try Different Styles: Don’t limit yourself to one style of dress. Pink wedding dresses come in all silhouettes and styles, from ball gowns to A-lines to more modern cuts. Try on different styles to see what flatters your body shape and fits your wedding theme best.

  • Consider the Venue: The setting of your wedding can influence the style and shade of pink you choose. A beach wedding might call for a lighter, more flowy dress, while a grand ballroom might suit a more opulent, darker pink gown.

  • Be Confident: The most important tip is to wear your pink dress with confidence. It’s your day, and if a pink wedding dress makes you happy, go for it! Your confidence and joy will be your best accessories.

  • Photography: Lastly, discuss with your photographer how to best capture the colour of your dress. Pink can photograph differently depending on the lighting, so it’s important to have a professional who knows how to make the colour look its best in your wedding photos.

Real Brides in Pink wedding dresses

Still not sure if a pink wedding dress is right for you? Or unsure how to style yours! Take inspiration from these real, stunning brides.

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