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Warehouse wedding venues have gained popularity for couples seeking a unique and industrial-chic setting for their special day.

Of course, we love a warehouse wedding venue here at Urban!

We get asked all the time about industrial and warehouse venues. What is available, the choice and limitations with warehouse wedding venues.

We are lucky we have the opportunity to visit and even work at so many of these stunning venues. So, we have put together the ultimate list of warehouse wedding venues in the UK.

We also have put together some top tips for planning a wedding in a warehouse venue.

Head to our city venue guide for all the low down on booking that perfect urban venue.

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1. Victoria warehouse

Victoria Warehouse in Manchester is a unique and innovative wedding venue, noted for its industrial and urban charm. It will always have a special place in our hearts, it was where we styled our first shoot. Check it out.

Unique Features: Built in the early 1900s as a cotton storage facility, it now offers a mix of industrial features like old railway tracks and raw urban backdrops. It has a mix of spaces available

Average Price: Venue hire costs £3,500. Catering prices start at £42 per head, going up to £119. There are also package options starting at £66 per head.

Capacity and Facilities: The venue can accommodate up to 250 guests for dining and 400 for receptions. It offers exclusive use, a wedding license, a sound system, and bridal changing facilities. The venue is pet-friendly and has disabled access and on-site parking​​.

Style and Atmosphere: It is the perfect mix of urban edge and luxury. With the size and blank canvas, it can transform into anything.

Photography Spots: There are numerous photography spots within the venue, including the front of the warehouse, the aisle in The Bays, and the canal at the back of the warehouse​​. My favourite image from working there was in front of one of the windows.


2. Ducie Street Warehouse

Combining industrial heritage with a sustainable approach, this converted warehouse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter offers a distinctive setting with timeless tradition and beauty.

Unique Features: It’s known for its adaptable spaces and industrial windows, blending the past with modern sustainability​​.

Average Price: The venue hire fees range from £300 to £800 per day. The exact cost depends on the specific room or area booked and the day of the event​​​​​​​​.

Capacity: they offer various spaces, including an outdoor terrace that can accommodate 50 seated or 100 standing guests and a unique Mini Cini cinema with 36 seats. The venue also offers other rooms suitable for events with up to 100 guests​​​​​​.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue’s style is characterized by its modern yet industrial ambience, offering a unique blend of urban charm and contemporary elegance. It’s ideal for couples looking for a non-traditional wedding venue with a historical touch.

Photography Spots: The venue’s industrial heritage windows, the outdoor terrace, and the unique interior spaces provide diverse and striking backdrops for wedding photography.

For more detailed information, you can visit their official website: Ducie Street Warehouse Weddings​.

3. Depot Mayfield

Depot Mayfield in Manchester, UK, is a unique venue for weddings with a rich historical and cultural background. We held a wedding fair here and I have styled a few weddings here. It is a versatile space and one of our favourites in Manchester. Here are the key aspects:

Unique Features: Depot Mayfield, housed in Manchester’s historic former railway station, has undergone a transformation into a multi-use space for arts, music, industry, and culture. It retains its industrial heritage, featuring original raw concrete floors, exposed brick, metalwork, and huge iron struts supporting the underground vaults. The venue is part of a £1 billion regeneration project, offering five large-scale interconnected spaces for events of varying sizes​​.

Average Price: The hire fee for the venue starts from £5,000. This fee may vary depending on the specific areas booked within the venue and the nature of the event​​​​.

Capacity and Spaces: Depot Mayfield can accommodate up to 10,000 guests. I would guess you don’t need quite that many. The venue consists of two large warehouses and three interlinking archways, offering flexible space for events ranging from 50 to 10,000 people. It features the main performance space, Depot, with a capacity for 6,100 standing guests; the Concourse, suitable for 3,200 standing guests; the more intimate space, Archive; and the Ticket Hall and Platform, each with a capacity for 1,500 guests​​​​​​​​​​.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue has been utilized for a diverse range of events, including concerts, food markets, exhibitions, and more, highlighting its versatility. Its industrial design combined with modern refurbishments provides a unique backdrop for weddings, blending historical charm with contemporary elements​​​​.

Photography Spots: Depot Mayfield offers a variety of settings for photography, including its cavernous vaults, expansive chambers, a rooftop platform, and sprawling yards. These areas provide a striking and memorable backdrop for wedding photographs​​.

For more detailed information and to view a gallery of the venue, you can visit their official website: Depot Mayfield and their gallery page​​​.


4. HInterlands

Hinterlands in Liverpool offers a distinctive setting for weddings, characterized by its unique charm and personality. Here’s an overview:

Unique Features: Hinterlands is an alternative wedding venue, designed as a blank-canvas space to incorporate the personality and charm of each couple. It provides a space for creative and unconventional weddings, offering a private and exclusive atmosphere​​​​.

Capacity: The venue offers various spaces for different sized events. The Mezzanine and reception can host up to 100 guests, the Event Hall is suitable for 100-300 guests, and the Eclipse Theatre can accommodate 70-140 guests. The venue can seat up to 300 guests and can be transformed into an evening party space with a dance floor, stage, and additional bar​​​​.

Wedding Packages and Catering: Hinterlands offers bespoke hire packages, including options for the Event Hall, Eclipse Theatre, or the whole venue. The venue works with trusted local caterers and offers two bar areas in the Event Hall and Eclipse, providing a unique taste of Liverpool​​​​​​.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue traverses two dynamic spaces, Eclipse and the Event Hall, allowing couples to express their personalities and design ideas. Eclipse offers a distinctive blacked-out event space that fits both day and night vibes, while the Event Hall offers a more expansive setting​​.

Accessibility: Both the Event Hall and Eclipse Theatre are wheelchair accessible, and the venue accommodates guests with disabilities mindfully​​.

While specific pricing information and photography spots were not readily available, you can find more details and contact the venue directly through their official website: Hinterlands Liverpool Weddings​.


5. Rum House, Titanic Hotel

The Rum Warehouse at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool is a beautifully renovated venue ideal for wedding receptions and ceremonies. I haven’t done a wedding here but I have stayed and it is a gorgeous hotel. The food is incredible, they do my favourite champs by the glass also! The only place I know that does!

Unique Features: The Rum Warehouse is a renovated 1950s warehouse overlooking the Stanley Dock. It serves as a versatile “blank canvas” venue that can be tailored to various wedding styles. The venue offers a choice of spaces for exchanging vows, including the Rum Warehouse itself, the Mezzanine, or the iconic Titanic Staircase​​​​.

Capacity: The venue is spacious, accommodating up to 500 guests for a seated wedding breakfast. It’s ideal for large weddings, with ample space to include everyone from close family to distant relatives​​. Space can be versatile though and work for smaller weddings also.

Pricing: Venue hire prices range from £12,000 to £40,000. Wedding packages start at £75 per head, with a maximum price of £100 per head. The wedding package includes a range of amenities such as a prosecco or beer reception, a three-course meal, half a bottle of wine per person, and a complimentary superior room for the bride and groom.

Photography Spots: While the venue is full of stunning photo opportunities heading out to the docks is a must to have some epic wedding shots. Of course, you have to get some shots on the titanic staircase. The venue’s gallery page may provide further insights into potential photography locations: Rum Warehouse Wedding Gallery​.

For more detailed information, you can visit their official website: Rum Warehouse Weddings at Titanic Hotel Liverpool​.


6. Scale

Scale in Liverpool is a distinctive wedding venue known for its loft style urban vibe. We went here for a tour and fell in love, hard not to. It is small for a warehouse venue and I think works well as a reception venue. It really does give off New York loft vibes.

Unique Features: Scale is designed as a blank canvas venue, allowing couples to personalize their wedding experience. It’s legally registered for civil partnerships and civil marriage ceremonies. The venue offers flexibility for different dining formats, from sit-down meals to informal buffets, and has connections with local florists, caterers, furniture hire companies, and musicians to enhance the wedding day​​.

Capacity and Layout: Scale can accommodate up to 120 seated or 160 standing guests. The venue’s 325 square meters (3,500 square feet) of space offers various layout options, including dining, theatre, boardroom, and U-shaped.

Pricing: For venue hire, prices range from £480 to £780 per day, depending on the time and duration of the event. Alcohol licensing is available until midnight, and all prices include VAT​​.

Style and Atmosphere: Scale is noted for its stunning industrial and warehouse style, offering an urban vibe that is ideal for couples seeking a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Photography Spots: The venue’s industrial space provides numerous backdrops perfect for photography. It is close to the city centre though so hit those streets and get some city centre images.

For more information about weddings at Scale and to explore their offerings, visit their official website: Weddings at Scale​.


7. Camp & Furnace

We love this venue! If you are looking for a big, blank warehouse space to get creative with then this is your venue. It will be the Furnace warehouse you will hire. I’ve only seen it empty but wow did it get my creative juice flowing, so many ideas to style this venue.

Unique Features: Camp and Furnace stands out with its unique blend of industrial and rustic elements, creating a distinctive atmosphere. It is located in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, an area celebrated for its artistic and vibrant character. This eclectic mix of styles contributes to a unique and unparalleled customer experience, making it an ideal venue for those looking for something different and far from ordinary.

Capacity and Spaces: Camp and Furnace offers a range of versatile warehouse and studio spaces. These spaces are adaptable, able to accommodate various event sizes and styles. The flexibility of the venue makes it suitable for a wide range of events, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue’s style combines rustic charm with an industrial backdrop, providing a unique and original energy. This setting is perfect for couples seeking a venue with character and a contemporary edge. The industrial elements provide a raw, authentic feel, while the rustic touches add warmth and intimacy to the space.

Photography Spots: Head to that rooftop! Definitely, the best photos are with the Liverpool cityscape in the background. But of course, there are endless brick walls and urban photo opportunities.

For more detailed information head to Camp and Furnace’s official website


8. Invisible Wind Factory

The Invisible Wind Factory is more than just a music venue; it’s a space where melodies and matrimony intertwine, offering a romantic and alternative setting. Located in the heart of Liverpool, it is renowned for being a music venue that transforms into a dynamic space for weddings.

Unique Features: The venue is perfect for couples who share a passion for music, art, and culture, and want to say their vows in a space that has witnessed countless musical legends. It promises a unique blend of timeless elegance and the vibrant energy of live music, making each wedding day distinct and memorable​​.

Capacity and Spaces: The venue can accommodate up to 350 guests for dining and up to 498 guests for a reception​​. It houses two spaces: the grand Main Hall, which exudes industrial, urban vibes, and the smaller, more intimate Substation. Both spaces offer a creative backdrop for weddings, with the venue’s team dedicated to making each couple’s wildest dreams a reality​​.

Style and Atmosphere: Invisible Wind Factory is celebrated for its alternative style, standing out as a symphony of love, art, culture, and music. This makes it a unique backdrop for couples looking to celebrate their love story in a non-traditional, creative environment. The combination of its musical heritage and artistic ambience creates an atmosphere that’s both romantic and cutting-edge, ideal for couples seeking an unconventional wedding venue​​.

Photography Spots: The Invisible Wind Factory, with its industrial and urban aesthetics, offers numerous attractive backdrops for wedding photography. The contrast between the grandeur of the Main Hall and the intimacy of the Substation provides diverse and interesting photo opportunities.

Visit the Invisible Wind Factory’s official website or contact them directly.


9. West Mill Derby

The West Mill is a magnificent Grade 1 Listed Building, transformed from an industrial cotton spinning mill into an exclusive use wedding venue in Derbyshire. It’s situated alongside the River Derwent, offering a picturesque setting for wedding celebrations.

Unique Features: The venue, restored in 2015, retains the charm of 1800s industrial architecture, featuring bare brick walls, barrel vaulted ceilings, and Georgian windows that fill the space with sunlight. This restoration ensures that The West Mill serves as a perfect backdrop for weddings, combining historical significance with modern elegance​​.

Capacity and Spaces: The West Mill can accommodate up to 160 guests. It offers exclusive use of four floors of stunning industrial wedding space, each dedicated to different parts of the wedding day, from the ceremony to the reception. This layout eliminates the need for rearranging rooms between events​​​​.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue’s industrial style is complemented by a relaxed and individual setting, spread over four floors.

Photography Spots: The outside space includes a south-facing courtyard and garden, as well as a riverside walkway, providing an idyllic setting for photographs​​.

For more information or to book The West Mill for a wedding, you can visit their official website.


10. Kanteena

Kanteena is a repurposed warehouse located in the centre of Lancaster City, offering a unique setting for various events, including weddings​​​​.

Unique Features: Kanteena stands out with its warehouse vibe, creating a cool atmosphere. The venue is known for its wide range of beer and ale offerings and vegetarian food served out of a trailer. A stage for gigs adds to its appeal, suggesting a lively and entertaining environment​​​​.

Capacity and Layout: The venue can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 300 guests, catering to a range of wedding sizes. The layout is flexible and can be customized to fit different wedding styles and preferences​​.

Pricing: While specific pricing details are not provided, Kanteena claims to offer great value, particularly for midweek weddings. For more precise pricing information, it would be best to contact the venue directly​​.

Style and Atmosphere: Kanteena has a unique and rustic feel. The warehouse setting offers a different kind of charm, with a focus on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Photography Spots: The venue’s unique warehouse setting, cool atmosphere, and stage for gigs provide numerous opportunities for memorable wedding photography.


11. The Arches, Dean Clough Mills

The Arches is located within the prestigious Dean Clough Mills site in central Halifax.

Unique Features: This venue is a uniquely converted Victorian Mill that has been transformed into a stylish industrial space. It retains original features like vaulted ceilings, Northern Lights, and Yorkshire stone floors, offering a distinctive and memorable setting for weddings​​. The Arches is known for blending its unique heritage with contemporary wedding and event planning innovation​​.

Capacity and Layout: The Arches can accommodate a wide range of wedding sizes, from intimate gatherings of 60 guests to larger celebrations with up to 300 guests. The space is versatile, allowing for various configurations to suit different wedding styles and preferences​​.

Pricing: Wedding packages at The Arches start at £3,500 and can go up to £11,000, depending on the size and specifics of the event.

Style and Atmosphere: The Arches is celebrated for its stylish and industrial atmosphere, making it a favourite among couples looking for a unique and memorable wedding experience. The venue’s team is experienced in high-end, luxury event management, ensuring that each event is exclusive and impressive​​.

Photography Spots: While specific photography locations within The Arches are not detailed, the venue’s historic and industrial charm, along with its unique architectural features, provide a variety of attractive backdrops for wedding photography.

Get in contact with the Arches now.


12. Bowers Mill

The Venue Bowers Mill is situated in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, offering a unique setting in a lovingly restored mill. The original industrial features of the converted textile mill, such as stripped wood floors, exposed brick, and high ceilings, add to its charm​​.

Unique Features: The Venue has been carefully restored to maintain its wonderful original features, encapsulating the history and charm of its past as a woollen mill. This contributes to the venue’s unique character and atmosphere​​​​.

Capacity and Layout: The large function space at The Venue can seat up to 400 guests. This space can be divided into two or three sections, providing complete flexibility for different event sizes and styles. Additionally, The Spinning Room, a newly restored area, seats up to 120 guests. The Venue is licensed for civil ceremonies in both its function rooms and offers an outdoor wedding license​​.

Pricing: Hire price starts from £6500 and catering from £40 per head.

Style and Atmosphere: The Venue’s atmosphere is shaped by its industrial past, offering a stylish and rustic setting. The combination of original mill features with modern amenities creates a unique and memorable atmosphere for weddings.

Photography Spots: The venue’s combination of historic architecture and picturesque Yorkshire countryside provides numerous attractive backdrops for wedding photography.

For more detailed information contact The Venue Bowers Mill.


13. Ponden Mill

Ponden Mill is a charming wedding venue in Keighley, West Yorkshire, offering a unique setting for your special day. I am obsessed with the tree house, it so so freaking cute!

Unique Features: Ponden Mill is set in 3 acres of Yorkshire countryside, offering a festival vibe with options like a holiday cottage, a wedding suite named Falling Water, a pioneer wagon called Ponden Rosa, and a lotus tent available for hire​​.

Capacity and Layout: The main room can accommodate up to 100 seated guests and up to 100 evening guests. The venue offers flexibility for different wedding sizes and styles​​.

Pricing: Prices start from £4,355, with a current package based on a minimum of 80 day guests.

Style and Atmosphere: Ponden Mill offers a personal and intimate setting, allowing couples to choose from indoor or outdoor spaces for their ceremony. The venue focuses on creating a ceremony that is personal and reflects the couple’s love story, with options for civil ceremonies or blessings​​​​​​. It has a festival, boho vibe I feel.

Photography Spots: The venue’s picturesque setting in the Yorkshire countryside, alongside its unique architectural features, provides a variety of beautiful backdrops for wedding photography.

For more detailed information contact Ponden Mill directly.


14. Standedge Tunnel

Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre is a unique wedding venue located in the heart of the Pennine Hills, offering a distinctive setting for your special day. The canal setting is stunning, I love going for a walk around here.

Unique Features: This Grade II listed warehouse venue is set in the scenic Pennine Hills and offers a unique and historic setting for weddings. It has direct canal access, not many wedding venues can say that!

Capacity and Layout: They can accommodate up to 150 guests for dining and up to 160 guests for a reception.

Pricing: Venue hire prices at Standedge Tunnel start from £4,500.

Style and Atmosphere: As a Grade II listed warehouse and factory, the venue offers a unique industrial charm and rustic elegance, ideal for couples looking for a venue with a difference.

Photography Spots: The best photo spot at Standedge Tunnel is on the Grade II listed Toll Bridge, which provides a stunning backdrop with the warehouse in the background. This spot offers a perfect blend of historic architecture and natural beauty for memorable wedding photos​​.

For more information visit the Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre.


15. The new Craven Hall

New Craven Hall in Leeds is an industrial, urban luxe wedding venue, offering a unique setting for your special day. My favourite part is the outside area, the perfect quiet area for a wedding.

Unique Features: New Craven Hall’s industrial estate setting allows photographers to get creative with surroundings like metal shutters, fences, nearby greenery, and even a motorway bridge for stunning photo opportunities​​.

Capacity and Layout: It has a dining capacity of 200 and a reception capacity of 250, making it suitable for both small, intimate receptions and larger parties​​.

Pricing: Venue hire prices start at £2,500, going up to a maximum of £4,500.

Photography Spots: If you love an urban wall photo backdrop then you are in look, they have all the textures.

For more detailed information contact New Craven Hall directly.


16. The Hurt Arms

The Hurt Arms at Ambergate is a wedding venue located in Derbyshire, offering a blend of rustic and contemporary styles for your special day.

Unique Features: The venue is housed in a magnificent 19th-century inn in the Ambergate Valley. The Hurt Arms retains its fascinating heritage while offering a stylish and unique wedding venue in the Tollgate Suite, named after the toll house and gate adjoined to the inn in the 1870s​​.

Capacity: The day capacity for the venue is 70 guests, and it can accommodate up to 120 guests for evening celebrations. The venue also offers six bedrooms for accommodation​​​​.

Pricing: Wedding packages at The Hurt Arms range from £4,250 to £7,485. These packages include exclusive use of the venue and a wedding licence​​.

Photography Spots: The best photography spots at The Hurt Arms are in the stunning grounds along the river’s edge, complemented by the surrounding rolling Derbyshire hills, providing a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos​​.

For more detailed information and to explore what The Hurt Arms at Ambergate has to offer, you can visit their official website.


17. The Shack Revolution

The Shack Revolution in Hereford, Herefordshire, is an urban, industrial wedding venue known for its unique and flexible approach to hosting weddings. I love this venue, the different spaces to choose from to create a unique day.

Unique Features: The Shack Revolution offers a casual and laid-back setting with a stylish, urban feel. It features Instagram-famous monochrome graphic walls, greenery, exposed brick, and industrial features. The venue is versatile, catering to everything from classic weddings to more unconventional themes like dinosaur-themed weddings​

Capacity: The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests for both dining and reception. This capacity makes it suitable for intimate weddings as well as larger celebrations​​.

Pricing: Venue hire prices range from £1,200 to £3,300, with the option of exclusive use of the venue, including spaces for the wedding or civil ceremony.

Photography Spots: A particularly notable photography spot at The Shack Revolution is the monochrome graphic walls, providing a unique and striking backdrop for wedding photos​​.

For more information and to explore what The Shack Revolution offers for weddings.


18. Factory Works

Factory Works in Birmingham, West Midlands, is a trendy and urban chic wedding venue with a rich industrial background. It’s situated within a large former warehouse, providing a contemporary and urban setting​​.

Unique Features: This venue stands out for its industrial architecture combined with contemporary interiors. As a former factory for Bird’s eggless custard, the venue retains its industrial charm while offering modern amenities. It’s a blank canvas, allowing couples to add a personal touch to their wedding​​​​.

Capacity: Factory Works can accommodate up to 120 guests for ceremonies, 400 guests for dinners, and 400 guests for standing receptions. The venue is licensed for marriages and does not offer accommodation on-site, but it is child and pet-friendly and licensed until 1 am​​.

Pricing: The venue hire prices range from £5,040 to £5,400. Catering and drinks are separate, with a minimum catering requirement for 100 guests by their preferred supplier, Baked In Brick​​​​.

Photography Spots: The Shack Revolution offers diverse photography backdrops with a variety of industrial and green spaces around the venue​​.

For more detailed information contact Factory Works directly.


19. The Bond

The Bond in Birmingham is a unique wedding venue with a rich industrial heritage, located in the vibrant area of Digbeth. Here are the key aspects:

Unique Features: The Bond has been skillfully transformed from a landmark industrial building into a stunning wedding venue. It offers a blend of Victorian industrial heritage with modern urban-cool elements, featuring iconic red-brick architecture and captivating architectural features​​.

Capacity: The venue is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies at the Gatehouse, seating up to 160 guests. The Canopy can host a drinks reception for up to 300 and a wedding breakfast for up to 250 guests​​.

Pricing: Venue hire starts from £4,995, with packages based on a minimum of 100 day and evening guests. There are various catering options to suit different budgets​​.

Photography Spots: The Bond’s wharf, situated at the intersection of the Grand Union Canal and River Rea, offers a picturesque setting for wedding photos, making it ideal for couples seeking a post-industrial wedding venue with a unique backdrop​​.

For more information contact The Bond directly.


20. The Engine Shed

The Engine Shed in Wetherby is a charming and distinctive venue perfect for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Unique Features: The Engine Shed is a converted historical railway building located in Wetherby. It offers a unique blend of vintage charm and modern elegance, making it a perfect location for various wedding themes. The venue boasts original features such as vaulted ceilings and railway memorabilia, creating a unique atmosphere. Couples can choose from different spaces within the venue for their ceremony and reception, each offering its own character.

Capacity: This venue comfortably accommodates up to 450 guests for a seated wedding breakfast.

Pricing: Venue hire costs at The Engine Shed range between £8,000 and £30,000.

Style and Atmosphere: This unique setting is especially appealing to couples looking for a venue with historical significance and a modern twist. Its open-plan layout allows for flexible decoration, enabling couples to personalize the space to their taste, whether they’re aiming for a rustic, elegant, or eclectic theme.

Photography Spots: Inside, the architectural features such as the vaulted ceilings and steel beams provide a dramatic backdrop. The outdoor areas around the venue, featuring the historical railway elements and urban landscapes, offer a unique setting for memorable photos. Nearby, the scenic beauty of Wetherby presents additional opportunities for diverse and stunning wedding photography.

For further details and visual inspirations visit the official website of The Engine Shed.


21. Holmes Mill

Holmes Mill in Clitheroe is an exquisitely restored industrial venue, perfect for unique wedding ceremonies and receptions. It is one of my favourite warehouse wedding venues, they just have aspects of a wedding covered in detail and the venue is restored so beautifully.

Unique Features: Holmes Mill is a beautifully renovated former textile mill in the heart of Clitheroe. This venue combines rustic charm with a contemporary edge, featuring original mill machinery and exposed brickwork alongside modern amenities. It offers various spaces for ceremonies and receptions, including the impressive Function Room, the Cotton Room, and the Boiler House, each space exuding its own character and charm. The venue’s distinctive industrial heritage makes it an unforgettable setting for any wedding theme, from vintage to modern.

Capacity: Holmes Mill can host wedding parties of various sizes, comfortably accommodating up to 350 guests for a seated reception. This versatility makes it ideal for both intimate affairs and larger, more extravagant celebrations, with ample space for every guest.

Style and Atmosphere: The style of Holmes Mill is a harmonious blend of industrial history and contemporary design. The venue’s interior showcases authentic mill elements like original stone walls and timber beams, complemented by elegant, modern decor. This creates a warm, inviting, and incredibly photogenic atmosphere, perfect for couples seeking a venue with character and sophistication.

Photography Spots: Holmes Mill offers a plethora of stunning photography spots. The outdoor areas feature beautifully restored elements of the old mill. The surrounding areas of Clitheroe also provide additional stunning locations for wedding photography.

For more detailed information and visual inspiration, couples are encouraged to visit Holmes Mill’s official website.

Images: Babb Photo

22. Paintworks Bristol

Paintworks in Bristol is an eclectic and vibrant venue, ideal for bespoke wedding ceremonies and receptions. Below are its key aspects:

Unique Features: Paintworks is a creative and cultural hub located in the heart of Bristol’s artistic quarter. This venue stands out with its urban, industrial chic style, offering a blank canvas for couples to personalize. It features large, open-plan spaces with high ceilings, exposed steel beams, and an abundance of natural light. The spaces include the Event Space and the Paintworks Gallery, each adaptable to a range of wedding themes, from modern minimalist to bohemian or industrial.

Capacity: Paintworks can comfortably accommodate various wedding sizes, with a capacity of up to 400 guests for a seated reception. This flexibility makes it suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, with plenty of room for all your loved ones.

Style and Atmosphere: The style at Paintworks is distinctly urban and contemporary, infused with a bohemian flair. The venue’s industrial heritage is evident in its architecture, providing a unique and edgy backdrop. The spaces are versatile and can be decorated to suit the couple’s vision, offering a perfect blend of historic charm and modern sophistication.

Photography Spots: Its industrial features, colourful graffiti walls, and urban landscapes within the complex provide a unique and vibrant backdrop for photos. The surrounding areas of Bristol, known for their street art and historic architecture, are the perfect city street photo op.

For more detailed information and to explore visual examples, visit Paintworks Bristol’s.


23. Shoreditch Studios

Shoreditch Studios in London is a sought-after and versatile wedding venue, known for its urban and contemporary vibe.

Unique Features: This venue is characterized by its industrial aesthetics, featuring two spacious, interconnected studio spaces with high ceilings, white cove walls, and exposed brickwork. The venue’s raw and minimalist design serves as a blank canvas, allowing couples to create a personalized and unique wedding experience.

Capacity: The studios can accommodate a range of wedding sizes. Studio 1, the larger of the two, can host up to 170 seated guests or 200 standing, while Studio 2 is perfect for more intimate gatherings, with space for up to 120 standing guests. The versatility of the space allows for various configurations, from formal dining to casual standing receptions.

Style and Atmosphere: Shoreditch Studios offers a cool, contemporary atmosphere with an industrial edge. The simplicity of the studios’ design allows for a high degree of customization, enabling couples to bring their vision to life, whether it’s a sleek, modern look or a more eclectic, bohemian style. The venue’s urban setting and architectural features also contribute to a chic and memorable atmosphere.

Photography Spots: The venue itself, with its distinctive industrial elements. The surrounding Shoreditch area, known for its street art, historic architecture, and trendy urban scenes, offers a plethora of vibrant and dynamic photography locations.

For more detailed information and to explore a gallery of past weddings by visiting Shoreditch Studios.


24. 100 Barrington

100 Barrington stands out as an exclusive and stylish wedding venue, offering a perfect blend of industrial elegance and modern flair. Located in the trendy area of Brixton, South London, 100 Barrington is a beautifully restored warehouse venue.

Unique Features: It boasts original features such as exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and polished concrete floors, combined with modern amenities. The venue’s industrial charm and open-plan layout offer endless possibilities for decoration and arrangement, making each wedding truly unique.

Capacity: The venue is spacious and can accommodate up to 200 guests for a seated reception or up to 300 for a standing event. This makes it ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger, more elaborate celebrations.

Style and Atmosphere: 100 Barrington exudes a chic and sophisticated atmosphere with a touch of industrial rawness. The space is filled with natural light during the day, creating a warm and inviting ambience, while in the evening, it transforms into an enchanting setting with its customisable lighting options. The venue’s aesthetic is ideal for those looking for a contemporary, yet timeless, wedding setting.

Photography Spots: Inside, the venue’s industrial features and modern decor provide a unique and stylish backdrop. The outdoor courtyard, with its urban charm, is perfect for more relaxed and candid shots. Additionally, the vibrant streets of Brixton offer a colorful and eclectic mix of backgrounds for creative and memorable wedding photography.

For more information and to view a collection of past events, couples are encouraged to visit 100 Barrington’s.


25. Hackney Co

Hackney Co in London is a distinctive and trendy wedding venue, known for its blend of urban chic and historical charm. Nestled in the heart of East London’s vibrant Hackney area, is a venue that exudes an eclectic mix of vintage charm and contemporary design.

Unique Features: This venue, often used for photo shoots and fashion events, features exposed brickwork, large windows, and an open-plan layout, making it ideal for personalized wedding themes.

Capacity: The venue is well-suited for medium-sized weddings, with a capacity to host up to 150 guests for a seated dinner or 200 for a standing reception. The flexible layout allows for various seating arrangements and can accommodate both ceremony and reception.

Style and Atmosphere: A warm and inviting atmosphere with a hint of industrial chic. The venue’s natural light, coupled with its customizable lighting system, enhances the ambience, making it ideal for both daytime ceremonies and evening celebrations.

Photography Spots: The venue itself. The surrounding Hackney area, known for its artistic vibe, street art, and historic architecture, offers additional diverse and picturesque spots for wedding photography.

For more detailed information and to view a gallery of past weddings visit Hackney Co.

26. Woolwich Works

Woolwich Works is a cultural hub and wedding venue located in the historic Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. It offers a blend of rich history and modern amenities.

Unique Features: The venue is a collection of restored historic buildings, including a former munitions factory and a grand Victorian warehouse, providing a unique and historic backdrop.

Capacity: It offers various spaces suitable for both intimate and large-scale weddings, with flexible layouts for different sized guest lists.

Pricing: The venue hire fee for weddings at Woolwich Works varies depending on your chosen event space. Prices start at £4,500.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue combines historical architecture with contemporary design, offering a sophisticated and elegant setting.

Photography Spots: The historic buildings and the surrounding area of the Royal Arsenal offer diverse and picturesque settings for wedding photography.


27. MC Motors

MC Motors in Dalston is an industrial-style wedding venue known for its unique and eclectic charm.

Unique Features: It features a blend of vintage and industrial interiors, with an array of quirky props and distinctive furnishings.

Capacity: Suitable for medium to large weddings, offering a spacious yet intimate setting.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue has a rustic and bohemian feel, perfect for couples looking for an unconventional wedding venue.

Photography Spots: The venue’s unique interior and the urban landscape of Dalston provide a variety of creative photo opportunities.


28. West Reservoir

West Reservoir Centre in North London offers a tranquil and scenic setting for weddings.

Unique Features: This waterside venue features stunning views of the reservoir and a striking 1930s red-brick tower.

Capacity: It’s ideal for medium-sized weddings, with a spacious main room and outdoor terraces.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue offers a serene and natural ambiance, a contrast to the typical urban venue.

Photography Spots: The reservoir and surrounding green spaces provide beautiful backdrops for wedding photos.


29. Trinity Bouy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf in the Docklands area offers a unique riverside wedding experience.

Unique Features: This venue features a variety of spaces, including a lighthouse and historic warehouses, set against the backdrop of the River Thames.

Capacity: It caters to a range of wedding sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations.

Style and Atmosphere: The venue offers a blend of maritime history and industrial chic, creating a unique and memorable setting.

Photography Spots: The riverside location, historic buildings, and views of the Thames provide diverse and stunning photography opportunities.


Warehouse wedding venues are typically repurposed industrial spaces that have been transformed into event spaces. Here are some key aspects and features associated with warehouse wedding venues:

  • Industrial Aesthetic: Warehouse venues often feature exposed brick walls, high ceilings, large windows, and open floor plans, providing a raw and industrial aesthetic. This creates a trendy and urban atmosphere that appeals to couples looking for a non-traditional wedding setting.

  • Versatility: One of the main advantages of warehouse venues is their versatility. The open layout allows for creative and customizable floor plans, making it easy to accommodate various wedding styles, sizes, and themes.

  • Ample Space: Warehouses usually offer ample space, making them suitable for both the ceremony and reception. This means they are usually well suited for large weddings.

  • Unique Photo Opportunities: The industrial backdrop of warehouse venues provides unique and visually striking photo opportunities. Exposed brick walls, steel beams, and large windows can serve as a distinctive backdrop for wedding photos.

  • Urban Location: Many warehouse venues are located in urban or city settings, offering a modern and edgy atmosphere. Usually with accommodation and amenities nearby and easy to get taxis or transport.

  • Supplier Flexibility: Warehouse venues often provide more flexibility in choosing suppliers such as catering, decor, and entertainment. Meaning couples may have the freedom to bring in their preferred suppliers.

  • DIY-Friendly: The blank canvas nature of warehouse spaces makes them ideal for DIY weddings. Couples who enjoy crafting or have a specific vision for their wedding decor may find warehouse venues to be a perfect fit.

  • Logistical Considerations: Since warehouse venues may lack some of the amenities found in traditional wedding venues, couples should consider logistics such as parking, accommodation, catering, and accessibility for guests. It’s important to plan for any additional services that may be needed.

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