Wedding favours are always a debated subject. Should you or shouldn’t you?

If you can find unique wedding favours for less than £1 then it seems like a no-brainer to me!

It is possible to find some unique wedding favours for under £1 when you search properly.

We have done this hard work for you though and have the best wedding favours under £1.

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Unique wedding favours under £1

1. Personalised Chocolate

Edible favours are always a winner. These personalised chocolates are super stylish.

You can also do chocolates by bagging them or putting them in a cute box.

Just pick your favourite chocolates and spend the evening boxing or bagging.

2. Filled Boxes

The beauty of boxes is you can fill them with anything.

As mentioned above chocolates work well, your favourite sweets or anything small enough. Get boxes that fit your style and add to the decor.

3. sweets as wedding favours

Sweets are probably one of the cheapest wedding favour options that everyone loves.

You can do a sweet table and people fill their own bags.

Or buy cute little bags like these and have them ready to take home.

4. Seed Paper wedding favours

These are pretty popular right now and make a great eco-friendly wedding favour choice.

Guest take them home and plant them to grow something special after. It is a lovely way to keep the memory of the day going.

5. Mini Candles

How cut are these? Giving everyone is mini succulent is a unique wedding favour but it can be pricy.

These mini succulent candles are the perfect budget option.

You don’t have to just do succulent mini candles, any mini candle will work and there are loads under £1 each.

6. Coasters

Coasters are a practical wedding favour to give. You have lots of choices with coasters but to keep it under £1 each look for wood and cork options like the above.

They can be personalised and look super stylish. They definitely don’t look like a cheap wedding favour.

7. Bottle opener wedding favour

A bottle opener is another super practical wedding favour.

These key bottle openers are a great way to keep the price under £1.

8. Give seeds as wedding favours

Like the seed paper above giving seeds is a lovely eco-friendly option.

It allows your guests to plant your favourite flowers, plant or even herb and then they have a long lasting memory of your day.

9. lollipop wedding favour

These are a popular party favour now. Kids and adults love lollipops.

There are so many stylish options now so you can give a stylish lollipop.

10. Bottle opener favour

Bottle openers are another great practical wedding favour.

Most bottle opener options are over £1. These small key bottle openers are a great cheap option.

11. ALCOHOL wedding favour

The best way to keep alcohol under £1 is to do DIY wedding favours. You can buy the bottle like above and your favourite alcohol and fill them up.

Make sure you have a sticker or tag explaining what is inside though. Don’t want any kids drinking it.

12. Personalised pens

Another practical wedding favour. Everyone needs a pen at some point. These are sure to clear the table.

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