Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings and rigid bridal party expectations. Modern weddings have embraced a more relaxed, personalized approach, and the role of the bridesmaid has undergone a fabulous transformation.

It’s no longer just about tossing petals or wearing identical dresses (although those can still be loads of fun!). Today’s bridesmaids are style-savvy, supportive sidekicks who help make the bride’s big day an unforgettable affair.

From pre-wedding celebrations to dazzling down the aisle, we’ll take you on a journey through the bridesmaid’s duties, roles, and responsibilities.

I’ll walk you through the exciting phases of a wedding, spill some secrets, and share some stylish tips along the way.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the whirlwind of emotions, laughter, and yes, even a few happy tears, that make being a bridesmaid an experience like no other. Shall we? Let’s go!

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Bridesmaid duties, roles and responsibilities

Bridesmaid duties before the wedding

The main role before the wedding of the bridesmaid is to support the couple in any way you can. Be a cheerleader, a listening ear or a crafty helper. Each wedding is different so tailor your support to suit the couple.

  • Support the bride: The bridesmaid’s primary role is to provide emotional support to the bride throughout the wedding planning process. This can involve attending dress fittings, helping with wedding-related tasks, and offering a listening ear.
  • Assist with wedding preparations: Bridesmaids often help with pre-wedding tasks such as addressing invitations, organizing bridal showers or hen parties, and preparing wedding favours.
  • Plan the hen party: Planning the hen party usually is the role of the bridal party
  • Attend pre-wedding events: Bridesmaids are expected to attend pre-wedding events like engagement parties, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners.
  • Wedding dress shopping: Be available to attend dress shopping appointments
  • Help choose bridesmaid attire: The bridesmaid is typically involved in selecting their own bridesmaid dress, shoes, and accessories, following the bride’s guidelines
  • Help with DIYs: Lend a hand with any tasks or DIY projects that need doing
  • Visit the venue: Visit the venue open days if you can with the couple beforehand
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Wedding day duties for the bridesmaid

On the day of the wedding again your main role is to support and celebrate with the couple. Make sure you find out any specific roles the couple need from you beforehand.

  • Last minute errands: Help with any last minute tasks
  • Set up: If needed help with any areas that need setting up
  • Get ready with the bride: On the wedding day, bridesmaids usually spend the morning getting ready with the bride, helping with hair, makeup, and dressing. They ensure the bride looks her best and offer emotional support.
  • Procession and ceremony participation: Bridesmaids walk down the aisle as part of the wedding procession. During the ceremony, they may hold the bride’s bouquet, assist with the veil, or perform other tasks as instructed.
  • Help with guest management: Bridesmaids may assist with guest seating, distributing programs or orders of service, and providing directions or information to guests.
  • Pack an on the day bag: Prepack all the things you will need on the day as a bridesmaid
  • Help with any stress: Make sure you keep things light and ease any stress on the day
  • Celebrate: bring the bubbly in the morn, raise a glass throughout

Bridesmaid duties the day after the wedding

  • Breakfast: Attend breakfast the next morning with the couple and guests
  • Help with any clear up
  • Gifts & Cards: Collect any cards and gifts for the couple
  • Share memories: Share any photos or moments with the couple they might want to hear or see

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