Halloween engagement ring ideas

Is there a better time of year to propose? If you are an alternative couple then forget Christmas, new year or valentines day! All hallows eve is the holiday to propose!  

Now a couple who love a Spooktacular time really isn’t going to be looking for a traditional engagement ring! So Halloween engagement rings will be a perfect fit!

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Our favourite Halloween engagement rings

1. Urban editor favourite

Sapphire Design Studio – St Ivy Skull ring

This St. Ivy Skull ring is an exquisite round cut engraved with two skulls, side by side, around a ring of in-twined vines and stones cascading down the band. 

We love that every detail is hand made with love for every individual client to ensure only the highest quality jewellery will do for you on your special day.

2. Best Emerald stone engagement ring


Sage Designs LA – Emerald And Diamond Art Deco Handmade Ring Platinum

We feel this ring has those perfect witchy vibes with stunning emerald green stone.

Made to order, this handcrafted platinum and diamond Art Deco style inspired design is made using conflict-free emeralds and diamonds to capture your romantic essence. 


3. Bat Halloween engagement ring

Sapphire Design Studio – Moonlight – Bat and Skull Engagement Ring

The Bat and Skull Engagement Ring unique design features two bats with a skull on each side, which will remain until death do you part. This ring also has an option to choose between 10K gold, 14K or 18k metal.

The centre stone is a 6mm round cut, while the bottom stones are approximate 1-1/2 carat stones that are created in white gold or rose gold with black rhodium bat skulls.

4. Best black diamond wedding ring 

In 2 Pearls – Stunning Black Diamond with White Gold Band 

This is a great mix between band and diamond ring. This would make a grat wedding or engagement ring. 

Handmade by Kojis of Liberty London, this 18ct white gold jewellery ring contains fifty-eight black stones!

Set in a sparkling pave setting for added effect – try these gems on your wedding day.

5. Best vintage engagement ring

David K Designs – Modern 14K Rose Gold Solitaire Skull Engagement Ring

This modern 14K rose gold solitaire skull engagement ring will embody all that is vintage and chic.

The design says it all – so give this as a symbol of strength and power for the fearlessly spirited bride.

6. Best coffin cut stone

Sapphire Design Studio – 10k Black Gold Natural Coffin Cut Ring

A natural coffin cut centre stone set in solid gold make the perfect unique Halloween engagement ring. 10k Gold with full black rhodium.

This ring is minimal but still packs the wow with the stunning red stone.

7. Black diamond ring

Amber Jack Jewellery – Black Diamond Gothic Wedding Engagement Ring 

We love this ring for its simple elegant style with a hint of gothic flair.

Pretty in black this precious diamond ring will turn heads. A large round-cut black diamond shown off to perfection with a simple but striking band – perfect for the person who wants something elegant and different.

This is a piece of jewellery with a twist, a sentiment you can wear every day and really live in it. Be bold!

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8. For the ultimate skull lover

De Mer Jewellery – Heavy gold skull band, Heart black Manor collection

Why only have one skull? The delicate lines on each face of these skull beads create an elegant scene.

The perfect Halloween engagement ring when your loved one doesn’t want the diamond, bling feel.

9. Unisex wedding ring

Design Masters – Modern 14K Black and Yellow Gold Emerald Skull Channel Cluster Wedding Ring 

Set in an asymmetrical design with non-traditional stones, this skull ring is modern and daring.

We love its sleek style that walks the line between a punk rocker and classy elegance.

Perfect unisex Halloween engagement or wedding ring.

10. Pretty and spooky rose ring

Design Masters –  Topaz Skull and Rose Solitaire Engagement Ring

This unique Love and Sorrow 5K Black Gold 3.0 Ct White Topaz Skull and Rose Solitaire Engagement Ring evokes absolute glamour and elegance.

Making it an outstanding Halloween engagement ring.

We think this is the best mix of pretty and spooky!


11. For purple lovers 

Adams Jewellery – Diamond Set Skull Memento Mori 18 Carat Gold Ring

The Love and Sorrow engagement ring from Rita Perry Jewellery will charm your soul when you gaze down at your hand in this stunning self-adorned Skull’s head brilliance.

Diamonds have been hand set into each orbit of this elegant devil’s face so you can be mesmerized by these sparkling eyes as they look up to meet yours! 

12. Best for boho brides

Swank Metal Smithing – Moon Witch Engagement Ring Set – Moonstone and Diamonds with Sunray Diamond Wedding Band

This asymmetrical ring with sunrays is the perfect gift for that special someone or witch in your life!

We love the boho vibes of this ring and we would love to be on the receiving end!

13. Best agate emerald engagement ring

Stag Head Designs – Moss Agate Engagement Ring 

The “Artemis” is a branch-style moss agate women’s engagement ring with delicate and ornate details. It comes in many centre stone options, including diamonds.

This beautiful piece of jewellery is made from solid 14K rose gold. It will last you a lifetime! You can even get it sized to fit your finger perfectly.

14. Best celestial vibes

11 Feathers Jewellery – Celestial 9ct gold wedding rings with sun and moon detail

If you’re looking for something unique and special, these rings are exactly what you need. They’ll make your loved one feel like they mean the world to you – which they do!

They can double up as a wedding band each or engagement and wedding band for one.

FAQ For buying Halloween engagement rings

What is a Halloween engagement ring?

A Halloween engagement is a ring with Halloween elements. This could be skulls, black diamonds, bats or celestial elements. It is for the lovers of something spooky but also beautiful. 


Are black coated rings good quality?

Keep in mind the black-banded rings are black rhodium coated. This wears off over time and you will need to have the coating touched up.


Are Halloween engagement rings expensive?

Halloween engagement rings can be as expensive or as cheap as you want! Halloween engagement ring design is quite diverse.

Halloween engagement rings are also available from some mainstream jewellery stores, but expect those Halloween engagement rings to be more costly than if you were to make them yourself or commission them to be made. Halloween engagement rings are often one of a kind, so their value can really vary depending on who you’re getting them from and what they look like!


What is the most popular Halloween ring?

The top Halloween wedding ring that people ask for is usually anything Halloween inspired or Halloween themed! This can include things like skulls, Halloween symbols, Halloween charms, Halloween beads and Halloween lettering.

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