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Slimming mother of the bride dresses to hide belly fat

Finding the perfect dress for your child’s wedding can be an overwhelming task.

You want to look your best for such an important day. I believe that looking your best comes from feeling your best.

So, picking a dress that covers the areas you are concerned about and accentuating the areas your love is key.

A lot of us want to hide our tummy area. If like me you bloat with any type of food, especially celebration food.

Covering your tummy can help with your confidence and one less thing to worry about on the day.

There are lots of ways to hide your tummy and feel slimmer, we will discuss them all below.

As with most things some things work better or worse depending on your body shape.

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My best tip is to try a few of the techniques mentioned below. See what works for you and your body shape. See how they make you feel and pick the one you feel most confident in.

mother of the bride in a long sleeve sequin dress in light gold
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Having the right underwear is so important to feel good in an outfit.

I am a huge advocate for shapewear. No matter your size it helps to smooth any lumps and bumps.

For your tummy area, there are some perfect options that flatten the stomach and can help you feel great in any style of dress.

Spanx is the brand I have always used. I wear my Oncore shorts all the time and love how flat my tummy can look even when bloated. 

spanx shorts to hold in tummy
spanx briefs to hide belly fat
spanx body suit to look thinner


Traditionally mothers of the brides and grooms do wear lighter colours.

However, as you probably know, we say forget tradition and do what works for you and your children.

Black of course is the best colour to help you look thinner. Most mothers don’t want to wear black, understandably.

Going for a darker shade of the colour you are thinking of can be a great option.

Dark blue, purple, and red are perfect choices to feel slimmer.


Silhouettes can be a bit of a mind field. There are a few key silhouettes that work really well for hiding the tummy area.

People have different issues with their stomach area so some will work better than others depending on their stomach concerns.

If you are an apple shape and the belly is round from under your bust to hips this can be harder to hide.

  • Empire dress – Higher waistline just above the waist. Great if you have lower tummy concerns. 
  • Shift dress – Flows straight down from the shoulders, usually only a slight if any widening at the bottom. Great at hiding a bloated tummy, but not always great with wide hips. 
  • Wrap dress – Is formed by wrapping one side over the other and tying at the waist, usually with a belt. Wrap dresses work for most body shapes and can create a nipped in waist. 
  • Blouson – Nipped in at the waist and a fuller puff style above. Does a good job of creating an hourglass shape. Not always great if you have big shoulders. 


Using patterns to trick or divert the eye is a great way to hide or accentuate the areas you wish. Here are some of the best patterns to use:

  • Vertical Stripes: Ideal for elongating the figure, vertical stripes guide the gaze up and down, reducing focus on the belly.

  • Pleating Details: Similar to vertical stripes, pleats offer a vertical draw for the eye, contributing to a lengthened appearance.

  • Bold and Floral Patterns: These dynamic patterns keep the observer’s eyes moving, skilfully diverting attention from specific areas.

  • Mixed Prints: Combining different prints can ingeniously create optical illusions, cleverly distracting the eye and disguising the midsection.

Selecting these patterns and fabric details allows for strategic emphasis or de-emphasis of body areas, offering versatile and flattering wardrobe options.


In addition to the strategies I mentioned above, effectively redirecting attention from the midsection to other areas is a great trick.

  • Embellished Necklines: Choose tops with eye-catching details around the neckline, such as beading, lace, or unique cuts. These features draw the eye upwards, shifting focus from the belly.

  • Puff Sleeves: Garments with puff sleeves add volume and interest to the upper body, balancing the silhouette and drawing attention away from the tummy.

  • Asymmetrical Designs: Asymmetrical tops or dresses create dynamic lines that lead the eye on a visual journey, away from the midsection.

  • Diagonal Lines: Clothing with diagonal lines or patterns can create a slimming effect, cleverly diverting attention from the belly area.

  • Optical Illusions: Look for garments that use color blocking, shading, or strategic patterns to create optical illusions that slim and flatter the figure, minimizing the appearance of the tummy.


Adding a jacket or cardigan can be a great way to layer and cover your tummy area.

Adding a statement necklace adds a distraction as mentioned above.

A belt can also help pull in the waist but it depends on your shape and dress type.

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