This blog shows you 5 must-have spring wedding colours.

In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 spring wedding colours. perfect for a your Spring wedding. As you will know by now, here at the urban wedding company, we like to throw the rule book out the window. So, whatever palette you want to go with you rock it no matter the season. These are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully fill you full of inspiration to get your colours nailed down.

We are not going to go into details about colour psychology and the effects of different colours. this post is fun and full of INSPIRATION for you planning a spring city wedding. If you do want to use colour in a meaningful, mindful way at your wedding I would head and read Zoey’s colour palette guide. Also, googling will surely send you down the rabbit hole of this intense but INTRIGUING topic. If you are just looking for some spring wedding colour INSPIRATION then you are in for a treat.

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pastel spring wedding


First up – A colourful pastel colour scheme

Pastels for me are always one of the first colours I think of when someone says spring colours! They are fresh, fun and bright! While also being calm and not overpowering. Just like spring, itself! perfect spring wedding colours.

Use a mix of around 4/6 colours. Try to keep them a similar tint. When working with any multicoloured colour palette don’t go with primary colours unless wanting a very harsh, child party look. Also, try to stay in very similar tones, shades or tints. This will create a balanced, stylish feel no matter the colours you pick or the amount. 

For the mood board above we went very fun! Keeping it modern and stylish with with matt colours and geometric shapes. The flowers will bring texture and interest. Them and the geometric backdrop give a artistic feel to the look. keeping it high end and no chance of going tcky or childish!  

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Spring Red!


Using a mix of reds and pinks makes for the perfect red spring colour palette. Lots of greenery works well to give it a lush organic spring feel. Work with a mixture of tones, shades and tints ranging from your darkest red to your lightest pink. Using white as a base gives a clean fresh feel to the look. but you can also use a really light pink, keeping it a monochromatic palette.

In the mood board below we have gone for a secret garden feel. Spring is the start of beautifully lush gardens and days spent enjoying the outdoors. So what is better than a spring garden wedding theme.  Lots of greenery and lush organic red and pink flowers to give a growing garden feel. 



modern spring yellow


Modern spring wedding yellow colour palette 


Pantone colour of the year grey and yellow just got the ultimate upgrade! Adding black and white to the colours creates the perfect uber-cool and insanely stylish modern yellow colour palette. We went all new york city street vibes with the moodboard below. 

Yellow alone is the perfect spring palette. Use a mix of yellow with white for crisp elegent feel. or add some navy for a modern moody vibe. Keep with tone down yellows or use a mustard shade. primary yellow will give an easter feel and will always look harsher with any coour mix. 

modern spring yellow


Pink and blue spring wedding!


A match made in spring heaven! I love the fun fresh feel combining the right shades of pinks and blues gives. Choosing your tints, shades and tones carefully is key to getting this palette right! Too close to primary colours and you will end up with a kids party or baby show feel to the day. 

For the mood board below we went a really whimsical feel. Fun, modern and elegant. Using modern florals to keep it looking stylish. also, keeping the colours toned down, matt finishes! 

Ready to get recreating this gorgeous colour scheme? Then shop the items below.

Spring pink and blue


Copper and berry colours


I love to work with copper. It warms up a palette, adds a modern feel and just works so well with most colours! Mixing with light berry colours is the perfect spring palette! It works well with most colours, so have a play around with the palette you are thinking of and see if copper works with it. is ma sure it will!

In the mood board below I used a mixture of burgundy colours. I think of burgundy as a mix of purple and red so spread out to purple from red and with burgundy as the main focus gives a beautiful monochromatic feel to the colour palette. 



Copper spring wedding ideas


winter wedding colours 

Well, I must say sorry for all that gorgeousness. If you feel more overwhelmed by all the choices than you did before. then just remember it’s about celebrating the two of you so go with colours you love. We would love to hear your spring wedding colours choice, so let us know in the comments!

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