Emerald green is a stunning colour, rich and moody while being stylish and sophisticated.

There are lots of choices available if wanting emerald green bridesmaid dresses.

Of course, velvet is always my first choice when looking at emerald green dresses. But satin and chiffon work just as well and are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

If you are looking for not just where to buy emerald green bridesmaid outfits but want some unique modern choices, carry on reading!

Pia and Jade


ShopSizingPrice Range
Baltic BornxSmall – 3xLarge60 – 150
LulusxSmall – xLarge60 – 200
BHLDN0 – 19160 – 600
MUMUxxSmall – 3xsmall15- – 300
Asos0 – 2440 – 200
Needle & ThreadUK 4 – 20350+


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1. urban editor’s choice – MUMU

I love this dress! The cut and the little design details make it simple and stylish but with just enough wow.

Size: xxSmall – 3xLarge | Fabric: Chiffon | Length: Maxi | Color: Emerald

2. For a boho wedding – BALTIC BORN

I love the boho vibes of this relaxed emerald green dress. The elastic chest makes it easy to wear and the lace arms and a romantic detail. 

Size: xSmall – 3xLarge | Fabric: Lace| Length: Maxi | Color: Emerald

3. Embossed bridesmaid dress – LULUS

We are set to see embossed dresses more and more in the bridal fashion world.

it is great if you love patterns but want something a little less dramatic.

Size: xSmall – xLarge | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Emerald Green

4. For the velvet overs – BHLDN

I love the cut and shape of this velvet emerald green bridesmaid dress.

So elegant and the sleeves adds a little romance.

Size: 0 – 19| Fabric: Velvet| Length: Maxi | Colour: Dark Emerald

5. best budget – ASOS

This is the perfect budget friendly option. Comfy to wear and looks elegant.

Size: UK4-18 | Fabric: Jersey | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

6. For a winter wedding – BALTIC BORN

Velvet and emerald green are a match made in heaven.

This is the perfect winter wedding bridesmaid dress for sure!

Size: xSmall – 4xLarge | Fabric: Velvet| Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

7. For the fashion forward bridal party – BHLDN

I love how unique and fun this dress is!

So on trend right now with the detachable sleeves!

Size: 2 – 12 | Fabric: Crepe| Length: Midi | Colour: Dark Green

8. Suits everyone – BALTIC BORN

Wrap dresses are always great for mixed sized bridesmaids. With this one being a maxi dress and great top arm coverage everyone will feel comfortable wearing it.

Size: xSmall – 3xLarge | Fabric: Satin| Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

9. For minimalists – BHLDN

Simply stunning! Perfect for a minimal wedding style.

The halter neck adds more interest while the simple cut and design keeps it simple.

Size: 0 – 16 | Fabric: Crepe| Length: Maxi | Colour: Dark emerald

10. For the curvy ladies – LULUS

This dress is great if you are looking for plus-size options. It fits well and helps create that hourglass shape.

Size: xxSmall – 3xLarge | Fabric: Tulle | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

11. Off the shoulder – ASOS

The off the shoulder detail adds nice detail to a simple stylish dress.

Size: UK6 – 18 | Fabric: Chiffon | Length: Maxi | Colour: Botanical Garden

12. For the ruffle lovers– MUMU

Ruffles are everywhere right now and we are loving it here at Urban!

I like that this dress has just enough ruffles to not be over the top.

Size: xxSmall – xxLarge | Fabric: Stretch | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

13. Most romantic – LULUS

The ruffled sleeves on this dress add a romantic feel.

Size: xxSmall – xLarge | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

14. BEST sequin – Needle & thread

This dress is super pretty. The sequin bodice is just enough sparkle. The tulle skirt adds a romantic touch.

Size: UK4 – 20 | Fabric: Tulle | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

15. BEST back detail – BALTIC BORN

Everyone talks about the back of the bridal gown needing to be special. What about the bridesmaid also?

I just love this lace detail, perfect for walking down the aisle.

Size: Small – 3xLarge | Fabric: Tulle | Length: Maxi | Colour: Copper Floral

16. BEST lace – LULUS

This all lace emerald green bridesmaid dress is perfect if you are looking for something a little different.  

Size: xSmall – xLarge | Fabric: Lace| Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

17. emerald green summer dress – BALTIC BORN

This is the perfect emerald green summer bridesmaid dress.

Fits well and will suit lots of body shapes and sizes.

Size: Small – xLarge | Fabric: Satin| Length: Midi | Colour: Emerald

18. BEST long sleeved – BHLDN

If you are having an outdoor autumn or winter wedding then this dress is perfect.

Size: 0– 19 | Fabric: Velvet | Length: Maxi | Colour: Dark Emerald

19. BEST short – Needle & thread

If you are looking for a shorter dress for your bridal party this is a stunning choice!

Size: UK4 – 20 | Fabric: Tulle | Length: Mini | Colour: Emerald

20. BEST halter – LULUS

I love this illusion neckline halter dress.  

Size: xSmall – xLarge | Fabric: Tulle | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

21. Emerald green bridesmaid slip dress – ASOS

Slip dresses are the must-have dress right now.

Size: UK6 – 16 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald


What colours go with emerald bridesmaid dresses

Navy groomsmen suits are the perfect choice for emerald green bridesmaid dresses.

Lots of colours will work though, grey, green also or most neutral colours.

Same for bridesmaid dresses if mismatching colours, lots of colours work well. It depends on the season and style of your wedding to which colours to mismatch.

For autumn I love mixing other rich colours like burnt orange, burgundy, or mustard.

For spring or summer, you can add some soft pinks or purples, or even whites.


Unless you are going for a very specific look, I recommend getting a mix of shades. It can be fun to have each bridesmaid in a different shade of emerald.


Emerald is perfect for an autumnal or winter wedding. The rich, deep tones work well with the cooler weather.


Gold works really well with emeralds, and neutrals for shoes also. Keep it simple and let the rich colour of the dress shine.

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