The finishing touch to the perfect outfit! Bridesmaid nails can be overlooked but remember you will be holding a lovely bouquet and having your hands snapped all day.

Your style, the bridesmaid outfit and the overall wedding theme can play a part in your bridesmaid nail design.

Going for a simple classic style will work with any look. But it can be fun to go bold or for something unique.

We are sharing all our favourite bridesmaids’ nail ideas for all bridesmaids and wedding styles.

Bridesmaid nail ideas for 2024 weddings

1. Watercolour floral nails

These are so pretty. You can change up the colours so they work in any season.

They are just enough, I think bridesmaids’ nails are best kept simple and not too over the top.

2. For the boho bridesmaids

This boho nail design is stunning.

It is not too busy and adds a nice boho touch to a simple neutral nail.

3. Matching wedding colours

This gorgeous colour would work perfectly for an autumn wedding.

Go with a colour that matches the wedding theme or bridesmaid outfit Then the clear speckled ones softens the bolder colour choice.

4. Nude nails

If you don’t normally get your nails done then going for a nude look is perfect.

The look clean and tidy but still simple.

5. Thin French tip

A thin French tip is a stylish and classic bridesmaid nail design that will suit all styles.

6. Reverse French tip nails

I really love this style and have it done for special events.

Any colour works for the tip at the bottom so you can match it to your bridesmaid dress.

7. Pearl bridesmaid nail

For this one, you need a longer nail.

If you have longer nails usually this can be a unique nail design to go with.

8. Double swirl tip

If you love a neutral nail normally this is a simple way to upgrade them. It is just enough detail to make them wedding ready.

9. Swirl detail bridesmaid nails

Adding an extra swirl elevates your nail design while keeping it simple and stylish.

10. For a celestial feel

These are so pretty! The swirl detail adds depth to the design.

The gold leaf adds a touch of sparkle.

11. Colour block nails

For the fun bridesmaids! This is a fun way to do coloured nails.

Pick your colour and do a dark and lighter shade.

12. Loveheart tip nails

These are too cute!

I love the way the heart also is the nail tip like a French tip.

13. Bottom dot detail

I am a huge fan of a neutral simple nail with an added detail to just make them pop.

14. White and gold leaf detail

I love the subtle ombre tip detail. The leaf detail adds an extra special touch.

15. Gold dot tip nail design

This dot detail is so stylish. It takes a neutral nail to the next level.

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