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Okay, I am going to say it! Autumn might just be my favourite wedding season!

Especially when it comes to autumn bridesmaid dress options. From warm and cosy fabrics to rich, earthy tones, there are so many options to choose from.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the ultimate guide to autumn bridesmaid dresses, covering everything from the best colours to the most flattering styles. And as always, the hottest trends for the season.

bride and bridesmaid in burnt orange velvet dresses
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Best places to buy autumn bridesmaid dresses

ShopBest for Price RangeUK Sizes
CoastModern affordable pieces£100 – £3004 – 26
ReformationSustainable and stylish pieces£300 – £5004 – 28
AsosBudget and great sizing choices£30 – £2002 – 30
SelfridgesLuxury brands £70 – £5006 – 24
Oasis Fashion Modern high-quality pieces£80 – £2006 – 24
Ghost London Fashion forward pieces£150 – £250 6 – 16
Needle & ThreadEmbellished and pretty prints£300 – £6004 – 20
Pretty Lavish Affordable and lots of variety£60 – £1008 – 18

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Autumn bridesmaid colours

Who doesn’t love the warm rich tones of autumn? I love that in autumn you can go any way you wish with colours.

Deep, dark, rich and moody. Or keep it light and fresh with soft blue or greens and neutrals. You can even go bold and bright with a jewel-tone rainbow theme. Here are some colours that we love for autumn.

  1. Deep jewel tones: like emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple are perfect for autumn weddings. You can go dark or bright, mix 1 or 2 or a full rainbow.
  2. Warm neutrals: Shades of beige, taupe, and caramel are great for autumn bridesmaid dresses. These colours have a cosy and comforting feel, making them perfect for cooler weather.
  3. Earthy tones: Colors like deep brown, burnt orange, and mustard yellow are perfect for a fall wedding. They bring warmth and depth and complement the natural beauty of the season.
  4. Darker shades: Rich, dark colours like navy blue, burgundy, and black are also great choices for autumn bridesmaid dresses. They add sophistication and drama to the bridal party and pair well with the cooler weather.
  5. Metallic colours: Like Copper, bronze and gold. All metallics will work but darker golds and coppers suit the season best.

The best autumn bridesmaid outfits for 2023 weddings

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1. Best Wrap Autumn bridesmaid dress- Coast

I love a wrap dress! This comes in two stunning colours and just feels amazing on.

You really can’t go wrong with a wrap dress when you have a mix of body shapes to shop for.

Sizes: 18 – 26 | Fabric: Satin| Color: Rose


A modern take on the traditional bridal party look! This one is in a stunning copper colour. 

Check out even more bridesmaid jumpsuit options. 

Size: 6 – 18  | Fabric: Satin  | Length: Floor  | Color: Copper

3. Dark green autumn bridesmaid – COAST

I love the simple design of this dress. The cowl neckline and the button detail down the side add just enough uniqueness.

Size: 8 – 26 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Floor | Color: Forest

4. BEST Velvet – Jenny Yoo

I love the rusty colour of this velvet dress. The one shoulder adds a nice little detail.

Size: 4 – 20 | Fabric: Velvet | Color: English Rose

5. For a boho wedding – BALTIC BORN

I love the boho vibes of this relaxed emerald green dress. The elastic chest makes it easy to wear and the lace arms and a romantic detail. 

Size: xSmall – 3xLarge | Fabric: Lace| Length: Maxi | Color: Emerald

6. BEST long sleeve – COAST

The perfect forest green autumn bridesmaid dress. They have it in a shorter sleeve also.

Keep your bridal party warm and stylish! 

Size: 8 – 18 | Fabric: Chiffon | Length: Maxi | Color: Forest


I do love a halter neck! They take a simple dress and turn it into a stylish modern number.

Size: 4 – 18 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Mocha

8. High neck curvy bridesmaid dress – Coast

This is one of my favourite bridesmaid dresses from Coast. I love the high neck and the on-trend ruffles.

Sizes: 18 – 26 | Fabric: Tulle| Color: Navy

9. BEST Jumpsuit – COAST

A jumpsuit is a great option for a less girly bridal party look.

This one fits well in all sizes. Looks stylish and covers well. They have similar dresses also for a mix match but uniform look.

Size: 8 – 26 | Fabric: Georgette | Length: Maxi | Color: Forest

10. Autumn bridesmaid slip dress – ASOS

Slip dresses are the must-have dress right now. This slip dress would work perfectly with a nice cover-up to keep warm.

Size: UK6 – 16 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Colour: Emerald

11. Stylish Jumpsuit – Pretty Lavish

This jumpsuit is stunning! Great for all shapes and sizes in your bridal party.

Size: 6 – 26 | Fabric: Polyester | Length: Maxi | Color: Brown


This dress comes in lots of colours and all sizes. Multiway dresses are great for a mixed bridal party with sizes and shapes. The top can be worn in so many ways that everyone can find a way that suits them.

Sizes: 6 – 26 | Fabric: Stretch| Color: Aubergine

13. BEST FLORAL – Asos

This dress is great for any season with its lighter palette. It works well in autumn because of the thick fabric used.

Size: 4 – 18| Fabric: Chiffon | Length: Floor | Color: Rose


Lovely one shoulder black bridesmaid dress that feels great on. 

sizes available: 6 – 16

Fabrics for autumn bridesmaid dresses

When it comes to autumn bridesmaid dresses, I think all the fabric choices work well. It is more about your overall aesthetic and what the bridesmaids will feel comfortable in.

  1. Velvet: Velvet is a luxurious and elegant fabric that is perfect for autumn weddings. It’s warm, comfortable, and has a rich texture that adds depth and sophistication to any bridesmaid dress.
  2. Satin: Satin is a smooth and glossy fabric that looks beautiful in rich, autumnal hues like burgundy, navy, and emerald green. It’s lightweight and flowy, which makes it perfect for dresses with draping or ruching.
  3. Chiffon: Chiffon is a light and airy fabric that is ideal for autumn bridesmaid dresses. It’s sheer and delicate, which gives dresses a romantic and feminine look. Chiffon can be layered to create a full, flowing skirt, or used as an overlay for a more subtle effect.
  4. Lace: Lace is a timeless and classic fabric that is perfect for autumn weddings. It’s elegant and romantic and adds a touch of vintage charm to any dress. Great for an autumn boho look.
  5. Crepe: It has a textured and slightly crinkled appearance, which gives dresses a subtle and sophisticated look. Crepe is often used in more modern and minimalist dress styles, as it has a clean and structured drape.

Autumn bridesmaid dress styles

I love a velvet bridesmaid dress for autumn and winter.

If that doesn’t suit your wedding style though, long sleeve bridesmaid dresses work well. You don’t see them that often so can add a unique look to your wedding party.

Mismatching your bridesmaid dresses is always a stunning look. I think mixed jewel tone or rich rust colours works well for autumn.

Also, mixing fabrics instead or as well works really well in autumn weddings.

You can go for a lighter colour like champagne but go with textured fabrics and it looks perfect for fall/autumn weddings.

Mixing lace, velvet, chiffon and satin dresses in rich earthy tones in just an autumn dream.

check out some real wedding autumn bridesmaid styling below.

Autumn accessories for bridesmaids

Yet another thing I love about autumn weddings is the accessories. You can have fun and layer your bridal party outfits in autumn. Add some leather jackets, and cosy jumpers or go all out with capes!

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Bridesmaid dress FAQs


This is different depending on the country and also culture. In the UK is more common that the couple pays for the bridesmaid dresses. Usually, then the bridesmaid may be expected to pay for their makeup and accessories. A lot of the time the couple covers all expenses. I always say to my couples to offer what they can afford and be honest upfront when asking bridesmaids. Head here for all the details.


Again this depends, if you are budget minded or looking for the best quality you will find dresses for all price ranges. You can look at China or sale options for around £50, I would say the average cost is around £150 and if you are looking for high quality then around £300. Head here for some saving tips.


If ordering from a boutique or made-to-measure you do need to give more time, 6 to 8 months. If ordering ready-to-wear dresses online I would still do it as early as possible. Do keep in mind if you have a pregnant bridesmaid you may need to order sooner or later for them.

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