Weddings are expensive, and not just for the couple! The cost of attending a wedding can add up quickly, especially if you are a bridesmaid.

We are not going to talk about who should pay for what, we have that covered already. But either way, someone needs to cover the costs of bridesmaid outfits.

In this blog, we will look at what these costs might be and share some tips on lowering them.

bride with bridesmaids all wearing monsoon dresses

Average costs of bridesmaid dresses and outfits

The average cost of bridesmaid dresses is similar in UK and USA. For new dresses, you can expect to spend anywhere from £100/$100 up to £400/$300. With most at the lower end and the average being about £150/$150.

How much you do spend depends on the budget of the person paying. If the couple is paying then you need to think in terms of all the outfits within the budget.

If the bridesmaids are paying then offering a range can be best so people can choose a dress within their budget.

Also, don’t forget it is not just the dress needed.

Bride and dog with two bridesmaids in green dresses

Other bridesmaid outfit costs

Once the dress or outfit is sorted you then have to complete the look. Here is a list of other costs you might need to consider.

  • Hair and make up
  • Accessories – belt, hair piece, jacket, or shawl
  • Shoes
  • Underwear – if you need a certain type because of dress
  • Nails and pre-beauty – if you like to tan or prep for an event
  • Jewellery

Urban Top Tip

Rememeber you can always resell your bridemaid dress or outfits. Whether it is the couple or bridesmaids paying. They should always get around half the price back if sold on.

How to save money on a bridesmaid dress or outfit?

1. Take advantage of sales

The best time to buy bridesmaid dresses is usually in January. Most bridesmaid designers and shops have new year sales. But also most fashion stores have sales in January.

So no matter what you are looking you can find a bargain bridesmaid dress. I have seen bridesmaid dresses with up to 70% off in winter sales.

Another time is Black Friday or seasonal sales. This would be more fashion retailers but if you have enough time buy your summer dresses the year before at the end of summer. The same applies to each season.

2. Buy preloved bridesmaid dresses

Head to our favourite reselling site and see what you can get. Bridesmaid dresses are usually worn once so buying secondhand usually means buying nearly new.

It is great for your budget and the environment choosing to buy preloved bridesmaid dresses. You can then resell it again.

Going for mismatched bridesmaid dresses can make looking for secondhand dresses easier. Or going for popular brands and styles to make them easier to source.

3. Rent your bridesmaid dresses

It use to be normal to rent wedding attire and then with fast fashion and the growth in wedding fashion as a whole. Now though with the drive to lower the cost to the environment with weddings, it is growing again.

There are some amazing designer dress renters now that your bridal party could be in high-end designer for a fraction of the price!

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