If you haven’t already noticed, brown is everywhere! From interior design, graphic design and fashion.

Brown bridesmaid dresses are a versatile, timeless colour choice that can suit a range of styles and seasons.

Brown is a warm, earthy colour that pairs well with a variety of accent hues and materials, making it an ideal choice for any wedding aesthetic.

In this blog post, we’ll showcase some of the best brown bridesmaid outfits on the market, provide a style guide for accessorizing and pairing these dresses, and answer some frequently asked questions.

To help you make the best choice for your wedding party. Whether you’re planning an outdoor bohemian wedding or a formal affair, brown bridesmaid dresses can provide a beautiful, modern look for your bridesmaids.


ShopOlive colour names Price RangeUK Sizes
ReformationCroissant, Cafe, Au Lait, Cafe£300 – £5004 – 28
AsosMocha, Chocolate£30 – £2002 – 30
Pretty Lavish Brown, Mocha, Mahogany, £80 – £1006 – 18


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1. Urban Editior choice – Reformation

Oh, this dress is just so stunning! Simple, modern and sustainable!

Size: xSmall – xLarge | Fabric: Silk | Length: Maxi | Color: Croissant

2. For ruffle lovers – Pretty Lavish

You have got to love a ruffle, right? This dress is fun and modern.  

Size: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Chiffon | Length: Midi | Color: Brown

3. BEST tummy hiding – Asos

The bunched detail to the side on this dress is perfect if, like me, you tend to bloat a little after food.

Size: 4 – 18 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Mocha

4. Long sleeve brown bridesmaid dress– Reformation

The perfect brown bridesmaid dress for colder weather.

Size: 4 – 16 | Fabric: Silk | Length:  Knee | Color: Cafe

5. BEST Jumpsuit – Pretty Lavish

This jumpsuit is stunning! Great for all shapes and sizes in your bridal party.

Size: 6 – 26 | Fabric: Polyester | Length: Maxi | Color: Brown

6. BEST Budget – Asos

If you are looking for something stylish but a little light on the budget, this is the one.

Size: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Chocolate

7. BEST Pattern – Reformation

I am a sucker for a polka dot! This brown bridesmaid dress is perfect for summer or spring.

Size: 4 – 16 | Fabric: Viscose | Length: Midi | Color: Au Lait

8. Simple slip brown bridesmaid dress – Pretty Lavish

This brown bridesmaid dress is simple but stylish.

It fits well and will suit most body shapes and sizes.  

Size: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Mahogany

9. BEST Halter neck – Asos

I do love a halter neck! They take a simple dress and turn it into a stylish modern number.

Size: 4 – 18 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Mocha

10. Oneshoulder brown bridesmaid dresses – Pretty Lavish

A simple satin brown dress elevated by the one shoulder design.

Size: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Satin | Length: Maxi | Color: Mocha

11. For a sexy feel – Pretty Lavish

The cut out on this dress adds a little bit of a sexy feel. It is not too much though, just enough! 

Size: 6 – 16 | Fabric: Crepe | Length: Midi | Color: Brown



Brown is a neutral colour so it works well with most other colours. Here are some ideas:

  1. Ivory or Cream: These light, neutral shades can complement the warmth of brown without overpowering it.
  2. Blush Pink: A soft, pale pink can create a delicate, romantic look when paired with brown.
  3. Sage Green: This muted green hue can create a natural, earthy feel when paired with brown.
  4. Burgundy: A deep red like burgundy can create a rich, sophisticated look when paired with brown.
  5. Mustard Yellow: This warm, golden-yellow shade can complement the warmth of brown and create a cosy, autumnal feel.
  6. Navy Blue: A deep, rich navy can create a classic, timeless look when paired with brown.
  7. Dusty Blue: This soft, muted blue hue can create a dreamy, ethereal look when paired with brown.


Brown works for any season, why we love it so much! Here is how to make it work in each season:

  • Autumn: Brown is a popular colour for fall weddings, as it can evoke the warm, earthy colours of the season. Rich, deep shades of brown can create a cosy, autumnal feel, especially when paired with warm, jewel-toned accents.
  • Winter: Brown can also work well for winter weddings, particularly when paired with metallic accents like gold or silver. Rich, chocolatey shades of brown can create a warm, inviting feel that’s perfect for a cosy winter wedding.
  • Spring: Brown can be a little trickier to pull off for spring weddings, but it can work well when paired with lighter, brighter colours like pastel pink or mint green. Lighter shades of brown, like taupe or sand, can also create a more spring-appropriate look.
  • Summer: Brown can be a bit heavy for summer weddings, but it can work well as an accent colour when paired with brighter shades like coral or turquoise. Lighter shades of brown, like beige or khaki, can also work well for a more summery feel.


Brown bridesmaid dresses can be styled in so many different ways depending on the overall aesthetic you’re going for.

  • Accessorize with metallic accents: Gold, silver, or rose gold jewellery and accessories can add a touch of glamour to brown bridesmaid dresses. Consider metallic shoes, statement earrings, or a glittery clutch.
  • Add a pop of colour: Brown can work well as a neutral base for bolder accent colours. Consider adding a brightly coloured belt, scarf, or statement necklace to add a pop of colour and interest to the look.
  • Use natural materials: Since brown is an earthy, natural colour, it can work well with natural textures like wood, leather, or woven materials. Consider accessorizing with a leather belt or bracelet, or carrying a woven bag or clutch.
  • Go for a monochromatic look: Create a sophisticated, cohesive look by pairing brown bridesmaid dresses with accessories and accents in different shades of brown, like camel, taupe, or chocolate.
  • Add a touch of lace or embroidery: Soft, delicate textures like lace or embroidery can add a romantic, feminine touch to brown bridesmaid dresses. Consider a lace shawl or scarf, or a dress with lace or embroidered detailing.

This is different depending on the country and also culture. In the UK is more common that the couple pays for the bridesmaid dresses. Usually, then the bridesmaid may be expected to pay for their makeup and accessories. A lot of the time the couple covers all expenses. I always say to my couples to offer what they can afford and be honest upfront when asking bridesmaids. Head here for all the details.


Again this depends, if you are budget minded or looking for the best quality you will find dresses for all price ranges. You can look at china or sale options for around £50, I would say the average cost is around £150 and if you are looking for high quality then around £300. Head here for some saving tips.


If ordering from a boutique or made-to-measure you do need to give more time, 3 to 4 months. If ordering ready-to-wear dresses online I would still do it as early as possible. Do keep in mind if you have a pregnant bridesmaid you may need to order sooner or later for them.

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