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High Street Wedding dresses for all styles and sizes!

Have you considered high street wedding dresses before? Well now is a great time to look at what is out there, you will really be surprised at the options and how gorgeous these dresses are. You can even wear them again!

We’ve trawled the high street to bring you our top 15 high street wedding dresses.

These are going to blow you away and we think you will be pleasantly surprised with what we have found! We have tried to find something to suit every taste and size. This was a fun task for us and to be honest has made us want to go shopping as soon as we can again!

High street wedding dresses aren’t for everyone and they’re not just for the frugal bride. Anyone can totally rock a high street wedding dress or outfit, team it with a designer pair of shoes if that’s your desire.

You know us It’s your day to have your way!

Are High Street wedding dresses affordable?

We’re going to say absolutely!! But this will depend on your budget of course. To be honest they range anywhere from £50 – £500 so if you want to spend as little as possible then you absolutely can. But if you want to go high end, High Street then go for it!


What if I am in-between sizes can I get a high street dress altered?

YES! Of course you can, any seamstress will alter a dress for you. You will have to consider the costs as it can be upwards of around £70 for some alterations depending on what you need. So you need to consider this against the cost of the dress.

If the dress has cost £300 or more then it’s probably worth it. If the dress has cost you £50 then have a think if the spend is worth it as that’s more than you paid for the dress.


What if I change my mind?

We think this is one perk of high street dress shopping, you can change your mind. You should have the same rights as you normally would buying clothes from a shop. If you change your mind about your dress or outfit and it’s within the return time policy. Then just simply return the dress or outfit as per the stores terms and condition’s.

We know this happens, you try it on in the shop and love it. Get it home try it on again with all your bits and pieces and decide its not for you. That’s totally ok, just take it back along with your receipt. The same will apply if you have ordered online. Plus the beauty of this is, order a couple you like and try them on you can compare then and see which you prefer.


Repurpose the dress or outfit

Here is one positive we feel is a huge advantage to buying high street wedding dresses or outfits. Repurpose them, if you have opted for a plain white dress get some clothes dye get creative and dye it another colour. Of course always check the label to see what it’s made of before you do this. If you are super creative and love to do something new then grab that sewing machine and totally revamp the outfit.


Where can I buy a reasonably priced wedding dress?

Most High street stores now offer a bridal range. Your first step should be to head to your favourite store and see what bridal range they offer. Look at fashion designers and see if they offer a bridal range or if any of their outfits are perfect for your wedding. Some of our favourites are listed below.


Needle & Thread

We’re so in love with Needle and Thread and their dresses. Yes you can get them from the high street as Selfridges stocks them. You can also get them online and from ASOS. Their range is just gorgeous and is absolutely for the non trad bride.

Ted Baker

You absolutely can have a designer high street wedding dress. We’ve found this lovely understated dress from Ted Baker. There are Ted Baker stores on the high street, online or within stores like Selfridges and John Lewis.



Next have a fab bridal range. The great thing about next is if you have an account then you can just order through that and return or keep what you like and then pay for it. We’re pleasantly surprised with their range. Here’s a couple we love.


Self Portrait

Have you come across self portrait yet? If not we suggest you get online and check them out! We LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses. You can absolutely repurpose their dresses. Also if you’re a non trad bride then they will have some great dresses for you. Here’s some we love.

High street wedding dresses

We hope this high street wedding dresses blog has given you lots of idea and something to think about when you’re dress shopping. Always remember ‘Your Day, Your Way!’

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