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Spring weddings are always so romantic and pretty. When it comes to spring wedding bouquets the flower choices available are some of the best. Head to our spring flower guide for a deep dive into all the in season flowers by month.

The beauty of a spring wedding is you have so many styles and colour choices. You can go bright and bold, wildflowers, neutrals or pastels and so many more.

Check out these 31 stunning spring bridal bouquets to get you full of inspiration for your spring wedding.

This is part of our Spring Wedding Guide.

All you need to plan the perfect spring wedding.

Spring Bridal Bouquet Ideas for all bridal styles

pastel spring wedding bouquet - pinks, blues, lavender
Bouquet by: @Backyard.Floral

1. Pastel Perfection

This may be the prettiest bouquet I’ve ever seen! The colours scream springtime.

The bouquet is a delightful mix of spring flowers in pastel and warm hues. It features peach and pink roses, yellow and pink dahlias, and white and pale yellow cosmos, complemented by small blue forget-me-nots and purple bell-shaped flowers.

The arrangement has a romantic, airy feel, with a natural, garden-picked appearance.

Flowers by: @Bonnie_Blooms

2. Citrus Sunshine Spring Bouquet

This bouquet is a radiant and cheerful collection of spring flowers. It features bright orange poppies and ranunculus, adding a vivid pop of colour.

Accompanying these are soft yellow blooms and white daisies, which provide a lovely contrast to the orange tones. Small clusters of yellow forsythia contribute to the sunny palette.

While green leaves and stems add freshness to the arrangement.

3. Anemones, tulips and roses

This bouquet is a soft pastel mix with prominent blush anemones, pink tulips, peach roses, and creamy ranunculus.

White snapdragons add height, while green foliage and small seed pods offer texture.

The arrangement is loosely gathered for a natural, springtime feel.

4. Spring Yellow Wedding Bouquet

A striking bouquet dominated by shades of yellow, from the soft buttery hues to the bold golden tones.

It includes yellow poppies, roses, and a variety of textured blooms and foliage, creating a sunny and inviting arrangement finished with a pale yellow ribbon.

5. Modern White Spring Bouquet

A delicate and ethereal arrangement of predominantly white blooms, including lush roses, with sprigs of baby’s breath and greenery.

Perfect for a minimal wedding style.

Flowers by: @JackFleuriste Image by: @Marcmillar

6. Vibrant Spring Bridal Bouquet

A colourful and vibrant mix. With purple anemones, pink ranunculus, orange poppies, and roses.

Wispy greenery intersperses the flowers, creating a dynamic and joyful feel.

Flowers by: @OhHoneyFlorals

7. Dahlias, roses and ranunculus

Lush and romantic bouquets with rich pink roses, peach dahlias, and white blossoms, complemented by green foliage.

The full, rounded shape and contrasting textures make it a standout arrangement.

Flowers by: @AshleyFoxDesigns

8. Soft Romantic Spring Bouquet

A soft and elegant bouquet with white poppies, peach and cream flowers, and delicate green hellebores.

The combination of soft colours and varied textures creates a dreamy, spring-inspired feel.

Flowers by: @ACottageGardener

9. For the Edgy Spring Bride

A deep and bold composition, featuring dark red roses, peachy pink roses, and a mix of other flowers and foliage, finished with a soft peach ribbon.

It’s a bouquet that combines romance with a touch of drama.

Flowers by: @HappyLittleThingsgmd

10. Heart Shaped Bridal Bouquet

A dreamy mix of blue hyacinths, white and peach flowers, and delicate baby’s breath, all tied with a long, ivory ribbon.

This bouquet has a serene and delicate charm, perfect for a spring day.

Flowers by: @BlueSkyFlowers

11. Vintage Wedding Bouquet

A soft and romantic array in white and blush tones, featuring full blooms of white garden roses, delicate blush pink roses, and clusters of tiny white flowers like baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s lace.

Hints of greenery and a pale blue ribbon complete its graceful elegance.

Flowers By: @HannahBerryFlowers

12. Wildflower Spring Bouquet

A diverse and textured composition with pink and mauve tones, including ruffled pink sweet peas, peachy roses, and creamy white poppies and snapdragons.

Sprigs of blue and purple flowers add depth, with green foliage providing a natural backdrop.

Flowers by: @FeatherGrassFlorals

13. Moody Spring Bouquet

A deep and moody bouquet where dusky pink roses and burgundy blooms take centre stage, complemented by muted purple flowers and delicate white blossoms.

This lush arrangement includes a variety of foliage and is tied with a rich brown ribbon, giving a moodier spring feel.

Flowers by: @Adore.BlogMariage

14. Blue and Pink Spring Bouquet

This bouquet exudes a pastel dream with soft blue and blush flowers, including delicate blue hydrangeas, peach roses, and pale pink sweet peas.

Wispy blooms and foliage add texture, and a soft pink ribbon enhances its whimsical charm.

Flowers By: @VelvetandTwine

15. Bright Pink Bridal Bouquet

A bright and cheerful bouquet with vivid pink peonies, peach and pink roses, and white flowers creates a vibrant contrast.

Pink sweet peas drape elegantly, and the arrangement is tied with a pink ribbon, evoking the freshness of spring.

16. Romantic Peach Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet exudes warmth and joy with its mix of peach and cream roses, soft white blooms, and vibrant greenery.

It’s a lush, romantic composition perfect for a bride, with the blooms neatly tied with a soft peach ribbon.

17. Poppy Spring Bridal Bouquet

A delicate and dreamy bouquet with peach and coral tones, highlighted by a large, vibrant orange poppy.

Soft white blooms and hints of greenery add a gentle contrast, and a peach ribbon complements the colour scheme.

18. Simple Stylish Spring Bouquet

A clean and classic white bouquet that radiates simplicity and elegance.

It features white blooms of various sizes and textures, tulips dahlias chrysanthemums. Accompanied by soft green foliage, perfect for a traditional bride.

Flowers by: @SarahHarperFlowers

19. Ranunculus and roses

This bouquet is a romantic and soft composition with a mix of pink and orange blooms, including ranunculus and roses, complemented by white flowers.

The bouquet is accented with fresh greenery and tied with a pale pink ribbon, giving it a sweet, feminine touch.

20. Bright and Bold Bridal Bouquet

I love the colour palette of this bouquet. A bold mix of bright fuchsia and deep purple roses, accented with lighter peach roses.

The rich colours are softened by the inclusion of some pale pink and cream blooms.

Cascading greenery and a deep orange ribbon add to its rustic charm. Perfect for bolder spring style.

Flowers by: @Lady_Southwest

21. A bouquet of Happiness

A joyful and bright arrangement featuring coral and peach roses, white lisianthus, and vibrant orange and red poppies.

Sprigs of greenery and delicate white blooms provide a fresh, springtime feel.

Making the bouquet a picture of warmth and happiness.

Flowers by: @MillerHouseFlowers

22. Peach Spring Wedding Bouquet

A bright and elegant bouquet, perfect for a joyful celebration.

It features layers of yellow dahlias and roses, soft peach garden roses, and delicate white Queen Anne’s lace. Light pink snapdragons add height, while the green foliage brings a fresh touch.

The arrangement is tied together with a peach ribbon, adding a lovely finish.

Flowers By: @Bonnie_blooms

23. meadow inspired bridal bouquet

A gentle and airy bouquet that looks like a piece of art with its pastel colours and varied textures.

It features blush roses, white snapdragons, and sprigs of lilac, accompanied by dainty wildflowers in white and blue.

Soft green foliage and a light blue ribbon give it a carefree, meadow-inspired vibe.

24. A Show Stopping Spring Bouquet

An exuberant and wild arrangement with a bright, sunny disposition.

It boasts bold orange and yellow poppies, peachy blooms, and delicate pink flowers. Rustic greenery and tendrils add a touch of whimsy, creating a lively and organic feel.

This bouquet captures the essence of a field in full bloom, with an untamed and spirited character.

Flowers by: @MaddieJaydee

25. Retro Vibes Spring Bouquet

The bouquet is a stunning combination of elegance and romance.

It features a beautiful mix of pale pink ranunculus and roses, providing a soft and romantic feel. These are accompanied by peonies and garden roses, blue hydrangeas and smaller white blooms, sweet alyssum and baby’s breath, which give the bouquet a graceful and airy quality.

The bouquet exudes a classic bridal elegance with a gentle pastel colour palette.

Flowers by: @Windflowerxbbf

26. For an Elegant Wedding Style

An elegant and cool-hued bouquet, it combines white roses and anemones with striking black centres, complemented by soft blue delphiniums and white orchids.

The bouquet has a serene and sophisticated palette, perfect for a chic, modern event.

Flowers by: @Deflower_id

27. Modern Tulip Bouquet

A classic and romantic bouquet with a modern twist. It features large white tulips and soft pink roses, accented with creamy blooms and hints of fresh greenery.

Tied with a delicate pink ribbon, it exudes grace and timeless beauty.

Flowers by: @TwistedWillowFlowers

28. beautiful bold wedding bouquet

A vibrant, textural display of springtime delight with coral and peach garden roses, ruffled pink dahlias, and fluffy peach poppies.

Soft blue delphiniums add a cool touch, while the creamy white cosmos balance the warmth.

It’s a cheerful and romantic bouquet full of life and colour.

Flowers by: @The.afterhours.co

29. Neutral Spring Bridal Bouquet

A sophisticated arrangement showcasing white and cream blooms with pops of soft peach and yellow.

White roses and a large white lily are the stars, framed by peach roses, cream stock flowers, and delicate yellow oncidium orchids.

The bouquet exudes elegance with its clean, classic colour palette.

Flowers by: @AshleyFoxDesigns

30. Lovely lavender spring bouquet

A whimsical and ethereal mix of delicate blooms in shades of white, pink, and lavender.

The arrangement includes soft pink roses, white anemones, and light purple clematis. Wispy greenery and lavender accents provide movement, creating a dreamy and graceful composition.

Flowers By: @Bonnie_blooms

31. A Playful Bright Spring Bouquet

A playful and cheerful arrangement, it bursts with bright oranges and yellows, featuring ranunculus and poppies.

White daisies and delicate yellow flowers add contrast, while the greenery gives it a fresh, garden-like feel, all tied together with a white ribbon.

This is part of our Spring Wedding Guide.

All you need to plan the perfect spring wedding.

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