Winter wedding dresses and outfits 

Nights are getting longer and darker and there is a definite chill in the air. Those short lived summer evenings are all but a distant memory. Winter is definitely coming! (if you know you know)

There is something so dramatic about a winter wedding. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress your wedding outfit to the max. We’ve been keeping our eye on winter wedding dresses and outfits and we are loving them. So, we’d love to share our favorite winter wedding trends with you. It’s all about capes, sleeves, necklines, coats and layering up.

Cosy up and keep reading. Check out our winter wedding guide to plan the most stylish winter wedding. 

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Winter wedding dresses

High Necklines

Everyone loves a high neckline. We’ve noticed that more high necklines have made their way onto the catwalk and wedding fashion scene. We love a high neckline for a winter wedding. It is a great season to be bold and go super high like a turtle neck!

High collars and mock necklines can look uber stylish too. Or why not use ‘tattooed lace’ on the chest and arms to give the illusion of a bare neckline and sleeves, for the ‘barely there’ look? 

1. Simple Halter Neck – GALVAN 

A simple minimalist dress can still packs punch! It feels so soft and loose-fitting when on. The halter neck adds all the drama you need for the perfect winter wedding dress. 

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Size: FR34 – 44 | Fabric: Crepe | Neckline: Halter | Length: Gown | Silhouette: A-line



2. For the boho lovers – Daughter of Simone

If you are looking for a boho-style winter wedding dress then look no further! This dress is super stylish and modern while also fitting like a glove!

Size: xSmall – xxxxLarge | Fabric: Lace | Neckline: High  | Length: Gown | Silhouette: A-line




Cape wedding dresses are the perfect choice for a winter wedding. They add a little coverage and lots of drama!

Size: UK6 – 14 | Fabric: Polyester  | Neckline: Halter  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: A-Line



4. turtle neck  – Polinalvanova on etsy 

A turtle neck neckline is perfect for a winter wedding! It will keep you warm and make a fashion statement on your big day!

Size: Made to order  | Fabric: Lace | Neckline: Turtle | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Mermaid



Long sleeve winter wedding dresses

Long sleeves are the obvious choice for a winter wedding dress. Go with thinner fabric to give you coverage and keep the chill away while still looking soft and romantic. 

Or go all out with a thick warm winter wedding dress with sleeves. This could be a high-neck long sleeve all-lace for lots of drama. Or I love an off-the-shoulder number in all silk, satin, or velvet with long sleeves! I mean who doesn’t, right?

5. winter off the shoulder- Suzanne Neville

A simple winter wedding dress that is so stunning! The clean modern silhouette is finished with the power off-the-shoulder sleeves, is just perfection!

Size: UK8 – 18 | Fabric: Satin | Neckline: Off the shoulder | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Mermaid



This dress is so romantic! The long sleeves with the fuffle ends give a vintage vibe. 

Size: UK6 – 20 | Fabric: Silk organza  | Neckline: High neck| Length: Floor | Silhouette: A-Line



7. For the older bride – RIME ARODAKY

This dress will suit any age but I just feel what a great modern winter dress for an older bride. 

Size: FR34 – 44 | Fabric: crepe  | Neckline: Plunge | Length: Floor | Sihouette: mermaid split



8. Most ETHEREAL – My Wony Bridal

This may be my fave from the dresses! I just love the silhouette, a modern take on the mermaid. The embellishments are so carefully place and intricate. Just image the snowy winter images wearing this dress!

Size: EU34 – 42 | Fabric: Tulle | Neckline: Boat | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Mermaid



Winter wedding dress Fabrics

You want to go for a thicker, warmer fabric for a winter wedding. But do also think about your venue, if well heated you don’t want to then get overheated while inside. Layering up your outfit or going for natural breathable fabrics is the best solution. Some great winter wedding dress fabrics are:


  • Velvet: Is it just me or is velvet the first fabric that comes to mind when you think about winter? It is a great fabric choice as stretchy, and breathable but also keeps its hold.
  • Satin: This is a perfect choice for a winter wedding gown. It holds its shape well and keeps you warm throughout the day.
  • Silk: Go for heavier bonded silk like silk mikado or silk cady.  A great choice for a winter wedding as it is breathable and drapes beautifully.
  • Crepe: Great for structured dresses while still flowing nicely.
  • Lace: We love lace all year round, and there are some great winter wedding dress options out there. Look for thicker laces like Guipure which will provide more coverage and keep you warmer on your big day.
  • Sequins: Okay not quiet a fabric but a sparkly dress in winter snow really is a winterwonderland wedding dress!

9. White Velvet – Mia Dream Design

I just love velvet in winter, from tablecloths, bridesmaid dresses and anywhere you can! So why not go for this stunning white velevt dress fit for white winter wonderland wedding!

Size: xSmall – xxLarge  | Fabric: Velvet  | Neckline: V neck | Length: Maxi | Silhouette: A-Line



10. For the casual bride – Designs By Alexxandra

This is a thicker satin fabric dress which is a great choice for a winter wedding. With the simple design it is great for a relaxed wedding but also can be dressed up for any style. 

Size: US2 – 16  | Fabric: Satin  | Neckline: Boat  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Ball gown



11. Winter lace – Flora and Lane

I love this dress as it would work in any season! Gettin a lace dress can be harder for the colder months but this one is heavey enough. Also the beauty of custon dresses is you could ask for a thicker under layer if super cold!

Size: 0 – 28  | Fabric: Lace | Neckline: Plunge  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Fishtail



12. Sequin winter wedding dress – Abigail of Gardenia

If you want to shine on your big day and love texture, this is the winter dress for you! I love the reversible sequins, a mix of matte and shine gives a unique look that isn’t shiny sequin overload!

Size: Made to measure | Fabric: Sequin | Neckline: Boat  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Customisable



13. Silk winter wedding dress – Lace with bliss

This one is for the sexy winter wedding brides! A modern take on the princess look with the structed silk and high split.

Size: US2 – 26  | Fabric: Silk  | Neckline: Sweet Heart  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Princess



14. Crepe winter wedding dress – Bethy Lade

Modern, minimal and so stylish! Curves the body in all the right place with a trail fit for a snow queen!

Size: xSmall – xxLarge  | Fabric: Crepe  | Neckline: Boat | Length: Floor | Silhouette: A-Line



winter bridal Separates

There is nothing better than a full bridal skirt with pockets, in fact we just love pockets! Team it with a gorgeous top with a train attached, Or go for an amazing bodice and team it up with a stunning skirt or a pair of statement trousers.

You can also take simple minimalist dress and add a statement bridal top over to add that extra wow! This is also great in winter as you can remove when indoors if getting hot!

Maybe you’re not into skirts or dresses? Then a statement bridal pantsuit could be ideal for you; these can be jaw dropping for a winter wedding.

Sharp suits are not just for the boys to have all the fun in. Pair up a cool suit with a pair of killer heels or your favorite boots and you’ll be strutting your stuff down the aisle. 

Emily Robinson Photography

15. Bridal jumper Separates – Bridal Coat Shop

A bridal sweater is the ideal option for a winter wedding! You can take it off for 2 looks or swap out the bottoms for an evening look! With separates the possibilities are endless! 

Size: USsmall – Large | Fabric: Wool  | Neckline: Off the shoulder



16. Winter bridal pant suit – Brandon Maxwell

Still obsessed with bridal pantsuits! This one is to die for! The perfect winter wedding suit!

Size: US0 – 14 | Fabric: Slik | Neckline: PLunge | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Pantsuit



17. Floral lace bridal separates  – Stylish Bride Accs

This floral lace bridal top works well with a skirt, trousers or even over a slip dress.

Size: xSmall – xxLarge  | Fabric: Lace | Neckline: High Neck



18. For the alternative bride – Stylish Bride Accs

I love how different this bridal separate is! The pencil skirt is a great alternative to your standard flowly ones! 

Size: Made to measure | Fabric: Crepe | Neckline: High | Length: Midi 



19. Winter Trouser bridal separates – Davie and Chiyo

White trousers are just so stylish! This bridal separate is perfect for a courthouse wedding!

Size: XSmall – XLarge  | Fabric: Lace & Satin | Neckline: Boat | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Two piece



20. Sequin bridal top – Married in the Morning

This slip dress and sequin bridal top is the perfect winter wedding separates. 

Size: xSmal – xLarge | Fabric: Sequin & Silk | Neckline: High  | Length: Maxi  | Silhouette: Slip



winter bridal Jumpsuits

While we are talking wedding trousers, have we told you about our all-time favorite wedding outfit? Whether it’s winter or summer it’s the wedding jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a city or urban wedding and we can’t get enough of them. Whether you go for a full and flowing Palazzo pants jumpsuit, or you opt for a super sleek look; You cant go wrong with a jumpsuit. it’s a fabulous fashion statement for a winter wedding.

Emily Robinson Photography

21. Embroidered bridal jumpsuit – Rime Arodaky

I mean have you ever seen a prettier jumpsuit? Rime arodaky just make the most stunning bridal jumpsuits and this one is up there at the top!

Size: FR34 – 44 | Fabric: Tulle & Crepe | Neckline: Boat | Length: Midi | Sihouette: Jumpsuit



22. Culotte Bridal Jumpsuit – Seni Dey Bridal

Sleek, stylish and modern! This the perfect city centre wedding jumpsuit for the colder months! 

Size: Made to Measure  | Fabric: Satin | Neckline: V-Neck | Length: Midi | Sihouette: Jumpsuit



23. Cape Bridal Jumpsuit – EMILIA WICKSTEAD

I just love this cape effect bridal jumpsuit. It will keep you super warm while looking modern. 

Size: UK6 – 16 | Fabric: Polyester | Neckline: High  | Length: Floor | Sihouette: Jumpsuit



Colored winter wedding dress

Winter is the perfect time to wear a nonwhite wedding dress. You can get away with going deep and dark with the color, with reds, golds, or even black! At the same time though winter allows you to go softy and dusty with your color choice. Think dusty blues or pinks, peaches or oranges. 

25. Green winter wedding dress – My Wony Bridal

How could you not love this green wedding dress? The design and details are just stunning! 

Size: US2 – 20  | Fabric: Tulle  | Neckline: Illusion | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Princess



26. Black Lace Dress – Stylish BrideAccs

Black wedding dresses are always a winner in book! 

Head to our black wedding dress blog for lots more inspo!

Size: Made to Measure | Fabric: Sequin | Neckline: V-Neck | Length: Floor  | Silhouette: A-Line



27. Christmas day vibes – Designer name

Red for a Christmas day wedding is just a must, right? Well, one this gorgeous surely is!

Head to our red wedding dress blog for even more ideas!

Size: US0 – 12  | Fabric: Silk | Neckline: Plunge | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Ball gown 



28. Blue winter wedding dress – Sumarokova Atelier

Winter blues are just a stunning choice for weddings! Going for this dusky blue wedding dress with a nice white bridal jumper would be heaven! 

See more blue wedding dresses!

Size: US2 – 12  | Fabric: Tulle | Neckline: Plunge  | Length: Floor | Silhouette: Princess



Capes, Coats and Jackets

Coats are a luxury only a chillier wedding can have. You have so much choice here if you decide on a proper coat or jacket for your wedding look. if you go for a denim or leather jacket then why not have it embroidered or painted with a personal phrase or statement.

The other option is to choose a full-length coat. There are so many gorgeous options, fringed coats, feathers, faux fur, velvet, tartan, or woolen. Will you choose a hooded coat or a gorgeous satin Parker? Find something that really reflects your personality. A cool coat will really set you apart and it will keep you happy and cosy too.

Or how about a winter bridal cape? Is the perfect winter wedding accessory. That extra layer will give you a little more warmth and you can go to town on the design. Why not have a hood or a high collar? Or have a design with a faux fur or feather trim?

winter wedding jackets
Emily Robinson Photography

Winter wedding dresses and outfits

We hope this has helped you consider what you’ll choose for your winter wedding wear. Remember it’s your day, your way! You want to feel comfortable as well as fabulous on your special day. Go and try lots of styles and step out of your comfort zone, you may be surprised.

You’ll definitely know when you find ‘the one’. So relax and go shopping, but most of all have fun.

Head to our winter wedding guide for all the tips to plan a stylish winter wedding!

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