Bridesmaids in suits, yes, please!

We are loving the modern options couples are choosing for their wedding parties. Bridesmaid pantsuits are also the perfect choice for a gender neutral wedding party.

I love a pantsuit they are so stylish and modern formal look. You can also go with a skirt or dress suit also. Jumpsuits are another great choice.

The best bridesmaid suits for a modern party

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1. Neutral bridesmaid suit

Neutral bridesmaid outfits are always a stylish choice.

Going for pantsuits also makes for an uber cool bridal party.

2. Best blue bridesmaid suit

Blue is a traditional bridesmaid colour choice.

Wearing suits adds a modern twist while staying timeless.

3. Sage green pantsuit

Sage green is a hot colour in the wedding world right now.

Bridesmaids in sage green pantsuits would look so stunning!

4. Autumn bridesmaid suit

This dark green colour is perfect for an autumn wedding bridal party look.

5. Pretty in pink

This suit proves you can do pink bridesmaid without it looking too pretty princess style.

6. Skirt suit

This skirt suit is a super fun way to have your bridesmaids in a tailored look.

7. Bridesmaid suit shorts

The perfect summer bridesmaid suit.

This is definitely a fun look but perfect for the bridesmaids wanting to show some leg.

Styling bridesmaids in suits

Stying your bridesmaid in suits will depend on your overall wedding style and bridesmaid style.

Here are some fun styling options:

  • Patel rainbow: mixed pastels coloured suits would make the perfect spring or summer wedding suit bridal party style.
  • White or neutrals: Bridesmaid in white is always stylish and neutral or white suits are even more.
  • Bold colour choice: This is great for an autumn or winter wedding a bold green or mustard.
  • Mix and match: Let the bridesmaid that wants to wear a dress and others wear suits. Mix matched bridesmaids are all the rage.

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