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Let’s chat about the mother of the bride and groom’s outfit. For us at Urban, age is but a number!

We get a lot of emails and questions about mother of the bride outfits for over 50s and over 60s.

I think it is maybe because we put together our young mother of the bride outfit blog.

Personally, I think that our unique mother of the bride post is perfect for all the hottest trends no matter your age.

But of course, we are not going to ignore all of you asking.

So, in this post, I have pulled together all the best places to shop for the mother of the bride dresses, whether you are under or over 50!

We are committed to providing unbiased, credible reviews so you can choose with confidence. We may earn commissions on purchases made from visiting our partner stores. Please see our policy here


I always say the best place to start at least is where you normally shop.

Do they have an occasion wear range?

Are there certain designers you just love?

Head there first, it does not have to be a typical mother of the bride shop.

I also can’t list every local shop here, I am sharing online options. Looking for local boutiques in your area you can get a personal experience.

Also local Bridal and mother of the bride shops, especially if you are looking for a more traditional feel.

Etsy – For handmade, unique and stylish clothes

I am always shouting about Etsy for wedding shopping.

Literally, you can get all you need on Etsy and you are usually supporting a small business or designer.

When it comes to wedding fashion I love that if you find the right shop on Etsy you can get a bespoke outfit that is tailored made for you.

For a lot less than usual also. I recommend in our slimming mother of the bride blog that having your outfit tailored to fit perfectly helps you feel confident.

A lot of designers on Etsy offer made to measure outfits so this is not needed.

ASOS – Budget minded mother of the bride clothing

I think people sometimes think ASOS is more for young and trendy clothes. #

Yes, they are very on trend with some clothing but as we have already mentioned, you can wear trendy clothes at any age!

Over 50 mother of the bride shopping isn’t limited to any shop.

I think the quality can differ a lot depending on the brand and I find I have to order a few sizes as they all seem to change with the brand also.

I love Hope & Ivy if you are looking for something super pretty. & Other Stories have some good choices and Asos’s own range is always getting better.

Harrods – For designer labels and luxurious Outfits

If you are planning on splashing the cash, which you really don’t need to, then you can’t go wrong with Harrods.

They have curated some of the best designers to choose from and often have exclusive pieces to them.

If you are UK based then going to find your mother of the bride dress is a special experience you won’t regret.

Heck, pop on that plane and make it a weekend shopping trip, whether you are!

Shop Harrods now!

Selfridges – Another great department store for formal wear

The beauty of a department store is you can pick from a wide range of designers and styles.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for then ordering lots of styles from different designers is the best option.

Look past the shopping for mother of the bride outfits for over 60, order or try on whatever catches your eye.

The more styles you hate can be helpful as you can then narrow it down to what you like and feel confident in.

Shop now at Selfridges now!

Net a Porter – Stylish and modern designer dresses

Again, Net A Porter has a wide range of high end designers to choose from.

They are great if you are looking for something luxurious and high quality.

They have some great sales, so it is worth keeping an eye on your favourite designers or outfits and seeing if you can get a designer bargain for the big day.

Coast – Great price point and some modern options for UK mothers

This one is for our UK or EU mother only sorry but we can’t leave them off as they have some stunning modern options.

I especially love the Lisa Tan collaboration!

They have a good mix of more traditional styles and modern options. I like most that they have a lot mix and match style sets.

Skirts, trousers and different tops and overlays you can mix up to create your own unique outfit.

They also have a lot of matching accessories so you can get your full mother of the bride look in one place.

BHLDN – US based full of modern options

So to even things out we have a US based option. You can grab some of the items in the UK on anthropology but they are limited.

They have some stunning modern options and really stylish.

They have their own range which I love and some super stylish designers to choose from. They have a great mix for any age, over 50, or over 60, they have you covered!

Needle & Thread – For Romantic and Floral Lovers

You can get Needle & Thread from a few of the stores mentioned above.

But as one of my go to recommendations for mother of all ages, they get their own spot!

They are actually one of my main recommendations and where I head when looking for occasion wear.

It is where I sent my mum looking for my brother’s wedding! I may have a little designer crush on them!

They are not the cheapest but the quality is worth the price.

Also, I always sell mine after the event and they never struggle to sell.

Shop Needle & Thread now!

Phase 8 – Great Traditional mother of the bride

These are UK based again but they offer great shipping to the US, 2 days so it is another great option to include.

I wanted to include these as I think if you are over 60 and looking for something more traditional they are a great option.

I should say they are great for any age, just from chatting to mums I find older mothers do tend to want something more traditional that looks stylish. These do this well!

Shop Phase 8 now!

Bergdorf Goodman – US based luxury Clothing

Another US only one again but I had to share as they have some stunning choices. I am especially loving Rickie Freeman’s collection for Teri Jon.

They are a great choice to find something extra special.

The range of designers are all high quality and there are so many amazing pieces to choose from.

If you do want to splurge but a full outfit is too much consider getting your hat, shoes or accessories from a designer you love.

Check out some stunning real mothers showing how to rock a unique look! Head to our unique mother of the bride blog for some non-traditional outfit ideas!

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