Alternative wedding dresses and non traditional bridal outfits

Finding the one is hard, we hear you! Especially for our alternative brides and grooms wanting something modern and stylish but unique and full of personality.

Finding the balance is a tough one. We have done all the hard researching for you though, below you will find the best non-traditional wedding dresses and outfits by the best alternative wedding designers we know you will love!

We love an alternative bridal outfit, from a jumpsuit to black dress we’re sure there is something non-traditional that works for you.

We have had the privilege to work with some of the best alternative bridal designers, and there are so many more we admire.

So we have you covered. We have rounded up our favorite non-traditional wedding dresses, bridal shops, and designers worldwide for modern brides.

Head to our complete guide to planning and alternative wedding. 


Alternative wedding dresses
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Where to buy an alternative wedding dress?

Luckily these days you have so many options to find your perfect, fun, quirky, vintage, modern, or whatever style alternative wedding outfit you are looking for.

You can shop online at places like Etsy, Asos and a few other online retailers. We will share some of our favourite online finds below.

If you still want that in-person dress shopping experience then there are lots of alternative wedding dress shops and designers worldwide. Get searching in your local area if you don’t see one below.

You can also find a non-traditional designer you love and then head to their stockist page to find a bridal shop near you.

Have your dress and looking for an alternative to a veil? Head to our wedding cape blog. 


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The best online non-traditional wedding outfits


Asos Alternative wedding dresses

Asos is a great place to find non-traditional alternative wedding dresses there is something to fit everyone’s alternative style.

Asos has a wedding shop and it is a great place to head as they have a mix of designers and a great price range if you are looking for a cheaper alternative wedding dress.

Here are our fave alternatives Asos wedding dresses but head over to their site for many more great options.

1. ASOS EDITION mini shift dress with 3D floral embellishment in white

The best if looking for a short non-traditional wedding dress.

Why not do something daring, unexpected, and creative with this ASOS Edition mini dress that will make you stand out!

The bow detail on the back adds that extra wow when walking down the aisle. 

2. Best bridal suit

I love a bridal suit! They are stylish, modern and so super cool! This is the perfect two-piece if you are looking for an alternative to a wedding dress.  

3. For the fun-loving bride 

How fun is this dress? I love this as a second dress for parting away at your reception!

4. Bridal Jumpsuit

I love this simple but stylish bridal jumpsuit. You will feel comfy while looking amazing!

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Non-traditional wedding designers ON ETSY to check out


Etsy is the perfect online place to find your non-traditional wedding outfit. There are some incredible designers on Etsy, you will be blown away by the options.

Most offer worldwide shipping. You can get a couture alternative wedding dress for a fraction of the price.

Here are some of our favorite non-traditional wedding designers to check out on Etsy.

Eclectic Brides

Electric Brides is a popular bespoke dress designer with an eclectic collection of bridal dresses that also sells off-the-peg dresses.

Offering something for everyone, her current passion is adding color with hand Ombre dip dye style options – you can pick from any color!

We love the options Bex has on her Etsy page. We love an Ombre or dip-dyed dress and Bex has some stunners.

5. Dipped-dyed fringe lace wedding dress. For the boho lovers!

dip dye alternative wedding dress

6. ombre style simple silhouette wedding dress.

baige non traditional dress

Stylish Bride Accs

For every bride who dares to dream a little bigger, Stylish Bride Accs is for you. Using quality fabrics and detailed couture work Stylish Bride Accs designs are fashion-forward and made to make you smile!

We have fallen head over heels for their black bridal dress options! But they have a huge range you will love!

7. Light grey fairy tale feels alternative wedding gown

sequin non traditional wedding dress

8. Wedding dress with bridal cape

bridal dress with cape

9. Black wedding dress with lace top

black wedding dress

My Wony Bridal

My Wony believes in the power of self-expression – a delicate balance between femininity and modernity. Their line is dedicated not only to the most passionate, individualistic bride, but also for those who desire something special and unique.

We love the modern ethereal feel of their bridal designs. My Wony is definitely the best alternative wedding dresses for the fashion-forward stylish bride.

10. Long sleeve nontraditional wedding dress

ethereal style wedding dress

11. Peach wedding dress

peach nontraditional wedding dress

12. Floral detail wedding dress

leaf and dotted bridal dress

Abigail of Gardenia

Abigail of Gardenia is a modern couture dress line, made with high-quality fabrics and sustainable practices in order to make the most ethical gowns available.

Their designs are timeless, yet always making a lasting impression with their unique details. Every Abigail of Gardenia bride will enjoy her perfect gown while knowing that she has purchased a product from support environmentally-friendly companies and workers who have been paid fair wages.

These are the best bridal gowns for the whimsical bride looking for a floral, stylish design.

13. Embrieded floral wedding dress

floral detail alternative wedding dress

14. All lace long sleeve dress

long sleeve lace non traditional dress

Julia Miren Dresses

Julia Miren dresses are sewn with love and pride. All of her work is made to make you feel special! She loves the finest lace, flowing fabrics, luxurious silk tulle and sophisticated embroidery.

No detail is overlooked in all of these beautiful fabrics that she assembles with a touch of her expert hands into a one-of-a-kind outfit for your most important day. Her styles are exclusive and she gives each order individual care.

We are obsessed with her Ombre bridal skirt, I mean obsessed!!!

15. Black fairy tale gown

black alternative wedding dress

16. Blue ombre wedding dress

blue ombre wedding skirt

17. Red wedding dress

red wedding dress

sweet Caroline styles

With stylish, bohemian silhouettes and a smattering of modern romance, sweet Caroline separates are for the individualistic bride who knows what she wants. Whether you’re into trendy light colors or edgy black and whites, they have something for every style.

Their trend-savvy styles will make any bride feel confident walking down the aisle with her story to tell. 

We love bridal separates and Sweet Caroline has one the best collections we have seen! This is definitely the designer for our fun brides looking for a non-white dress.

18. Tie dye blue and grey tulle skirt

tie dye wedding skirt

19. Dusty pink full tulle skirt

pink tulle wedding alternative skirt

20. Dip dye sage green

grey dip dye wedding skirt

Online alternative wedding dresses for non-traditional brides.


BHLDN is not just for traditional bridal wear. They have some great non-traditional options.

They have bridal suits, jumpsuits, black and modern fashion forward wedding dresses. 

Check out their range for yourself. 


21. Best bridal slip 

Bridal slips are becoming a huge trend and I am here for it! This one has finishing little details that add a luxury feel. 


22. For the fashion-forward

 This dress is so high-end fashion lover vibes. I can’t believe you can get such a well-designed wedding dress online. The structure, the bow, the low v-neck! I just love it all!

23. For the Boho Lovers

Long sleeve lace wedding dresses just scream boho heaven to me! This alternative bridal dress is the perfect choice for a relaxed or outdoor wedding. 


25. Cottagecore vibes

Cottagecore galore! This dress is perfect for the bride looking for a modern take on a country vintage style dress.  

26. Bridal Separates 

I love bridal separates, they are fun and modern. They are also and easy way to mix up your look throughout the day.  

Net A Porter

This is a great option for ready to buy designer pieces for your alternative wedding day.

Buying a designer dress is a great way to get high quality but still of the peg wedding outfit.

There are some bridal options with some lovey pantsuits and jumpsuits.

Go check out net a porter


27. Embellished Jumpsuit  

Rime Arodaky is your go-to for stunning bridal jumpsuits. I love how fun and modern this jumpsuit is while also being romantic and pretty.

28. Retro Vibes

Love this short alternative wedding dress. It is giving me 70s retro vibes for sure. 

I love bridal separates, they are fun and modern. They are also and easy way to mix up your look throughout the day.

29. Guipure Lace 

Self-portrait dresses are a great choice if you are looking for a high-end designer dress you can wear again. I have this in blue so if it was me I would wear it and then dye it to wear it again and again! 

30. Bridal Separates 

I love bridal separates, they are fun and modern. They are also and easy way to mix up your look throughout the day.  

Non-traditional wedding designers 


31. Legend bridal

The team at Legend Bridal are amazing! They are super lovely and insanely talented. Their dresses are named after goddesses and deities, celestial beings and immortals because we want to help you feel like your own kind of legend.

They love folklore and ancient tales so that is the inspiration for their designs. Every dress is one-of-a-kind designed off your specific dreams; each individual’s end result will be their very own untamed legend on their wedding day!

Check out Legend Bridal


Temperley London Bridal dress

32. Temperley London

This is one of my favourite designers and their bridal range does not disappoint.

A great non-traditional option, especially for a floral wedding dress.

They have a great range full of florals, sequins and embroidery. True to the traditional Temperley style they are known for.

Check out Temperley London’s Bridal range.


33. Lucy Can’t Dance

We have used Lucy Can’t Dance dresses a few times in shoots with Rock the Frock Bridal. The queen of dip-dye we call Lucy can’t dance.

If you are looking for a simple silhouette but with the added wow then Lucy can’t dance is defiantly for you.

Check out Lucy Can’t Dance


lucy can't dance dress image

34. Alyce Jayne Bridal

We haven’t worked with Alyce Jayne Bridal yet, but we plan to in the near future. All communication has been lovely and they definitely like to go above and beyond with helping out!

“Magical, dramatic, whimsical luxurious pieces for the modern romantic rebel.” Corsets and tulle, dramatic sleeves! The non-traditional bride is covered with bridal separates! They have a modern take on historical style features to design ethereal feeling dresses. They have made to order collections and bespoke available

Check out Alyce Jayne Bridal


35. Fiona Elizabeth Couture

Fiona is a couture dress designer for alternative brides! She offers the full bridal designer experience for brides wanting a non-traditional dress or outfit. She is also super lovely and her dresses are to die for!

Check out Fiona Elizabeth Couture 

blue non traditional wedding dress by fiona

Caroline Goosey Photograpy

36. Curvy custom Bride

We wanted to cover this designer as they are the best we could find for curvy brides. we love that they are a couture brand but their focus is for those of us who have some curves.

All above I know will cover any size bride but we do have to give them a shout out for helping women love their curves with a tailor-made bridal outfit.

Check out Curvy custom Bride


vera wang grey wedding dress

37. Vera wang

High-end alternative bridal wear. One of the first and best know nontraditional wedding dress designers. The designs are unique, modern a so dam stylish! 

Check out the range now!



long sleeve blak and white wedding dress

38. Rue De Seine

A boho lovers ream designer. If you love lace, bohemian fabrics designed in a modern way then this is the designer for you!

Check out the full range now!




oddys halter short dress

39. Odylyne the ceremony

Fun, modern and stylish. If you are looking for a short wedding dress or something fun and unique Odylyne is for you!

Check out their full collection. 

thick lace bridal seperate

40. Daughters of Simone 

Another one for boho lovers. They also have some super stylish minimal designs I just love. 

Check out all the designs now!




black half penny dress

41. Half Penny London 

Half penny is another well known designer who makes unique modern alternative wedding dresses and outfits. 

Check out their range now!




new white bridal alternative wedding dress

42. New White Bridal

For the modern fashion-forward bride! I just love all of their designs! 

Check them out yourself!




Alternative wedding dress shopping guide and FAQ


Do I have to wear white on my wedding day?

No, definitely not. For non-traditional brides, the sky is the limit. You can wear whatever color you want! If you are getting married in a non-religious ceremony then this means you are not bound to wear any color or traditional outfit.


Most popular non-white wedding dress COLORS?

For non-traditional brides, there are no real rules. That said, we do find that the most popular non-white wedding dress colors for non-traditional brides is pink, blue and one of our favorites is black.


Do I have to wear a dress as a bride?

Absolutely not. If you are non-traditional, you can wear a wedding dress or you can wear a suit. Many non-traditional brides end up getting married in non-traditional outfits such as suits and pantsuits.


What is a non-traditional alternative wedding outfit?

Non-traditional alternative wedding wear is just what it says on the tin. non-traditional wedding dresses and non-traditional outfits. They are clothes you can wear for your wedding ceremony and day but with non of the traditional restrictions. You make the choice based on your personality and style. 


How much does non-traditional alternative wedding dresses cost?

Non-traditional alternative wedding dresses or outfits can cost as little or expensive as you wish. Head to your favorite high street store or have a couture outfit made by a designer. The price will vary largely depending on your choice.


The best alternative bridal wear for the non-traditional bride 

Non-traditional wedding dresses and non-traditional outfits are clothes you can wear for your wedding ceremony and day but with non of the traditional restrictions.

In this blog post, we covered some of our favorite designers that offer non-traditional alternative bridal wear as well as an FAQ to help answer any questions about non-traditional marriages or attire.

If these alternatives sound perfect for you, keep in mind that each dress will vary greatly depending on what type of outfit you ultimately want (i.e., high street store vs couture). We hope it was helpful!

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