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Lambeth cakes are a vintage style of decorating cakes using royal icing.

The Lambeth cake decorating technique involves intricate piping and layering of royal icing to create elaborate designs, often resembling lacework, flowers, and other intricate patterns.

This style was particularly popular for wedding cakes and other special occasions where a highly detailed and ornate appearance is desired. Popular now with the new Coquette aesthetic.

The new modern versions use buttercream piping instead. These have the same effect but tase a lot nicer!

We are totally here for this new wedding cake trend. We have found all the best styles and ideas for having a vintage buttercream lamberth style wedding cake.

Lambeth style vintage buttercream wedding cake ideas

square vintage buttercream wedding cake
The Butchers Daughters Cakes

1. square vintage buttercream wedding cake

This cake was actually a replica of the bride’s grandma’s wedding cake!

What a great idea! I love the simple square design.

2. Heart shape wedding cake

A small heart shape wedding cake with Lambeth piping is the on trend modern version for sure!

You can go

3. vintage lambeth wedding cake

Full 3 their intricate piping is the ultimate Lambeth wedding cake.

The detail on this cake is not over the top and will make a stunning timeless wedding cake.

4. Just married lambeth cake

A small white Lambeth cake with black just married is modern and retro gorgeousness!

5. Kitch vintage buttercream cake

The cherries added are a nod to a true vintage cake.

This pink and white cake is a fun take on the vintage buttercream trend.

6. Simple and classy lambeth cake

I love the simple but stylish design of this cake.

The vintage buttercream piping is minimal giving a classy look.

7. For the alternative couples

I love a til death wedding cake! Such a fun alternative wedding cake.

3 different colourful buttercream wedding cakes
Cems Bakery

8. Set of 3 Lambeth cakes

Go big or go home, right? Why have one when you can have 3?

This set is super cute and a fun take on the vintage buttercream Lambeth wedding cakes.

9. For the cherry lovers

The red cherries pop so well on the white buttercream cake.

This cake has some stunning intricate piping, how pretty!

10. Sage Green Retro Wedding Cake

The soft green hue of the buttercream icing sets a vintage tone, with sophisticated over piping and swag details creating an inviting texture.

The seamless string work and drop lines are executed with precision, reflecting the retro elegance that is characteristic of such coquette-inspired cakes.

11. Spring Lambeth wedding Cakes

These cakes bring a burst of colour and a coquette flair to the table. The bright colour palette is perfect for spring weddings.

The cakes feature pink and orange hues, ruffled swags, seashell borders, and intricate piping.

Sitting proudly on ornate stands, exuding a vintage charm that is both bold and romantic, true to the Lambeth tradition.

12. Luxury Vintage Wedding Cake

I love this clear pedestal, creating an illusion of a floating tier. It adds a modern twist.

The white buttercream is adorned with classic Lambeth over piping, including elegant swags and borders.

The scalloped edges and the dramatic drop strings between tiers invoke a sense of retro sophistication.

13. three tier simple cherry cake

With an air of simplicity and charm, this cake features classic white buttercream, adorned with quintessential Lambeth style piping.

Swags, rosettes, and scalloped garlands are beautifully accented by cheerful red cherries, providing a vintage coquette appeal.

14. For a minimalistic wedding vibe

The buttercream’s creamy colour is the perfect backdrop for the ornate Lambeth piping, evoking a sense of vintage luxury.

The plain top tier and taller middle tier gives a minimal modern vibe. While still looking retro.

15. Floral Coquette Wedding Cake

This cake is a floral fantasy, with a cascade of handcrafted roses and blossoms in shades of blush, cream, and deep maroon that dance across its tiers.

The lower levels feature classic white buttercream adorned with red ribbon garlands and dainty bows, giving a nod to vintage coquette styles.

The top tier is elegantly simple, allowing the floral arrangement to truly shine.

16. Keep it simple but stylish

This cake is an elegant, classic design with three pristine white tiers each accented with scalloped swags and strings of pearls.

The playful addition of red cherries on top adds a whimsical touch to this otherwise traditional cake, making it a sweet choice for those who appreciate a hint of fun alongside classic beauty.

17. Vintage buttercream piping

This stunning cake is adorned with intricate piped details, including scalloped edges, drop strings, and swags, showcasing the skilled artistry of the Lambeth method.

The white-on-white colour scheme exudes a timeless elegance, while the cake’s structure and decorations exemplify the refined beauty of a bygone era.

18. Pearl detail retro wedding cake

I love this cake’s timeless elegance. With its tiers draped in scalloped garlands and festooned with delicate pearls.

It is the perfect example of how to take the retro Lambeth style but give it a modern vibe.

19. Retro Disco Ball Wedding Cake

This cake is a striking combination of traditional piping techniques and modern accents.

The tiers are adorned with swags, pearls, and scalloped edges, while the top is crowned with silver disco balls, adding a contemporary twist to the classic wedding cake design.

20. Pink and Green Lambeth Cake

This cake is a playful and sweet concoction with soft green buttercream tiers accented with pink hearts and red cherries.

The delicate piping and draped garlands add a touch of vintage charm, while the whimsical hearts offer a lighthearted and romantic feel.

21. Add A Vintage Cake Topper

This spectacular cake is a grandiose display of the Lambeth technique, with its multiple tiers of scalloped edges, string work, and over piped details.

Topped with a playful bride and groom figurine, it adds a personal touch to the retro design.

The white-on-white palette exudes a timeless vintage elegance, with each tier festooned with cherries that add a dash of coquette charm.

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