How To Plan  A Summer Wedding

If you ask the majority of people to imagine a wedding they will conjure up an image of a summer wedding in their minds. Most people associate weddings with the summer months.

Although we just love weddings whatever the season, we have to admit, there is something magical about a wedding on a glorious summer day.

We have put together this guide to help you plan your perfect summer wedding so grab your planner, put your feet up and let us take the stress out of your wedding planning by doing the hard work for you.

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1. Book Early

This is our number one piece of advice. If you want to have your wedding in the summer, whether it’s in the UK or worldwide, then please book early as summer dates are still the most popular dates to have a wedding.

Got your heart set on a dream venue? Get it booked as soon as you can, sometimes venues can be booked up two to three years in advance so make sure you book early to nab the date you want.

Along the same lines, make sure you book your suppliers early; photographers, in particular, can be booked up a year or two in advance, this goes for good florists and cake designers too.

Many blogs and wedding directories will say that the lead time is three to six months but we know from working with and speaking to our most popular wedding professionals, that they can be booked up one to two years, if not more, in advance.


2. Pick the right venue for your style and the season. 

All right, let’s think about styling. If you want a particular style for your summer wedding. Make sure the venue is suited to that style.

For example, if you have an old converted warehouse space and you want pretty and pink,  then this might not be the most ideal setting. If you have booked a luxury hotel wedding package then it may not be the ideal place for a Boho themed wedding.  

Also, if you have a style you’d like then chat to a stylist or wedding planner who can advise you on the perfect venue for the style you are hoping for.


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3. Make sure your wedding outfit will be comfortable in the heat.

Your wedding day outfits will be the talking point of the wedding. Everyone waits with bated breath to see what outfits you will be wearing.

If you are having a destination summer wedding then you’re going to need light, airy, comfortable clothing as you will have just about guaranteed sunshine.

Think if your wedding is at home, then consider the Great British weather. It can be glorious sunshine one minute and heavy rain the next so make sure you’re prepared for all seasons.

Make sure you have cover-ups, jackets and umbrellas, and make sure there’s an alternative area at your venue if you’re having an outdoor wedding, just in case it rains. Always have a ‘Plan B’.

For more summer wedding fashion tips read our Summer Wedding Fashion blog.

4. Send save the dates early, guests are also busy in the summer months.

Think about which guests you would like at your wedding. Will they be on holiday during the summer?

Give them plenty of warning by sending out save the date cards early. Also, make sure that there is plenty of accommodation for guests to stay nearby your venue if they’re travelling to be with you.

For example, if you’re having a wedding in a marquee in a field in the middle of the countryside, will there be accommodation for your guests, will you expect them to camp? Let them know in advance what your plans are.

You will need to provide transport from the ceremony back to their accommodation? Will taxis be readily available?

These are all important considerations. There is nothing worse than having a wonderful day out at a wedding and then having to wait an hour for a taxi to get home, it can really put a damper on the day.


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5. Research season Summer Flowers

When it comes to your wedding florals think about what flowers are in bloom around your wedding date.

If there’s something, that you are desperate to have in your bouquet and your floral arrangements, like a peony, then make sure they are available at the time of year you book your wedding.

These days, many flowers can be flown in from overseas, but this is not so eco friendly, and it will cost you more than having locally grown and more sustainable florals.

We advise you to think about the seasonal availability of the flowers you desire. Head to our summer flower blog for lots of great tips and expert advice.


6. Research well and choose a Photographer you love 

When choosing a photographer, it seems obvious we know, but always look at their portfolio. Most photographers will have a particular style and will use certain preset filters that represent their style.

For example, if you’re going for a more bohemian look you may want to have a photographer who uses more sepia filters on post-production of their photographs.

If you want more of a light and airy look then shop around for a photographer who specialises in this look.

The same goes if you’re wanting more of a dark and moody vibe. Research your photographer well to make sure they can produce the album that you want. Check out their Instagram grid and this will give you an idea of the style and colours they use.


Think about a videographer too.


Again, videographers will be booked well in advance. Sometimes photographers can also provide videography too, but usually, you would have to book a videographer separately.

For more great summer photography tips head to our Summer Wedding Photography blog.


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7. Pick your menu for the summer weather

Often in the height of summer, people don’t want to sit down a three-course meal. Many wedding venues will offer a lighter menu in the summer months, however, if food isn’t included in your wedding package then why not think about hiring a company that provides sharing platters and grazing tables.

Think about having larges sharing platters filled with fresh salads and delicious seasonal fruit. These can be replenished throughout the day and is not too heavy for a hot summers day.



Food trucks are another great idea.


Maybe book two or three different cuisines, then your guests can choose what they would like to eat rather than everyone sitting down for the same formal dinner. These are much more sociable ways to dine at your wedding and it gets them chatting and mingling more.

If you want more of an informal summer wedding breakfast then consider a barbecue or a picnic rather than a formal sit down meal, low tables and big scatter cushions are fun, and much more relaxed than a formal dinner setting. For more top summer food tips click here for our Summer Wedding Food blog. 


8. Think about your cake choice, will it handle the heat!

When choosing your summer wedding cake consider what style and finish will hold up well on a hot summers day.

Cakes that are finished with fondant or chocolate ganache are sturdier than a buttercream finish in the heat. If you are considering a buttercream wedding cake then make sure it is not left in a hot marquee or conservatory all day, you may need to keep it chilled until you are ready to cut and serve it.

Think about the decoration, if you are having fresh flowers make sure they are placed on the cake as late as possible so they don’t wilt throughout the day. Also, make sure they have not been treated with pesticides and are food safe.

Look for a wedding cake designer who will compliment your wedding style. Your wedding cake is one of the items where you can really show some of your personality and a good cake designer will make sure your cake reflects your style perfectly.

Head to out summer wedding cake blog for expert advice on the best cake choice for summer. 


summer wedding cake in white and minmal design

9. Plan fun entertainment throughout the day.

Everybody wants to have fun at the wedding, and if you are having an outdoor wedding there are lots of things that can keep your guests entertained in between the ceremony and the reception.

Why not hire a couple of croquet sets to set up on the lawn areas. Giant Jenga and Connect Four are fun and keep the kids entertained, as well as adults. How about having the strongest guest competition?

And of course, everyone loves a bouncy castle, both kids and adults, it’s probably best to keep it for children only during the day but once the kids have gone home or gone to bed the adults could be let loose on it! Giant golf and crazy golf are fun activities too.

Design your own cocktail stations are a great way to get guests talking and mingling (and merry) or how about an ice cream van to keep your guests cool, this could be an alternative to a traditional dessert.

Singing waiters are a fun way to add some light-heartedness to your wedding reception, it adds a surprise element to the day.


Get your guests involved!


How about putting cameras on each table and see what photographs your guests can capture, obviously these won’t be your professional photographs but you are sure to get some fun and surprising images.

Truth or dare game on each table? This can be a fun ice breaker particularly for guests who don’t know each other. Or what about a table magician? This is a great way to keep your guests entertained during the meal.

Finally, we love aerial acrobats and fire eaters, these are great for evening entertainment. You can always finish the night with a bang with your own firework display.

For more great entertainment ideas check out our F is For Fun blog.


10. Transport, for you and your guests, is so important to consider.

You’re having a summer wedding so why not go for an open-top car? Just make sure you’ve got a hairstyle that looks great a little dishevelled or makes sure your hairdresser is on hand to fix your ‘do when you arrive at your ceremony.  

Why not arrive on a Harley Davidson for that rock chick arrival or even consider arriving on a horse! The weather should hopefully be good so work it.

Our final tips are those sensible advice tips. Make sure you have some insect repellent in your handbag, those balmy summer nights are the ones the midges love. You don’t want to be an insect bitten mess on your honeymoon do you? Insect repellent candles containing citronella candles look great as part of your evening styling too.

Make sure you’ve tried your rings on a hot sunny day. Sometimes fingers can swell in the sunshine, and the last thing you want at your ceremony is for your wedding ring not to fit.


Planning a Summer wedding 

And our final word is water! Make sure there’s always plenty of water on tap for all your guests during a summer wedding.

Everyone gets a little dehydrated during the summer and if you’re sipping on champagne or drinking alcoholic drinks then ensure there’s plenty of iced water available too.

We hope this has helped you think about what you may need to consider for your perfect summer wedding.

We’d love to hear what you have planned and don’t forget to check out our directory if you are looking for cool urban suppliers.


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