We all would like to have a gloriously hot summer wedding day, think warm summer days and balmy summer nights. However, the sunshine can also bring wedding perils! As long as you are well prepared for the sunshine you should have the most wonderful day.

Today we are bringing you our top summer wedding fashion tips.

Nobody wants to be and nobody wants to see a sweaty bride walking down the aisle do they? You don’t want to be sunburned at your outdoor wedding.  So how do you choose a good summer wedding outfit?

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Choosing your summer wedding outfit

First of all, think about separate pieces and layering. A simple slip dress can look super stylish, this can then be layered over with a chiffon overdress, a long embellished veil or even a light and airy summer wedding cape.

This not only keeps things cool but can save your shoulders from being burnt if your wedding is outdoors. Separates are popular and can feel cooler than a dress, we are thinking wide-legged trousers and a light lace cropped top or a light airy tulle skirt with a separate top.

Keep an open mind and try lots of different dresses and outfits and lots of different styles. Trust your stylist or dressmaker, they often can bring out a wild card that you wouldn’t even think of wearing.

Do your research. You’ve obviously researched your wedding dress company, and you like the styles that they have on offer, so why not trust them to bring out a dress or an outfit that they think will suit you.

Check out designers who use lighter fabrics, particularly in the summer months, you may not want a heavily beaded dress. We’d advise you to aim for an outfit with lighter, natural, breathable fabrics.  Something like silk or tulle or even a light lace is perfect for a summer wedding.

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Bridal shops

If you like the look of the collection from a wedding designer, then make sure you go to a shop that stocks that collection.

Bridal shops have limited space and cannot stock gowns from every designer. Make sure the shops you book in to try on outfits stock styles and designers you like.

Particularly in the summer months, we would suggest you don’t go for restrictive clothing, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. Can you sit down in the dress?

Will you be able to enjoy your wedding meal? Comfort is so important when it comes to enjoying your day. Dresses with side slits, backless dresses, plunge necklines and off the shoulder dresses are all great for keeping you feeling cool and unrestricted on a hot day.

Try to go shopping for your outfit at a similar time of year; if you are having a summer wedding then go outfit shopping in the summer.

If it’s an August wedding try on dresses and outfits in August when the weather will be similar, to see how the gown feels.

Also, be aware that your size can change throughout the day, so if you are having an evening ceremony then don’t go shopping for your dress first thing in the morning and vice versa.



Prepare for cooler summer evenings

Consider the chance of cooler evenings in the summertime, just because it’s hot during the day doesn’t mean that it isn’t chilly at night.

You may have a beautiful cloudless day followed by a cold evening. We would advise having maybe a cool denim or leather jacket to slip on over your dress or bridal outfit. These can be painted or embroidered to customise them and look great when the weather changes on a sunny day.

Nobody wants to be wearing the best man or the groom’s jacket over their wedding dress, so make sure you’ve got something that you can slip on if you start to feel cold. If you don’t like the idea of a denim or leather jacket then go for some kind of wrap or shawl or even a cool hooded cape (who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero on their big day?).

Consider how you will wear your hair and whether you are going to wear anything in it. We love flower crowns, whether they are fresh flowers or whether you go for a more boho look with dried flowers.

If you don’t want something as heavy as that in the summer weather then think about decorative hair pieces, one of our favourite suppliers Glorious By Heidi makes fabulous bespoke hair pieces and these can look stunning particularly in the summer months when you may want a lighter look.

Summer bridal shoes

Give the shoes you are wearing some serious though. Most importantly are they comfortable? Can you walk in them? Some people notice that their feet swell, particularly if you’ve been on them all day during the summer months. We suggest you keep a pair of comfy pumps, trainers or flip flops on hand to pop on if your shoes become a bit nippy! You need to be dancing the night away and not thinking about blisters or achy feet.

Are you going to have a handbag, clutch, purse or something similar to keep your essentials in on your big day? Think about touching up your make-up, somewhere to keep your phone. Many brides overlook this and they aren’t sure where to put their essentials. We love dresses or jumpsuits with pockets but if yours is a more sleek look, think about buying a little bag that your bridesmaids can look after during the ceremony.



Bridal Hat

Does your venue have shady spots? Where will you have your photographs taken? If there is no natural shade, then you might want to consider wearing a hat, a cool Fedora or a wide-brimmed hat that can look great in your wedding photographs. Maybe think about wearing sunglasses for some of the photos. A fun thing to do at a summer wedding is to provide all the guests with some fun sunglasses for some of the photographs, these can be handed out in a goody bag and make a great keepsake from your wedding day.


Summer skincare

To tan or not to tan? That is the question! If you’re going to use fake tan during your summer wedding make sure that it’s something that you’ve used before, and isn’t going to rub off onto your beautiful wedding outfit. Make sure you’ve tried and tested it, and you know it’s not going to cause any irritation to your skin. And more importantly, that it’s not going to run or rub off during the ceremony.

The same goes for sunscreen. Wear it! You don’t want to burn, but make sure it’s something you’ve used before and you know it’s not going to stain your beautiful outfit.


Summer wedding fashion

Our last tip is to make sure you’ve tried on your wedding rings on a hot sunny day. Sometimes fingers can swell in the sunshine, and the last thing you want at your ceremony is for your wedding ring not to fit.

We hope you have a fabulous time choosing your summer wedding outfit and we hope the sun shines brightly on your wedding day.

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