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How to keep your cool during your planning and handle the wedding stress?

How to deal with wedding planning stress? Gosh, it’s the million-pound question, isn’t it?

In our A-Z wedding planning blogs, today we are bringing to you K for keeping your cool during this overwhelming process. We’ll expose the hustle and bustle that goes into it and more importantly how to conquer it. let’s dive into this list and master the art of stress-free wedding planning!

If you are just starting this journey, then you know that the excitement you felt when you imagined this to be, suddenly doesn’t feel like a walk in the park.

Relax and take a deep breath, you got this, we will teach you all about how to handle wedding stress.

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Tip 1: Communication is the key

First things first, you need to be on the same page with your fiance and with all involved – usually both of your families.

Are the families chipping in? Then naturally it is wise to hear them out if they have some special requests, but all in all, the key is in communicating everything and finding a middle ground from the very start of your planning.

If you feel that anyone is stepping over some boundaries, be clear and state your opinion respectfully. At the end of the day, it is your wedding.


Tip 2: Work out a plan and stick to the timeline

Wedding stress is real and that is why you should be prepared by curating a well-organized plan. Prioritize the tasks and spread them accordingly throughout weeks.

Your budget plays an important role, that is why it is essential to sort that out before anything else.

After you’ve got that out of the way, make a timeline guided planner in which you will complete certain tasks. It is also important to remember that you both are a team and in it together. Delegate some tasks and see if anyone else can lend a helping hand. You might be surprised how many will be willing!


Tip 3: Have a plan B

Sometimes a Plan B can be a lifesaver! Do you feel confident enough to go without any backup plans? No? We thought so!

Let this be a reminder that you have to be prepared. Through your wedding planning timeline make room for any plan Bs you ought to have. Think in terms of weather conditions – little rain never hurt anyone but a downpour will certainly cause inconvenience especially for an outdoor wedding.

Furthermore, think about essentials to bring in your bag on your wedding day, refreshment, alternatives concerning accommodation for out of town guests and so on. Set aside a small part of your budget for any unplanned fees or inconveniences. That way you won’t be surprised nor stressed when something occurs.


This goes mostly for the ladies, but! You’ve dreamed about this day and all thoughts might cross your mind, thus causing anxiety.

“What if I break a heel before the ceremony? What if I feel too anxious as I walk down the aisle? What if???” – so many questions just keep popping in your head.

That is why plan B would come in handy for any anxiety you anticipate, and some realistic scenarios (highlighting the word ‘realistic’).

Anticipate those moments and embrace them, it is natural to have wedding stress on the very day. If you embrace them, you will feel more ready about everything, trust us!



How about giving yourself and your beloved some break? It is perfectly okay to have moments when everything feels too much and even have a breakdown.

To avoid that, pay attention to your wellbeing. You have been planning and organizing everything and battling with the coordination wedding stress, so why not book a whole day at the spa or maybe have a date night somewhere special? Just the two of you?

Try to allow yourself to have some self-care moments weekly and unwind from it all. If you feel like it, pause several days – sometimes the best ideas come when you look at things with a fresh perspective.


TIP 6: Quit being hard on yourself

From the start, you know that this sounds like you! People generally have a talent to criticize themselves and worry so hard about the special day that usually leads to a meltdown.

But, let’s make a reality check: Who loves you no matter what? Who loves you just the way you are? Who thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world? Have you seen a wedding couple that doesn’t look just splendid and radiant on their wedding day? We thought so!

You need to remind yourself about these questions and finally realize that you are simply stunning.

This is a vital part of how to handle wedding stress simply because sometimes you are making things difficult for yourself. A neat exercise to help you with this is to say beautiful affirmations daily in front of a mirror and realize that the beauty staring back at you is YOU.


Dealing with wedding planning anxiety

We hope we have provided you with some helpful tips concerning conquering your wedding stress, and for more insight on the wedding planning subject, make sure to check all of our A-Z planner blogs!

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