Bridal capelet 

Bridal capes have become a huge wedding trend and we believe they are here to stay!

If you are looking for the complete bridal cape guide then hit the link! We have it all covered and expert advice and cover all things, capes, capelets, cape veil and cape wedding dresses.

For this blog though we are talking all things bridal capelets.

bride in her capelet on wedding day

What is a bridal capelet?

Firstly, let me answer the question you are probably asking yourselves now. What is a capelet?

It is a short bridal cape.

Well, It is very similar to a bridal cape. Usually falls just past your shoulder. The styles and materials available differ from wedding capes and cape veils

Making it the perfect accessory to add a little wow to your wedding outfit.

It can be worn with just about any style of wedding dress, gown or bridal outfit. You can also wear it as an accessory for after your big day too.

couple wedding picture with bride in short cape

So what are the styles of capelets available?

You really can get any style these days. From the glitz and glam full of sequins, simple tulle or added embellishments, full feather and woolly winter capelets.

In fact, there are so many styles of capelet that we have been hard pushed to find a style that isn’t around at the moment.


Where can you buy a bridal capelet?

If you want a bridal capelet for your wedding look then you will be guaranteed to find one online. We will share some of our favourites below.

Or, lots of bridal shops stock them now. If you want to buy local, pop into your local independent bridal shop and ask them. You might find they stock bridal capelets or can order one for you!

If buying your dress there then you have the added bonus of trying them on together. Most will allow you to bring one sourced elsewhere along for your final fitting though.

If you are looking on Etsy then there is so much choice. We have scoured some of our favourites below for you too:


Our favourite Capelets – Short wedding capes

1. Urban editor favourite

Bunny Street Bridal – Beaded bridal cape

If you want to be the true Queen of the night on your wedding day, this Beaded Short Bridal Cape is your answer.

This capelet will add elegance and sparkle to any bridal ensemble, showcasing sequins and pearls embellished on the sheer tulle fabric.

2. Perfect for a Festival wedding

Electric Plume – Sequin and Feather Capelet

This sequin and ostrich feather cape is the perfect accessory to add some sparkle to your festival, carnival, or alternative wedding.

Made by hand for you so you know they will be one of a kind.

The perfect reception accessory to get in the party mood!

3. For the fashion-forward bride

Ruby King Studio – White Fringed Epaulettes Bridal Capelet

If you are looking for a fashion piece to add some magic to your wedding dress this is the one.

We love the clean line fringe structure and the black option would be the perfect way to add a monochrome flair to a wedding outfit.

This is one if you want to make a fashion statement!


4. Best Luxury Capelet

Gibson Bespoke – Crystal ostrich beaded capelet

Bold and breath-taking, the Crystal ostrich beaded wedding capelet is a jaw-dropping addition to your wedding attire! 

This is the perfect added wow if you have a simple wedding dress or we think would be the ultimate jumpsuit accessory.

5. Best feather capelet

Feather and thread – Feather wing capelet

We are kinda in love with this one!

Get the sky-high beauty of a bird in flight… just for you! Get ready to wow your guests with this stunning off white rooster feather wings/cape.

2 in 1. Wear it tied behind the back and feel like a goddess from above, or tie at the front to be worn as a beautiful capelet.

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6. Best lace wedding capelet

Bunny Street Bridal – Lace detail capelet

Glide down the aisle in this elegant capelet, bringing whimsy to your wedding attire that is made for twirling.

This piece is light enough to wear during outdoor ceremonies or evening receptions, but fancy enough for truly formal weddings! It’s simply gorgeous!

7. Best floral capelet

Amber Spice Bridal – Floral bridal capelet

Beautiful and delicate, this embroidered capelet will surely make your wedding dress look sophisticated.

The handcrafted flowers give off a romantic feel.

The perfect way to add a touch of colour.

8. Best for boho brides

Wildest Dreams Bridal – Celestial star capelet

A delicate lace cape, features embroidered stars in a variety of sizes on an ivory tulle base – each star embellished with translucent sequins. 

This cape’s open back allows for more variations in draping styles while remaining modest, sexy or whimsical!

9. Best vintage capelet

Gatsby Lady – Embellished 20s inspired Flapper capelet

Walk down the aisle in style. Inspired by the glamour of the 1920s Great Gatsby Era, this flapper capelet showcases hand embellished detail on a sparkly fabric with beautiful white silver glass beads and sequins. 

Get your vintage vibe on with this stunning short wedding cape. 

10. Best for the minimalist bride

La voile Rose – White Pearl Capelet

The perfect dress for a bride who wants a classic, timeless look.

This design is comfortable and ensures the wearer will look flawless from every angle.

11. Best winter bridal capelet

Faux Fur capelet – East Osmanthus

Wrap yourself in luxury with this gorgeous faux fur capelet. Ideal for wintery weddings. 

The luxe material is sumptuous and soft, enhancing your dress and keeping you warm. 

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